things that are happening

things that are happening

this is some sort of update / what is going on / way for me to sort my life out blog post. feel free to ignore or not in case you’re interested in my life. I know that I am, haha.

also, yes, cat pic as the header because my kitty is cute af and everyone should see that. in case you haven’t followed me for long: he is called Merlin, is 11 months old and the light of my life. unfortunately, most of my cat pics are still on my phone but maybe I should do another cat pic post soon. I don’t know about you but it makes me very happy looking at dozens of pictures of this cutie.

what am I doing right now

Currently, I’m just sitting on my couch with my laptop on my legs. I’m waiting for the coffee to finish so that I can have lunch with my parents. Afterwards, I will go to this refugee tutoring thing. I hope today are actually people there. I really want to know how the older kids I talked to before are and how they are doing in school and where I can help them more.

what am I waiting for

I’m waiting for a response from the school I will go to in September but it’s not that big of a deal. Next Saturday is Pride in Munich and I’m definitely excited for that. I want to have loads of fun again and meet my friends and I hope it will be as great as the last two years! I’m also waiting for the local fair to start next Friday and I hope I can meet up with my friends there on the weekend. I’m also waiting for Spiderman Homecoming on Thursday (why is it out here later than everywhere else?? also, someone please force me to write the review asap or I’ll procrastinate it again). I’m also waiting for August because then I will travel again and see friends again and I’m so excited for it and I hope it will be great! And in a way, I’m also waiting for September and for school because I want to see how it goes and how easy or hard it is there for me.

what should I be doing asap

I should tell my parents about my travel plans but for some reason, I really hate doing that. But I’m going away in less than a month so I should update them at some point. I should also finally start learning or practising a couple of things that I should have started ages ago but I’ve been too scared or worried the whole time. I know it’s not getting better with time but… I just can’t bring myself to do these things. I also wish I would finally feel like learning a language again. I really want to practice either French or Swedish again but… meh.

what am I reading right now

I’m currently reading Eurovision! A History of Modern Europe Through the World’s Greatest Song Contest by Chris West and it’s so interesting. It combines the history of the Eurovision Song Contest with the history of Europe. So the author basically tells you what happened at the same time and also how Eurovision got influenced by various historical events. Two of my favourite topics are combined in this book and so far it’s just great.

what am I watching right now

Uhh… nothing? I finished The Get Down very recently and now I should start something else I wanted to watch for a while but I just don’t do it. I really want to get back into a few TV shows but the motivation just isn’t there. I started the fourth and last season of Skam recently and I should totally continue it. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I also planned on watching a few Game of Thrones episodes before the new season starts but I don’t know if I will manage to do so.

what are my plans

As I mentioned above, I’m going travelling again. I will go to Cardiff for a couple days in just a month with a friend of mine. I hope it will be fun and I hope we can see loads of things. Two weeks after I come back I will leave again, for Warsaw and then Berlin (just like I did in February, but shorter). I’m going to meet to of my very best friends again and I’m really excited for that! AND I will see those two lovely places without freezing my ass off, yay!

what kind of bigger things happened recently

  • I was in a relationship for like a month and a half but it didn’t really work out. I still hope we will stay friends. So far it’s looking good.
  • There is this group of young LGBTQ people who go to schools to tell kids (but not exclusively kids) about LGBTQ people in an effort to fight stigma etc. and I went with them once and it was great and I will go again. I have no idea how this will work out when I have school again but we will see. I’m trying not to pressure myself too much because then I’ll just get even more anxious about everything.
  • I’ve now been to the refugee tutoring group four times and I hope I can continue going there in autumn when I have school again. It’s fun and I like helping people! And everyone there is super nice!
  • I’m reading so much. It’s amazing. I’m currently at 72% of my 2017 reading goal and I’ve read so many amazing books! Yay!
  • Last week I went to a friend’s prom and I saw some friends again I don’t see often and I was so happy because I saw several of them between one and three times within one week and I really like them and I realised I kind of missed hanging out with them? I really hope we can meet more often over the summer or something but I know I never ask people to meet for some reason (I don’t know, I just never do it? I think I should but then I just… don’t) and that makes that a bit harder. We’ll see.
  • I’m really just enjoying this time off and it’s pretty great so far!

This is super random but I feel like I needed to do that at some point. If you’re reading this I hope you’re having an amazing day!

See you soon ❤


let’s make it a caturday

let’s make it a caturday

I share a ton of cat photos on all my social media, especially on Twitter and Instagram, but never on this blog. So I thought it’s time to look through my cat folder(s) and share the best ones. Because who doesn’t like cat photos? And I’m of course always here to brighten your day!

As you may or may not know, I got my cat, Merlin, in October last year when he was just a tiny baby. Since then he’s grown taller, heavier, and very self-confident.

Let’s take a look at the past five-and-a-bit months (wow, so long!) and swoon over his cuteness 🙂







Have a lovely weekend, guys!

See you soon ❤

travel plans and may-be-plans

travel plans and may-be-plans

I mentioned in one of my latest blog posts that I’m going traveling now. Now as in tomorrow and I am both incredibly excited and very paranoid because soooo much could go wrong and I’m scared of everything, basically. As always.

I thought I could share where I’m going, what plans I have and what ideas I have for when I’m back again because unless I run out of money I do have time and want to do as much as possible!

All pictures are taken from a quick Google Search as I obviously haven’t been to those places yet.

First stop: Warsaw, Poland

I’m going to Poland tomorrow and I’ll stay there for a bit over a week with a good friend of mine! This will be my first time to Poland and I’m very excited to be there and go to lots of museums and historical places and such. I’m also hoping for new things, new food, cheap things to buy and lots of fun with my friend.

Second stop: Berlin, Germany

Only a four (or was it five) hour train journey separates Warsaw and Berlin so why not take that train and spend one and a half weeks with my best friend who I’ve missed dearly over the last half-year. The nerding hasn’t ended with Warsaw so we already have planned a few trips to museums and other interesting places, like IKEA and the zoo.

When I come back home I will have to study for my foreign language correspondent exam (what a word, just imagine that this all would be a single word in German without a space) in mid-March. And I also need to register for the school I’m going to in September yay. But just after my exam it’s time for…

Third stop: Bologna, Italy

And again I’ll visit a friend! I have a friend who is from Germany but currently studying in Bologna for a year so I can stay with her for a week and I can explore the city while she is in university and on the weekend we can do stuff together and maybe, if it works out, we will take the train to Rome for a day! I’d so love to do that. Let’s see how it goes. I am also very excited for finally being in a place that is a bit warmer.

Fourth stop: Kopenhagen, Denmark

There isn’t really much to say about this bit yet as I’ve only booked the flight there and back so far. I’m going to Kopenhagen at the end of March and I plan on spending ~ half of that week in Denmark and the other half in Sweden, which is just over the Öresund Bridge. At some point I will have to think about all these things but there’s still time! 🙂

Two weeks after I come back from Denmark MagicCon in Bonn will happen! I have been to HobbitCon (also in Bonn) for two years now and MagicCon is basically the successor, with a new guests but hopefully the same amazing atmosphere! So it will stay exciting in my life!

Could be stops:
Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria

Both are places I’d love to visit and they are actually not that far away, at least by train. And train tickets aren’t so expensive… I’m not sure if I will go there or when and maybe I could go to Vienna with my parents but the idea is there and I’ll certainly keep it in mind!

Do you have any plans? Tell me about them!

See you soon ❤


You might notice something.

Yes, I changed my layout and url and basically everything else. I actually planned on writing my review for the great movie La La Land today but as you can see, procrastinating was more important for me. And somehow I ended up doing this.

I haven’t exactly been blogging much recently and it annoys me a lot. I like writing and I have a lot of topics to talk about but I just… didn’t. And I want to change that.

Reason number one for that is, as already mentioned, my love for writing. Reason number two is that I now have lots of time.

I finished my apprenticeship on the 23 January by passing my last exam – an oral one I was quite terrified off. I couldn’t and wouldn’t stay in the company afterwards because I want to go back to school in September to get my Abitur (A levels, or whatever you call it wherever you live) in the span of two years and staying just for a few months wouldn’t really work. And also, I want to do some other things. I am going to travel soon – I promise I’ll blog about it and I’m usually keeping my promises – and I’m still having lessons to become a foreign language correspondent for English (which I will be in June).

Let’s see what else I can do by September.

With all this change in my live (and honestly, going from working 40 hours a week to 0 is quite a change. Same as earning nothing, sigh.) I thought it is time to change something up here as well.

I have a lot of ideas of things to write about or styles of blogs I haven’t tried so far. I hope I will turn most of those ideas into actual things.
Wish me luck for that.

I will now go and figure out where my about page went and I wish you a lovely rest of the week. Take care of yourself and drink enough water.

See you soon ❤

some lists about so many things

I really feel like writing a lot. I just don’t know where to begin, though. A lot of things happen in my life and I feel like my interests and thoughts develope so much every single day I don’t know where to fit it all in.

I like lists though, so let’s make some lists.

Things I’ve gotten obsessed with recently:

  • Fantastic Beasts / Newt Scamander / Harry Potter
  • music by Dodie and Jon Cozart (like this duet, Human)
  • vlogs by Nathan Zed (and also Thomas Sanders)
  • the TV shows The Crown and Victoria (watch both! they are amazing! amazing queens, amazing costumes, amazing actresses)
  • drawing / painting. I’ve painted a bunch of small things for Christmas and I’m very proud of them (can’t share them because I’m worried one of my friends would see it) and I’ve started scribbling tiny drawings everywhere.

Things I’ve done recently:

  • taken my final written exams which was scary but also great because ahhhh I’m going to finish my apprenticeship soon
  • done a lot at work. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot there recently (about accounting stuff cause I’m working in accounting) and I’ve also enjoyed it a lot. The people there are (mostly) so lovely and I think they genuinly like me which is a great feeling.
  • talked to more people on Twitter! I never really dare to write to someone in DMs or tweet them or whatever but in the last week or so this happened at least a little bit more so YAY

Things that are stressing me out:

  • my final exams. not anymore but they DID because I had to study a lot. and I don’t like studying.
  • those really stupid things I need to take care of at work by the time my oral exam happens. there are these two or three really annoying things I’ve been putting off forever and I just don’t want to do them. Sigh.
  • my oral exams. I HATE doing things in front of people. I absolutely loathe it. Presentations or practical exams are the worst for me. I already know I’m gonna panic three days in advance and run against a wall like a headless chicken because of it. Sigh. Especially considering that I need to present my stuff in my company as well. Panic x3.
  • the “what is happening after I finish in January?” part. I want to travel, I want to do some internship thingy, I will finish my English training. But that’s about as clear as these six or seven months are planned right now. So far I just didn’t have the time to really think about it because exams and right now I’m getting anxiety just because of thinking about planning all this or applying for a job or something like that. More on this in a seperate post though (I think).
  • There are actually a couple of other stressful things (Christmas party, driving to places, sleep deprivation, etc.) but I think this is enough for now.

At some point while writing the capital letters mostly disappeared. I can’t be bothered to get them back to be honest.

I hope you are not to stressed. Take care of yourself!
See you soon ❤

look at my kitten

look at my kitten

On Saturday I finally got a cat! Being cat-less for one and a half years was a way too long time but now I want to introduce you to… Merlin:

This was not long after we came home, he was of course pretty scared

I know, I know, he’s very adorable. He’s 12 weeks old, loves sitting under armchairs or tables and melts my heart every day. Honestly, the last weekend was probably one of my happiest ever because I constantly played with him or cuddled him or was generally close to him. He’s so smol and cute and energetic and me and my parents are very much in love with him.

I just really love cats.

Here, have some more of the dozens of photos I already took:

I hope you had a lovely weekend as well and this week isn’t treating you too badly!

See you soon ❤

an update

an update

“What’s been going on and where have you been?” you may ask. Or not. Probably not. But I’m going to tell you anyway because I’m self-centered enough to like writing about my own life. (Side note: Is that why so many people are writing memoirs? Are they all so self-centered? Do they like talking about themselves so much? Hm.)


Short answer: A lot. But also not really.

Long answer: Ahhh, where do I even begin?

The last month was in a way really exhausting but I also did some cool stuff. July could probably be the same, or a bit better because it already started really well, but who knows? I certainly don’t. I wish I could look into the future, prepare, and then be less anxious about everything, but unfortunately I can’t.

In June I did lots of stuff for school, less but still lots of stuff for work, had driving lessons and obsessed over cool things. That kind of sounds like nothing has changed but that’s not quite true.

I realized that I’m now actually as good in school as I would like to be (or at least almost, because I just so hate missing out on a better grade by just 0.2 or 0.3 and of course this happened again). I improved a lot from last year because I finally found the motivation to actually study. This definitely has a lot to do with me studying with my girlfriend and us making summaries together. If I spend the free minutes I have at work (or sometimes more, totally depends) looking at whatever I have to study next I don’t need to force myself to do it at home when I would just rather sleep. This is not a really new thing but I just never really did it, for some unknown reason. Now I do though, and it certainly works. I like knowing and understanding stuff and I especially like it if I suddenly get some complicated thing I didn’t understand before but I had to realize this also works for business and economical topics. A year ago or so I just really didn’t care about my school subjects, I didn’t find anything of it interesting and I thought it was useless and the same goes for studying it. But now it’s sometimes even fun to look at it, understand it or explain it to someone else. I’m glad I have finally found more motivation, especially considering I have my final exams in November and my oral exam in February and I want to be good in those. I know I won’t be as good in those as in school because there are a few topics I still don’t really get and it’s a lot of material to study for those exams and I think they are harder than my tests in school but I’m sure it will work out in a way I’m at least partially satisfied with.

Work is a whole other topic though. I changed departments again and that for the last time ever which is super scary and also sad. The last six (or seven) months of my apprenticeship I will spend in Accounting as I will work on a project there about which I’ll have my oral exam and I’ll work here and have daily business to do. I have been in Accounting before, right at the beginning of my apprenticeship almost two years ago. I didn’t enjoy the time so much because I didn’t understand many of the tasks in this department and because I got really anxious there with so many people and things to do I didn’t really find challenging or interesting. So you can guess that I wasn’t 100% happy about coming back. The people in this department are a bit weird (as one might expect from Accounting. The stereotype is super annoying but partially true.) but they are nice. I don’t get along with everyone there though and the atmosphere is so different from the Logistics department, where I was before and where I enjoyed it so much, I would have loved to be there for way longer. At least I have some not-Accounting related tasks to do as well and those are going to be really interesting (I hope). We’ll see how it goes, I just hope I’ll have an okay time until I’m finally done with this whole thing.

In June I had not more driving lessons than in the last few months but I certainly had more important ones because I was preparing for my practical driving test. If just one more person asks me “oh, you took long for your driving license, didn’t you?” I’m going to fucking kill them though. I just can’t hear it anymore. It’s none of your damn business how long it took me and that doesn’t say anything about how many lessons I had or if I failed or whatever. Because I didn’t. I passed the test on Friday. I’m going to get my driving license and I’m going to be able to drive. I was so shocked on Friday because I actually didn’t believe I’d pass (I’m not a very good driver, really not) and when I did it all the anxiety and panic was over and I felt mostly empty. Now I’m just really happy. I barely told anyone about me having the test as I was already more anxious than ever before in my life and I was so scared of panicking/failing/having to talk about it to anyone. The anxiety is still there, at least a bit of it, because I know I need to practise and manage driving my parents’ car which is like twice as big as the one of my driving school (help). And there is also the whole problem of probably needing an own car in a few months… but I don’t want to think about that right now, first I need to find time to get to the District Office and get that stupid piece of paper.

Everyone who looks at my Twitter for just a minute sees how obsessed with Eurovision I got over the past two months or so. Okay, I have been in love with Eurovision for years now and my love continuously grew but in the second half of May it kind of exploded. I started following tons of Eurovision-related Twitter accounts (and some of them even follow me back!) and talked to some of those people (well, mostly just one but I like to imagine I will get over myself and talk to more because they all seem to be so nice and I actually love making friends, I’m just really bad at it). With that one person I talked with a lot I rewatched all Eurovisions from 2009 to 2016 and I’m really looking forward to watching some older ones as well. I really like this community of people from so many different countries, mostly European but not exclusively, who talk about their favourite songs, favourite artists, languages they speak, their countries. Through them and through Eurovision itself I found such a huge amount of (to me) new music from different genres/countries/languages and I appreciate that loads. I hope I’ll stay active in this community for a long time and I’m for sure going to watch a lot more ESCs in the next months (I’m so glad ESC History exists!).

I also got really interested in football over the past month. Woah, who would have thought. Seriously though, I’ve never been interested in football, not really at least. I only watched a match here and there and World Cups are pretty cool but apart from that I never paid much attention. Now I do though. So many people I follow on Twitter (now) are huge football fans and more of my friends than I thought are too so they all kind of dragged me into this thing. I don’t really care about the rules and I sure as hell can’t judge how good or not a player is, but I’m very interested in the countries and the players and I love how passionate everyone gets about the Euro. So I got really passionate as well, about Germany as my home country and because I have hopes we can win this and about Iceland as one of my favourite countries in the world, because of a hundred different reasons. I have always loved Iceland for its music, beautiful country, amazing language and now for writing football history! Seriously, I’m so proud of my Icelandic babes, I could burst into tears just thinking about them beating England.

There’s even more but I think that’s enough of an update. I hope July is filled with less stress and less anxiety, and I’m hopeful right now.

I hope you’re okay as well!

See you soon ❤