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I have to confess I don’t even watch many movies. Mostly because I just don’t feel like watching one thing for two or three hours (and for some reason I rarely want to watch a movie that’s shorter than that).

Instead, I watch a lot of YouTube (which is totally the biggest reason why I don’t have so much time to watch movies) and a while ago I came across the Nerdwriter. It took me a while to finally get around to watch more of his videos and then I just binged half of his channel in like a week and found a bunch of other channels that do video essays on mostly movies but also other pop culture related things.

And as those channels really grew on me I wanted to talk a bit about them.


The Nerdwriter (Evan Puschak) makes some of the best-edited videos I’ve ever seen. They just look so good and every video is so well written and executed, I’m excited whenever he uploads.

He doesn’t just make videos about movies, some are about TV and music and art and a ton of other interesting topics. I first found him through the video below, which is still my favourite of his. Other honourable mentions include Inside Out: Emotional Theory Comes to Life, Arrival: A Response to Bad Movies (I still haven’t seen Arrival, oops) and Lord Of The Rings: How Music Elevates Story but the whole channel is worth watching, I promise you.

Movies with Mikey (FilmJoy)

Those videos might be long, but they are so worth watching. I love Mikey Neumann’s style and the details they call attention to are so interesting and make me see the movies (and TV shows sometimes) in a different light. They are also super funny and I love the use of music and freaky editing so much.

There are several video formats on FilmJoy, Movies with Mikey is only one of them but so far I’ve only watched those kinds of videos. It of course always depends on if I’ve seen the movie or want to know about it if I haven’t (which is usually the case) but I think I watch most of the MWM videos.

My favourites apart from the one below (which is so, so brilliant) are the videos about The Force Awakens, Hot Fuzz and The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Just Write

I haven’t watched so many of Just Write‘s videos yet, but those that I’ve seen are really good. These videos focus more on the writing (you could probably guess from the name) than other parts of movies and are usually about why the writing makes the particular film so good or so bad.

Even though the creator said they don’t like those videos much anymore, I find the Why The Hobbit Sucks series absolutely hilarious. And so true. My other favourites are about Game of Thrones and Wonder Woman. You might also want to take a look at the beautiful thumbnails, I’ve rarely seen a channel with such nice ones.

Lessons from the Screenplay

Like Just Write, this channel focuses on the writing, the screenplay. Each video is so well-made and beautiful, I love watching them, no matter if I’m interested in the particular movie or TV show or not. The creator also has a super calm and relaxing voice, so that helps as well.

There aren’t so many videos on the channel yet (well, probably as many as Just Write has, but nevermind), but you should totally check out Telling A Story From The Inside Out and Rogue One vs. The Force Awakens – The Fault in our Star Wars.

Karsten Runquist

This is probably the smallest channel I’m mentioning here but it’s another amazing one. Karsten‘s videos are about a bunch of movies and TV shows I’ve seen and they are kind of reviews but also showing why a certain movie did a certain thing really well. They are well made and interesting and I hope they continue working on them.

My favourite is definitely the one below but other super great ones include Stranger Things: How To Introduce A Character and Mr. Robot: The Art of Framing.

Pop Culture Detective

This one is my current favourite of all the video essay channels. The videos are so feminist and are calling out Hollywood in so many ways and I love, love, love them. Two weeks or so ago I shared some of these videos everywhere and I think everyone should watch them and agree with me that they are brilliant.

Of course the editing and choice of movies/TV shows is nice as well, but my favourite thing is definitely how thoroughly Jonathan McIntosh destroys certain aspects of the film industry. AND every video is super interesting and I’m definitely learning more from them.

You should watch The Adorkable Misogyny of The Big Bang Theory, The Fantastic Masculinity of Newt Scamander and Predatory Romance in Harrison Ford Movies.

If you have any similar channels you think I might enjoy please hit me up. I’m always looking for ways to make my YouTube subscription list even longer!

(I literally just found Like Stories of Old while looking for the videos I linked so this is going to be the next channel I get obsessed with, probably)

See you soon ❤


Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

I want to preface this review with two things:

A) This won’t be spoiler free. I can’t do spoiler free film reviews and also, everyone sees spoilers in a different way so who knows if I write the right things. I also assume that many people have already seen this movie because
B) What the fuck, Germany? In my Wonder Woman review, I already complained that the movie was in German cinemas later than basically everywhere else and with Spider-man this happened again?? It used to be different, what is going on?? I don’t like this development at all and I hate having to dodge spoilers. Step up your game, please.

Nevertheless, yesterday I could finally see the movie and boy, was it good!


I loved Tom Holland as Spiderman since the very beginning and mostly because of him I was excited about this movie and he was even better than I hoped for! Peter Parker is awkward and immature and very young and still learning so much, he’s trying his best to navigate his normal life and all the troubles being a teenager brings and his responsibility as a superhero. And he struggles with this balance and kind of fails but that’s okay because he’s so young and still learning and it looked so much more believable than any other Spiderman movie I’ve seen before and I was so happy about that. It’s also quite relatable. Everyone has to grow into their roles and you can’t be good at everything from the beginning. You need to learn and practice and be careful that you don’t do things you’re not ready for yet.

I absolutely love Peter’s excitement for everything concerning superheroes and his abilities. I love his “video diary” in the beginning and how much of a fanboy he is whenever he meets a new Avengers or Tony. And those scenes when he unlocks the 500 different kinds of web shooters (?? what are these things called again) and he tries them all out with the “suit lady” Karen and things go wrong and he’s super excited? Amazing. One of my favourite scenes/sequences in the whole movie. He really feels like a kid, but a kid that is learning a lot and facing very adult things and who isn’t JUST a kid and they did that so well, not just Tom Holland himself but also the people who wrote the script.

Peter’s friendship with Ned is great! I love how they nerd together over the suit and Star Wars and the Avengers and I’m glad Peter doesn’t keep everything from him. Of course, he doesn’t really have a choice but still, I find it really annoying when the characters need 10 years to tell anyone about anything.

I really like all of the high school characters, really. Michelle (or MJ) is great! I hoped she would have a bigger role in the movie but there were many other students who had a role too so I understand why she wasn’t featured so hugely. I’m sure this will change in the sequel anyway.

I love aunt May. She tries so hard to be a parent for Peter and she’s not really great at it, at least not all the time, but she tries and she cares a lot about him. I also hope we see more of her in the sequel as well because she’s great! I’m also really glad she found out about Peter in the hilarious mid-credits scene. She really deserves to know.

Tony Stark appeared a bit too much for my taste. He’s not a bad character but I do feel that we’ve seen enough of him and he doesn’t need to be involved in everything as much. But I also know that he wants to teach Peter and wants to make him a good Avengers, someone better than himself, and wants to help him so I do see why he is there.

I also think Tony sometimes ruins the moment. For example in the door scene. It’s a nice scene and he is serious (kind of) and is actually saying something important and then it has to be ruined with a “funny” joke or scene or something. That happens way too often in Marvel movies, as explained in this video.


I definitely liked the plot and I really like how much it ties-in with the other MCU movies. Of course, there’s this big plot hole because actually Avengers happened in 2012 and Homecoming in 2017 and that’s not 8 years later as the title card said and I was very confused by that for a while but here is a video explaining why this happened.

I really like that a lot of the plot was focused on Peter’s life in general, not just the superhero part and not just his battle with the Vulture. We get to see him in school and with friends and his aunt and doing loads of normal teenager things and that he enjoys those too and doesn’t just want to be a superhero. That ties in very well with the decision he makes in the end because of course, he doesn’t want to leave behind all his friends!

Generally, I think there was a good mixture of jokes and hilarious scenes, battles and serious moments. The perfect balance for this sort of movie and for this variation of Peter Parker!

The plot twist about the Vulture being Liz’ dad was SO good! I definitely didn’t expect that and I think most of the cinema gasped with me when the door opened. I fucking love plot twists. The Vulture was a pretty great villain. I found him actually scary with this huge wings and crazy-looking face and he would definitely have scared me as a 15-year-old.

Peter goes through quite the character development just in this movie. The ending surprised me. I didn’t think he would already get such a huge offer from Tony and that he then would turn it down, which the others didn’t expect at all. So mature of him!

Apart from the “you still got stuff to learn” message there’s also one about how powerful people don’t care at all about people beneath them and how they will just ignore them (as Happy and Tony ignore Ned and Peter) or make their lives worse (as the Vulture and his colleagues lose their jobs in the beginning of the movie). This is explained really well in this review of the movie. This is not just relatable, it also shows how Peter is truly the “friendly neighbourhood Spiderman” and “just a kid from Queens”, not a billionaire or god. He’s not like the other Avengers. At least not yet.

Speaking of Avengers, let’s take a minute to appreciate the hilarious Captain America scenes! Those videos were some of the funniest moments of the movie and the end credits scene was so worth waiting for.

The last big thing I want to mention is the whole romance/crush situation: I’m always annoyed when something like that happens in a movie because it’s so overused and often too cliché but I must say I was so happy it wasn’t such a HUGE deal for Peter and he still focused on many other things. And the ending was normal and not the “and then they kiss” cliché. (Which would have annoyed me so much because they are FIFTEEN, not every small crush becomes a relationship!) He was okay with it ending and she was too and it’s not the most important thing in the world. Thank goodness. 

More comments

  • Does anyone else think that the trailers spoiled way too much of the movie? You could basically puzzle together exactly what happens when and after watching the movie I’m definitely a bit annoyed by that. It would have been great not to have the hugging/door scene or the falling Death Star scene in the trailers because they would have been way funnier otherwise. And so much of the battles/action scenes were in the trailers :/
  • I want a two-hour movie of Peter trying out all the different things his suit can do with commentary from Karen. Those few scenes we got were already hilarious, I want more!
  • Yes I know I always alternate between Spiderman and Spider-Man. I will never be able to choose one, I don’t know why.
  • This is getting way too long, I need to stop and instead watch all the easter egg videos about the movie.

What do you think about Spider-Man: Homecoming? Tell me everything!

See you soon ❤

Wonder Woman Review

Wonder Woman Review

On Sunday I saw Wonder Woman and I have so many good things to say about it! It’s a really good and beautiful movie and I’m so glad I could finally see it! It hit German cinemas so much later than e.g. the US ones, that’s pretty unfair and it’s so good that it took me forever to get my thoughts in order.

(This review is not spoiler-free!)


This movie is so beautiful? I already loved the colouring of the posters and ads and trailers and the movie was even better! I love how bright and fantastic Themyscira was! All scenes there were incredibly pretty. The outfits of the Amazons, as well as their houses or palaces or weapons, looked so cool and fancy.

And I loved how different the colour scheme of everything beyond the island was. You definitely noticed the war and dirt and darkness everywhere, even when it was a relatively bright setting. I really like stuff like that.

Also, can we take a minute (or hour, or year) to appreciate how beautiful, stunning and powerful Diana looked in her outfit? Or actually in any outfit but mostly in her proper Wonder Woman gear. (Sidenote: I’m still wondering how she hid the sword in her dress at the gala?? How on earth is that supposed to work?)

I love how much slow-motion they used during the fighting sequences. Often it’s only used for one specific scene and that’s it but in this movie, it was used so often and not just for Diana but for every character. It really showed how incredible the Amazons fight and I really felt like you could appreciate them more through this. I’m glad they didn’t just show two Amazons fight but a bunch of them and also Diana’s training! That’s so much better than just entering a superhero who can do all the cool stuff right away. (Sidenote: I want a movie just about the Amazons, please and thanks.)


I really love the soundtrack! I generally like film music quite a lot but while watching Wonder Woman I really thought “omg, this is perfect” several times. Especially during the fight scenes. Every time they added the Wonder Woman theme I felt empowered and like I could fight dozens of men on the spot as well. Gosh, it’s so good.

Afterwards, I definitely thought I should listen to the soundtrack as often as I can and for once I actually live up to this so… that means I really liked it.


I’m in love with Diana so much and I don’t even know how to explain why. She is so powerful, she trained hard to be able to fight so well and she is so, so good! That needs to be appreciated! She is also so nice and friendly (and yes, a little naive) and she actually stands for something and believes in people. She wants to do good and change the world and yes, her mother was right, we do not deserve someone as good as her. But I’m glad she exists anyway.

Her curiosity and how much she does “wrong” or things that are not acceptable to society/prude and boring people is so hilarious. Her “I want to fight, where is the war?” attitude is so precious. I loved how problematic shopping was for her. Of course, she needs something proper in which she can fight!

I love that just this once the guy was the damsel in distress and not the woman. SHE knew how to handle everyone quickly and Steve Trevor just stood there being confused. Very nice. I relate to Steve because I also would fall in love with Diana the minute I see her and I’d say “I love you” to her after only knowing her a short time.


I liked the overall plot quite a lot. There was nothing that annoyed me and nothing that I found too much of a cliché so that’s great. I like that one of the big villains was a very smart female scientist, even though her inventions were just terrible. I also like that Ares wasn’t who we thought we were, it wasn’t sooo straight forward. It was weird to see Remus Lupin turn evil though.

The group that helps Diana and Steve go to the front and to fight was so great! They included PTSD and Native Americans and true horrors of the war and all those scenes at the front were horrible but also so well done.

And now let’s please talk about the No Man’s Land scene aka the scene that gave me goosebumps and made me cry because it was so beautiful and well done and I loved it so, so much. Exactly the same with the scene afterwards in the village with the church. Those ten minutes made my life like 20% better. Shoutout to everyone who worked on that, well done.

I really enjoyed the ending! It was clear what would happen to Ares but it wasn’t boring or anything because I was so fascinated by Diana and by how she demonstrates her powers and discovers new ones and what she can really do. It was huge and beautiful!

Other stuff:

  • I was pretty sure the mother would die because the parents always die but then it was the aunt? Hm. Still sad.
  • Baby Diana was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Diana taking Steve’s watch reminded me a lot of Peggy and Steve and that makes it even sadder.
  • Diana not being bothered by what anyone thinks about her or what she does? I 100% approve.
  • Proper German speaking Germans and not English people who butcher everything I’m so happy.
  • Steve’s secretary Etta was adorable!

This is getting so long, you can clearly see how much I like this movie. Please tell me what you thought!

See you soon ❤

Hidden Figures & Moonlight – short reviews

Hidden Figures & Moonlight – short reviews

I either write super long reviews of movies – like my last one on La La Land – or I don’t write anything at all but I’m trying to do something in between today.

At the beginning of this year, I started this thing where I write tiny reviews of books, music or films in a tiny red notebook I got for Christmas and I wrote those for Hidden Figures and Moonlight too, both are movies I’ve seen last week. Beyond those few words, I have a lot of other thoughts too so here we go…

Hidden Figures

This movie is so amazing, I loved it so much! There are so many incredible actresses in it, from Octavia Spencer to Janelle Monae who I didn’t even know was an actress as well! The story is so important and good and fits so well and it’s also just a really beautiful movie.

Our three main characters – Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary – are so strong, intelligent, sassy and they take no shit. They try their best to get ahead in life even though they are black women.

I was appalled to see the racism (and sexism) they had to face. I think it is quite different to just read about it or to actually see it, in all its facets and small or big gestures. Or at least for me it was like that, maybe because I don’t actually watch so many movies. There were so many moments where the women made themselves look small or were quiet or looked/felt out of place, there were so many small moments that showed the racism of it all and it was incredibly sad to watch that but I’m so glad all these small moments were included.

Also, the movie looked incredible, from the beautiful dresses to the great space CGI to the music. And the acting talent of the cast made everything better too, of course.

The only thing I didn’t really like was how Al Harrison – Katherine’s boss – was made into this kind of hero who destroyed the bathroom sign (which is, as I heard, not historically correct) as if one had to show that oh, not all white people are racist! Was that really necessary? Can’t we just once have black people who do heroic things by themselves, without some white people who are oh so helpful?

Apart from this, though, Hidden Figures was an amazing film and I’m so happy it got some awards, nomination, and the attention it deserves.


I’m so happy this won the Oscar for Best Picture as the first LGBT* and all-black-cast film! I didn’t have the chance to watch it before the awards but afterwards I tried to get a hold of it as soon as possible. I knew it’s a movie about important topics so I was pretty excited to watch it.

And I’m not quite sure what I think about Moonlight. I liked it, that’s for sure, but I don’t know how much. It’s different from what I expected. Artsy, long shots on people, focus on only a few characters, and so on. I don’t watch movies like that often and I think that is why I was a bit confused at first and not so into it.

It is of course still a great movie, not just topic-wise. And those topics, especially the main character Chiron being gay and living in an abusive household, are told so brutally honest. This made it a very sad but also a very real looking movie. And the “relationship” between Chiron and Kevin is certainly weird and we don’t see what might still happen but it is important and there and in a way so innocent. Oh, it just made me really emotional tbh.

Oh, I also love the aesthetic of Moonlight, the colors especially and those beautiful shots on the beach.

Look at those black movies and black actors and actresses go and be successful! It’s sad that we still celebrate this fact so much but it’s getting better and I’m very happy about these two films.

See you soon ❤

La La Land Review

La La Land Review

I saw La La Land on Monday (and finally managed to stop procrastinating) and as always I have lots to say about this movie (including spoilers).

I had heard so much about the movie beforehand, so many people absolutely loved it, so many were saying it must win all the awards, including a bunch of Oscars and I kind doubted that I would like it as much as those people. I don’t know, when things get reeeally hyped that often puts me off a bit. But I can say that I certainly loved La La Land a lot, wooo!

(i love it when they dance)

So, let’s talk about how incredibly aesthetic this movie is. If you know me from tumblr you might know that I love nice colouring and beautiful scenes and cinematography and La La Land was SO GOOD at this stuff. So good. I can’t even pick a certain scene because all were really nice but I think that especially those in depicted in the photos below are very nice. I think this is one of the prettiest movies I’ve ever seen! Just to see that again I’d love to go to the cinema again.

The soundtrack is so good too. I knew this beforehand as I – of course, it’s a musical, I love musicals! – listened to all the songs at least once and I’m pretty sure I had City of Stars running a dozen times before Monday. It’s a very good song and I love it a lot but one shouldn’t forget the others as Another Day Of Sun (so happy! brightens my day whenever I listen to it) and Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (my favourite quote as well as a very beautiful scene with amazing acting).

Sidenote: Here is a beautiful cover of City of Stars by Dodie Clark and Jon Cozart. I am in love with it.

Let’s talk about the plot, shall we?

I think the plot – at least apart from the last twenty or so minutes – was what I liked least about the movie. Not that it’s bad, it isn’t bad at all, it’s just not that original or exciting or special. It’s a plot in a very lovely packaging, with amazing actors and beautiful stuff and music but it’s still a plot we’ve seen before.

I’ve seen quite a few people say that La La Land is so different and so new and because of that it’s one of the best movies ever and I just can’t agree with that. It’s a good plot and I quite like it but it doesn’t make the movie better than many others and makes it deserve tons of Oscars. At least in my opinion.

I really want to see more endings like that. I hate it when movies end so predictably with the happy ending you could have guessed in the first five minutes. This film didn’t have that and that makes it more realistic! I do feel though that some other parts about being in Hollywood and getting no job and all that have been quite romanticised. I mean, how can you get such beautiful dresses and afford a nice room and a car without having a proper job? But whatever.

The clothes were so beautiful too and I wish I could run around like that all the time. But, being closer to the polar caps than LA, that just doesn’t work.

I also want to mention how lovely Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were in this movie. I’ve loved both for a while now – especially Emma, I totally fell in love with her when I first watched Easy A ages ago – and their acting and singing and dancing skills and just seing them in general made me love them even more.

so aesthetic and beautiful

Have you seen La La Land? How did you find it?

See you soon ❤

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Review (Spoilers!)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Review (Spoilers!)

Hello guys! I saw Rogue One on Thursday and of course I have quite a lot of thoughts about it. And they are so confusing and that’s why it takes me forever to write this ahhh.

First of all, SPOILERS! I cannot talk about this incredible movie without talking about what’s going on so don’t read this if you haven’t seen Rogue One. Or you just want to torture yourself, if that makes you feel… better? And if you haven’t seen it GO WATCH IT BECAUSE IT’S SO WORTH IT OKAY?!

Let’s go!

i just want to mention that this is my favourite movie poster of the year

I absolutely loved Rogue One. All in all I think it’s an amazing movie and I’m so glad it is. Anyone that I talked to about Star Wars in the last year knows that I’m a huge fan of The Force Awakens (or anyone that follows me on tumblr or twitter, ahem). Naturally I was really excited for Rogue One, especially after we had some trailers or clips and knew about the cast and characters.

Speaking of the cast and characters: I love them all. I really love Jyn Erso. I’m so glad we now have two stong female lead-characters in Star Wars. Jyn is so strong and NOT questionned all the time which is a huge relief. Everyone assumes she is as badass as she is and in the second half of the film she assumes the role of the leader so naturally!

Can we talk about the diversity of this cast PLEASE! In the rebel group we have a female character (just one but AT LEAST THAT), a character played by a Mexican actor, two (one of them blind!) played by Chinese actors and one by a British-Pakistani actor. This makes me so incredibly happy. I felt though that there were very few women among the rebels, fewer than one could see in The Force Awakens. Hmm.

All characters have such incredibly sad backstories and I want to shed a few tears for each of them! They all deserved happiness but of course they didn’t get that… At first I wasn’t so fond of Cassian but by the end of the movie I loved him so much. And he and Jyn as well as Chirrut and Baze are certainly ship-able, I’m already waiting for fanart.

Because this is already a fucking mess let’s talk about the ending. Oh, how much I wished they could have survived. At first I had hoped they would even though I knew at least some wouldn’t. When they landed on Scarif I got scared and when the first of the group got badly hurt even more. But when the Death Star appeared (just like in that amazingly beautiful poster up there) I knew no one would survive. Oh my, I was still so shocked though. In the end everything went so fast and they dropped like flies! That moment when Chirrut basically sacrificed himself and used the Force was so incredible and then Baze joined him and I wanted to cry. And that moment with Jyn and Cassian on the beach was so incredibly sad but also beautiful! Because they knew they had made it and they had done some good and at least they could die together (and also witness the incredible sunset/explosion). Ahhh, I have a lot of feels.

(I am also a huge fan of K2SO and can’t believe that Star Wars always manages to make me fall in love with their droids. He’s so sassy and bitchy and I wish we could have more of him.)

Let’s talk about THE PLANETS! I think in Rogue One we saw more new planets than in any other single Star Wars film. They put so many in there and they were all so different and interesting, had their own cultures and people living there and incredible soundtrack. I wish I could have wallpapers of all those planets and put them on all my walls I was so stunned. I’m a huge space nerd so GIVE ME NEW PLANETS AND GALAXIES AND UNIVERSES PLEASE!

Generally the soundtrack was just A M A Z I N G! It reminded me a lot of Fantastic Beasts because they used the “original score”, the well-known themes, and changed them so show that yes, we are still in the same universe and lots of things are very similar BUT we also have new characters and places and things going on. I noticed that with both the Darth Vader and Rebels themes but there is surely more stuff if you listen more closely.

I don’t really want to talk a lot about the plot because I tend to forget lots of it when I only see a movie once – I know way more about the characters and effects and soundtrack etc. – and I think I also need to form more thoughts about it. (Right now I’m still too much in the AHHHHHH- constant screaming mode) As I already mentioned, I love how we could explore so many new places and characters. The whole story also made me feel like we got a whole lot of new pieces we can put into the Star-Wars-puzzle and at some point we will have a complete one. Rogue One tied in so well with the original trilogy and I didn’t expect it to happen EXACTLY before Episode IV to be honest. I was a bit shocked when I saw Leia even though I thought we might see her when Bail Organa showed up.

Anyway, I think I’m gonna stop here, otherwise my brain is going to explode.

Please talk to me about Rogue One, especially if you like it because otherwise I think we’re not going to agree on a lot of things, sorry!

See you soon ❤

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Review (Spoilers!)

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Review (Spoilers!)

So, I saw Fantastic Beasts and I loved and I’m trying very hard not just to write “AHHHHHH” but a proper review of the movie. This is gonna be bard.

Warning: There will be spoilers to everything because I want to talk about so many things but if you haven’t seen it yet, please do it, it’s worth it!

Warning #2: I am writing this on Thursday (the day I saw it) and Friday (the day I try to calm down about it) so I might be a bit confusing. Sorry.

I remember again how much I care about Harry Potter. I didn’t really forget about it of course (I mean, come on, I went to the cinema in a Hogwarts shirt, Hufflepuff scarf and socks and Deathly Hallow necklace!) but being a fan of a thing that’s mostly “over” (Harry Potter never ends though!) and something that is ongoing and with many new things to be excited about is very different.

And Fantastic Beasts is different from Harry Potter, definitely, but there are so many details we know and missed or that fit so well to what we’ve seen before. It felt like coming back to a well-read book but discovering a new chapter. Or something like that, I’m not so great with metaphors.

The characters:


Newt is definitely the most relatable character for me. He’s a socially awkward, nerdy, cute baby and I want to wrap him up in a blanket or something. During this dinner scene with Queenie, Tina and Jacob I was like “YES, this is me!!!” the whole time. Of course his obsession with beasts reminds one of Hagrid and I love Hagrid too.

Jacob is how we all would be if we suddenly got to know about the Wizarding World. Astounded, shocked and amazed. I’m so glad he could fulfil his wish of opening up a bakery and honestly, the stuff he’s making looks so cute and delicious, I’d buy so much of it! I do wonder if he actually recognizes Queenie. They would be adorable together (they already are).

Tina is a determined woman who wants to do a great job. I suppose she must be good at it but she made some mistakes and she’s not happy with that. In the end, thankfully, everything is okay for her again and she can do what she loves. She is a bit like Newt, rather quiet and a tiny bit awkward but she is also a woman of action and is caring. Oh, and I also quite like her style! It looks comfortable and still stylish. Generally the clothes you can see in this movie are so great, I’d love to wear them too.

Queenie is quirky, adorable, beautiful. She’s so different from Tina but they care a lot about each other and I hope we can see more of their relationship, their past, in the future. I really like her and definitely want her to be happy. I can’t imagine it’s so easy always knowing about other people’s thoughts.

Grindelwald is a character I did not expect. I am usually up to date with my information on my favourite shows or books or movies and I knew he appears for a second in the very beginning of the movie. And then Graves changed into him. Wow. I was honestly shocked. I read online he would not appear and I believed that (I’m glad I didn’t know it though because I love plot twists). Johnny Depp is definitely the only thing about the movie I do not like at all. I just don’t like him anymore and I don’t think he is the right actor to play this role. In my opinion he was only cast because he has a huge following, not because he is the right actor to play Gellert Grindelwald. I just can’t imagine him together with a young Dumbledore. But we will see how this plays out in the next movies. And despite my disliking of Depp I do look forward to Grindelwald and Dumbledore (for whom we don’t have an actor yet!) immensely.

The beasts


I basically am in love with all of them. Especially the Niffler. He’s the cutest thing ever and I want 10. Seriously, as soon as there’s a plushie of it available I’m going to buy it. The beasts were so well done and such interesting creatures. We got to know so many we’ve never heard of before and where they come from and a tiny bit of their backstories – for some, at least. I had hoped we would get some more stories about how Newt found and captured/saved them but maybe we’ll get that in the future.

Frank’s story was very sad but I’m so happy he got his happy end. Such a majestic creature. I also want to add that the dance Newt did to distract the magical-rhino lady was hilarious and I need to see outtakes of how ridiculous Eddie Redmayne felt while doing this.

Not sure if I should mention the Obscuris (no idea how you write it tbh and I saw the movie in German) here or in the plot section but I think it fits better here. Even though I knew most of the news about Fantastic Beasts I did not know anything about the Obscuri or Credence. I was super interested when we first got to see it in Newt’s suitcase (the effects in that scene, wow!). It is such a creepy and scary thing and the story Newt told about this girl in Sudan…. wow… I feel so sorry for Credence. I was definitely convinced the girl would be the Obscuri and not he but oh well, I’m glad to be surprised.

It’s so interesting to see all these new creatures and I hope to see as much of them in the next movie – if not more. But I’m good wizh Obscuris (?) for now, to be honest.

The plot & all the other things

I felt like to movie was over so soon. Everything was fitting together so well and I was back in this amazing universe I love so much.

I loved the story, every part of it. Newt’s journeys and the American wizard community, the Obscuri, Gellert Grindelwald’s rise and so on. I can’t wait to see more of all those parts and other places we haven’t visited yet.

I really hoped Credence would survive the movie but I was quite sure he wouldn’t… and I was right. Such a sad story, honestly. Generally the film was a bit darker than I had expected. That definitely reminds me more of the later Harry Potter films. I don’t mind that but I do wonder how dark it will get in the next few films, especially if it all is to end with the duel between Grindelwald and Dumbledore (I so hope they do this!).

Of course I need to give a shout-out to everyone who worked on the soundtrack and the special effects. Both were outstanding, seriously. I love the Harry Potter soundtrack a lot and I love how they incorporated it into Fantastic Beasts as well but with many new parts too. It sounds amazing!
The effects were so incredibly stunning. Every time I see a movie that’s a few years old and then a  newer one I’m stunned because this has developed so much. Especially the beasts and the Obscuri stood out for me. Remembering the first Harry Potter movies you can definitely see how much has changed.

All in all I had such a great time watching Fantastic Beasts and I don’t want to wait two years for the next one!

Have you seen Fantastic Beasts as well? Please, please talk to me about it!

See you soon ❤