I really thought I’d post regularly…. haha. Nope. But here I am, one more time, to tell you that I went on another trip! I spent a couple days in Cardiff, Wales, with a good friend of mine!

It was more relaxed than my last few trips and we spent some time watching Doctor Who and Torchwood and noticing where we run around the day before (so many places. SO MANY).

Most of what we did you can see on the photos, I wrote descriptions as always, and I’m not going to write a super long text for each day so feel free to just scroll down. For some reason, I put way more photos into this blog post than I usually do but I can’t find a way to narrow it down. Sorry.

Fun fact: in just a week I will be gone again, this time I’m kind of repeating my Warsaw and Berlin trip from February, just less cold and a bit shorter! I’m really excited to see my good friends again!

Day 1

  • Airline drama because if you fly with FlyBe from Munich there’s no online check in so every single person had to go via check in at the airport and there weren’t enough people and it took fucking forever and I was nervous for like three hours and I hated it.
  • Cardiff Airport is so smoll. Adorable.
  • Sleeperz hotel is amazing, mostly because it’s so close to everything and because we had a kettle and tea and coffee in our room. That’s everything I needed.

Day 2

  • I missed Pret-a-manger so much since November 2015. I was so happy to have breakfast there almost every day. I needed that.
  • The Doctor Who Experience is amazing and I can’t believe it’s going to close so soon! I had a ton of fun and it was really interesting!
  • It’s very easy to accidentally stumble across some places that appeared in various BBC shows!
  • So. Windy.
  • But the bay is very pretty!
  • So. Many. Seagulls.
  • Almost 19 years old and only now I realised that the Millenium Center has both the Welsh AND the English words on its front…


Day 3

  • The Castle is pretty and bigger than expected and they also shot about five thousand BBC scenes there….
  • Bute Park was full of people playing Pokemon Go. I was so surprised by this, you barely see anyone still playing it in Germany! And there were so many!
  • I love squirrels.

Day 4

  • For a city of only 360,000 residents, Cardiff has so many shopping centres. I really didn’t expect that! But great for us, we bought very nice things. I basically only bought books and my friend only clothes but whatever.
  • That AquaBus thing is adorable.
  • Watching kids not being good at sailing is very entertaining. So are the dozens of dogs enjoying the bay area!
  • Honestly, the walk around the bay was great, so many nice views!

Day 5

  • I finally got my art in the National Museum!
  • I never knew I wanted to see dinosaur babies so badly. They were adorable (even though long dead – obviously).
  • The whole area around the museum is really fancy with lots of nice buildings!
  • The weather was almost perfect until this day when it finally started to rain loads! I’m so glad it took so long!
  • Flying home was way less stressful and the airport is still super adorable.


See you soon ❤


books of the month: july 2017

I again read four books this month. And again It took me half of the month to read the last one. Both of those things are beginning to get boring. BUT I read some good and some very interesting stuff this month so I can’t really complain!

EDIT: I didn’t expect to finish my re-read of The Fault in Our Stars so quickly so I actually managed to read five books?? Wow!

The best

The Rose & the Dagger (The Wrath & the Dawn, #2)The Rose & the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was amazing! I adored The Wrath & The Dawn and was really excited for the second book. I didn’t know at first that there wouldn’t be a third part and that this is the end but the story fit perfectly into two books so it totally makes sense.

The things that I loved so much about the first book appeared just as much or even more in part 2 and I’m SO happy about that!

My favourite thing: the girls. Both Shazi and her sister Irsa are great characters and I’m so glad they are not just damsels in distress or there for the romance. Shazi definitely developed in time and got stronger but she is still snarky and sassy as always and I LOVED her confrontations with everyone. But it is also definitely shown that she has flaws and isn’t good at everything. The same goes for her sister who gets a way bigger role than in book 1 and who has her own plot and has her part in saving the world (well, saving two countries, at least). There are two more female characters that are awesome and badass and who I was very happy to see in the end and I’m also really happy about their endings but I don’t want to spoil anything.

Shazi does explore her magic a bit, I just wished she’d do it even more. But: Magic carpet. I was so happy whenever it showed up. If you need a reason to read this book then that should help. Gosh, I love flying carpets.
It was really interesting to learn a bit more about the magic in this universe and it was nice to have just a little bit of it for a change but… it was such cool magic, I want MORE!

I (again) have to note how beautifully written this book is. Everything sounds like a quote worth remembering or like a poem or an important story. Every sentence matters and it’s not excessively long or too heavily described. No, it’s just perfect.

I must say that the plot wasn’t quite as exciting as in the first book, but almost as good. Everything is a bit sadder and darker and more confusing. Parts of the plot are happening in different places so you’re jumping back and forth a bit and I liked that quite a lot, but it didn’t feel quite as fast paced as I thought it would.

I still really enjoyed everything I read. I’m incredibly happy with the ending. For me, this book was happy and sad and romantic and sassy enough to be just perfect. The only thing that annoyed me was the annoying teenage boys who were way too dramatic and who made everything more complicated and worse. But we already had that in the first book so this shouldn’t be a surprise.
The love drama and the kind-of-love-triangle-but-not-really were dealt with so well! It wasn’t about the girl choosing between two boys, it was more about the girl already knowing what she wants and the boys being kinda stupid so that it takes them way too long to get over it. But it also shows how people can grow and understand and I really enjoyed that.

All in all, an amazing book with beautiful characters and a beautiful plot and THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COVER EVER AHH. And I thought The Wrath & The Dawn looked great in my bookshelf!

The Fault in Our StarsThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I haven’t read this book in over two years and I figured now that John Green is finally releasing a new book this fall (I’m so excited) I just go back and read it again. And it felt like coming home.

Even though some time has passed, I still remember everything that happened and so many scenes and so many quotes! And that’s quite unusual for me because I tend to forget specific things about books very, very quickly (it’s quite annoying). But not with TFIOS. I really must have read it seven times, even though I don’t remember all those seven times.

I still cry buckets while reading this book and I’m still surprised with how much I love it. It inspires me and gives me hope but it also makes me sad because life is unfair and cancer exists. Honestly, I could just copy and paste everything I wrote below, it’s all still relevant.

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The rest

Doing It!: Let's Talk About SexDoing It!: Let’s Talk About Sex by Hannah Witton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was so interesting! I’ve been watching Hannah Witton’s YouTube videos for a while and I always found them interesting and funny so I knew this wouldn’t be bad at all.

She combined a lot of interesting and important topics about relationships and sex and our bodies in this book. Some things I knew before, some were new to me.
I especially love that she got a lot of super interesting people to write about their experiences or topics they know best. This made this book quite diverse and I definitely appreciate that! Some of those people I knew before and it was really nice to see them again or learn more about them.

Even though some of the topics were quite serious and nothing to laugh about, Hannah managed to get a lot of humour and funny anecdotes in it so Doing It! became more than just a guide.

Definitely a fun read and I’m pretty sure everyone can learn something from this book.

Eurovision!: A History of Modern Europe Through the World's Greatest Song ContestEurovision!: A History of Modern Europe Through the World’s Greatest Song Contest by Chris West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was an incredibly interesting read. Anyone who follows me on Twitter (or any other social media) will probably know by now how much I love the Eurovision Song Contest and how much I care about it.
Another thing that I love very much is history.

I haven’t had a history lesson in three years so I usually compensate by watching YouTube videos about empires and the horrible things they did but switching to this book was an amazing idea. I saw some of my fellow Eurovision-loving friends talk about it and immediately knew I should buy this book.

Eurovision! actually includes way more history than I thought it would. The book has one chapter for every year of Eurovision (1956 – 2016) and every chapter includes what happened in the world of Eurovision and in the world of politics, wars, social changes, and so on. Chris West includes all the plans and ideas to unite Europe, statistics on what people thought about these ideas, which troubles we had with European countries or which troubles European countries had with other nations, and more.
On the music side, he talks about some of the more interesting songs of every year of Eurovision, about the rules and technologies that have changed, about the controversies Eurovision or certain artists or songs caused and on how politics sometimes influenced the contest.

I definitely learned a lot about history. I think in school we don’t learn enough about what happens after World War 2 so I only had an overview about certain things and this book added more facts to these gaps. I also learned more about Eurovision, especially the early years and the controversy that the contest brought with it even back then.
It’s very interesting to see how both Eurovision and Europe developed over the past 60 years and to see which influences contributed to the changes.

Especially in the last 15 or 20 years/chapters I don’t always agree with the author’s opinion on the EU and on certain countries but I still enjoyed reading all of it and I’m glad this book wasn’t dry or boring but in fact not just insightful but also quite witty and generally just really interesting!

Swing TimeSwing Time by Zadie Smith
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To be honest, I thought I would like this book more. It seemed interesting to me but it’s always a 50/50 chance with me and fiction, it seems. This book and I didn’t agree on a lot of things.

Swing Time is about several women to lead very different lives and who are in contact with each other but not all in the same way or for the same amount of time. It deals with race and class and relationships and so many other topics. These topics on their own are already interesting for me and I really liked how they were tackled and the book definitely made a few points that I found very important but there were other parts I did not enjoy at all.

I couldn’t connect at all with any of the characters. I found all of them rather annoying and it took me forever to get through the first 150 pages. I didn’t particularly enjoy the jumping around in time. The story is always told by the same person (who’s name we never go which annoyed me so much more than I thought it would – why?) but we jump back and forth through her life and I found that pretty confusing and I always forgot when which part is happening and so on – surely that has to do with not reading larger parts in one go, but still.

I got more into it during the second part of the book, finally, but all of my points still remained.

All in all, I still liked this book and it was not a bad read but also not a very good one.

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Any thoughts or recommendations? Feel free to chat with me about them!

See you soon ❤

pride / csd munich

pride / csd munich

I know it’s been a while but I wasn’t really too keen on writing in the past few days… or weeks… but pride means a lot to me so I still want to write about this amazing day I had!

On Saturday the 15th, I went to Munich with a bunch of friends for the annual pride parade. We were going to meet up and wait for the parade and (some of us) later join the parade (just like last year) when our friend’s group appears. Some of our group I hadn’t met before but it was really nice to talk to new people and I’d definitely say we had lots of fun!

In both 2015 and 2016, we had over 30 degrees and not a single cloud in the sky on the day of the parade but this year it was finally cooler and that made things a bit easier. But the sun was stronger than I anticipated which means for the third year in a row I got a sunstroke and was basically out of it for the next three days. Perfect. When will I learn?

Pride means a lot to me. This has several reasons:

  • I love to celebrate and I love to celebrate our diversity. I like being happy and proud of myself and of who I am so I like to go to events that strengthen these feelings.
  • I love that so many people are proud and it’s just such a good feeling to see that. It’s awesome to see people having fun and enjoying themselves and showing how much they love their partners and themselves without fearing the consequences. Pride has been a very safe space whenever I was there and I’m so glad it is.
  • I love that there are so many different groups! Every year so far I’ve seen a group for a thing I haven’t heard about (or forgot already) where LGBTQ people grouped together and can be proud. There are organisations for older people, disabled people, dancers, singers, choirs, sports groups, a hiking group and so much more. No matter who you are, there are people you fit in with and you’re not alone. That’s one of the things the parade symbolises for me every year and it makes me so incredibly happy and hopeful.
  • I always notice how much I’d love to get involved more in the community when I go to pride or do something else connected to the LGBTQ community. Right now that’s not so easy because I just can’t afford to go to Munich all the time (why, public transport, why??) but I know that I can do something and that there are so many places I could go to.
    It’s also great to see so many people who don’t just celebrate but who also offer a lot of their time to help others. That restores a tiny bit of my faith in humanity.

A bunch of my pictures from the parade:

I’d also love to write about the following two pictures. They are in a leaflet I got after the parade and I’ve been interested in this topic for a while. Unfortunately, I lost the notes I once wrote about it so I’m not sure if I can still gather what I want to say. But I will see. And generally, I think these two maps are incredibly interesting and also important to think about. Especially when you live in a very privileged country as I do.

Did you go to a pride parade this summer? Or is one still coming up? Talk to me about it!

See you soon ❤

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

I want to preface this review with two things:

A) This won’t be spoiler free. I can’t do spoiler free film reviews and also, everyone sees spoilers in a different way so who knows if I write the right things. I also assume that many people have already seen this movie because
B) What the fuck, Germany? In my Wonder Woman review, I already complained that the movie was in German cinemas later than basically everywhere else and with Spider-man this happened again?? It used to be different, what is going on?? I don’t like this development at all and I hate having to dodge spoilers. Step up your game, please.

Nevertheless, yesterday I could finally see the movie and boy, was it good!


I loved Tom Holland as Spiderman since the very beginning and mostly because of him I was excited about this movie and he was even better than I hoped for! Peter Parker is awkward and immature and very young and still learning so much, he’s trying his best to navigate his normal life and all the troubles being a teenager brings and his responsibility as a superhero. And he struggles with this balance and kind of fails but that’s okay because he’s so young and still learning and it looked so much more believable than any other Spiderman movie I’ve seen before and I was so happy about that. It’s also quite relatable. Everyone has to grow into their roles and you can’t be good at everything from the beginning. You need to learn and practice and be careful that you don’t do things you’re not ready for yet.

I absolutely love Peter’s excitement for everything concerning superheroes and his abilities. I love his “video diary” in the beginning and how much of a fanboy he is whenever he meets a new Avengers or Tony. And those scenes when he unlocks the 500 different kinds of web shooters (?? what are these things called again) and he tries them all out with the “suit lady” Karen and things go wrong and he’s super excited? Amazing. One of my favourite scenes/sequences in the whole movie. He really feels like a kid, but a kid that is learning a lot and facing very adult things and who isn’t JUST a kid and they did that so well, not just Tom Holland himself but also the people who wrote the script.

Peter’s friendship with Ned is great! I love how they nerd together over the suit and Star Wars and the Avengers and I’m glad Peter doesn’t keep everything from him. Of course, he doesn’t really have a choice but still, I find it really annoying when the characters need 10 years to tell anyone about anything.

I really like all of the high school characters, really. Michelle (or MJ) is great! I hoped she would have a bigger role in the movie but there were many other students who had a role too so I understand why she wasn’t featured so hugely. I’m sure this will change in the sequel anyway.

I love aunt May. She tries so hard to be a parent for Peter and she’s not really great at it, at least not all the time, but she tries and she cares a lot about him. I also hope we see more of her in the sequel as well because she’s great! I’m also really glad she found out about Peter in the hilarious mid-credits scene. She really deserves to know.

Tony Stark appeared a bit too much for my taste. He’s not a bad character but I do feel that we’ve seen enough of him and he doesn’t need to be involved in everything as much. But I also know that he wants to teach Peter and wants to make him a good Avengers, someone better than himself, and wants to help him so I do see why he is there.

I also think Tony sometimes ruins the moment. For example in the door scene. It’s a nice scene and he is serious (kind of) and is actually saying something important and then it has to be ruined with a “funny” joke or scene or something. That happens way too often in Marvel movies, as explained in this video.


I definitely liked the plot and I really like how much it ties-in with the other MCU movies. Of course, there’s this big plot hole because actually Avengers happened in 2012 and Homecoming in 2017 and that’s not 8 years later as the title card said and I was very confused by that for a while but here is a video explaining why this happened.

I really like that a lot of the plot was focused on Peter’s life in general, not just the superhero part and not just his battle with the Vulture. We get to see him in school and with friends and his aunt and doing loads of normal teenager things and that he enjoys those too and doesn’t just want to be a superhero. That ties in very well with the decision he makes in the end because of course, he doesn’t want to leave behind all his friends!

Generally, I think there was a good mixture of jokes and hilarious scenes, battles and serious moments. The perfect balance for this sort of movie and for this variation of Peter Parker!

The plot twist about the Vulture being Liz’ dad was SO good! I definitely didn’t expect that and I think most of the cinema gasped with me when the door opened. I fucking love plot twists. The Vulture was a pretty great villain. I found him actually scary with this huge wings and crazy-looking face and he would definitely have scared me as a 15-year-old.

Peter goes through quite the character development just in this movie. The ending surprised me. I didn’t think he would already get such a huge offer from Tony and that he then would turn it down, which the others didn’t expect at all. So mature of him!

Apart from the “you still got stuff to learn” message there’s also one about how powerful people don’t care at all about people beneath them and how they will just ignore them (as Happy and Tony ignore Ned and Peter) or make their lives worse (as the Vulture and his colleagues lose their jobs in the beginning of the movie). This is explained really well in this review of the movie. This is not just relatable, it also shows how Peter is truly the “friendly neighbourhood Spiderman” and “just a kid from Queens”, not a billionaire or god. He’s not like the other Avengers. At least not yet.

Speaking of Avengers, let’s take a minute to appreciate the hilarious Captain America scenes! Those videos were some of the funniest moments of the movie and the end credits scene was so worth waiting for.

The last big thing I want to mention is the whole romance/crush situation: I’m always annoyed when something like that happens in a movie because it’s so overused and often too cliché but I must say I was so happy it wasn’t such a HUGE deal for Peter and he still focused on many other things. And the ending was normal and not the “and then they kiss” cliché. (Which would have annoyed me so much because they are FIFTEEN, not every small crush becomes a relationship!) He was okay with it ending and she was too and it’s not the most important thing in the world. Thank goodness. 

More comments

  • Does anyone else think that the trailers spoiled way too much of the movie? You could basically puzzle together exactly what happens when and after watching the movie I’m definitely a bit annoyed by that. It would have been great not to have the hugging/door scene or the falling Death Star scene in the trailers because they would have been way funnier otherwise. And so much of the battles/action scenes were in the trailers :/
  • I want a two-hour movie of Peter trying out all the different things his suit can do with commentary from Karen. Those few scenes we got were already hilarious, I want more!
  • Yes I know I always alternate between Spiderman and Spider-Man. I will never be able to choose one, I don’t know why.
  • This is getting way too long, I need to stop and instead watch all the easter egg videos about the movie.

What do you think about Spider-Man: Homecoming? Tell me everything!

See you soon ❤

12 educational youtube channels you should know about

12 educational youtube channels you should know about

I’ve been watching so much YouTube lately and I’ve discovered many, many new channels that I absolutely love and that I find very interesting and I want to share them with you (or at least some of them).

This blog post comes in two parts. YouTube channels that solely upload educational videos and those that do it occasionally or just explain some things in some of their videos.

Educational channels


I love CrashCourse so much! Founded by John and Hank Green (more on them later) five or six years ago, this channel is covering loads of different subjects ranging from world history (one of my favourites) and literature over psychology to physics and computer science. I’ve learned a lot through CrashCourse and I also got interested in topics I never really thought about through them!

I think all episodes are very well-made and the animations are amazing too. I’m currently watching the sociology, mythology and film history courses and they are all super interesting. Definitely worth checking out! (I linked one video from each course that I found particularly great)

Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell

Kurzgesagt is for sure one of my favourite channels ever. I found them through vlogbrothers in 2014, quickly watched all the videos they had at that point, and then realised that they are actually from Munich aka where I live! How cool is that??

Their videos are animated explanations of loads of different topics. They are slightly nihilistic which is… a bit depressing, but also fun and they always include references to TV shows or films. I think all of their videos are beautiful and interesting and just so well done!

Geography Now

I’m a huge fan of geography, different countries and languages. About a year ago someone on Twitter talked about this YouTube channel and I was like “Geography?? Omg, need to check out!”

Barby (the host) goes through every single country (alphabetically) and makes a video about it explaining its physical geography and the people living there. His videos are funny and interesting and I love that he tackles every country the same way. Just because it’s some island state you’ve never heard of he doesn’t leave things out, every country gets treated equally and so you actually learn something about many tiny or lesser known places! Yay!

Every video on this channel is worth watching, including the flag videos which I also find really interesting. I don’t really know which video I should share with you so I’m just taking my own country, Germany:

CPG Grey

I would imagine a lot of people know CGP Grey, some of their videos have a lot of views, but I definitely want to mention them too. Their videos are also well animated, very interesting and cover a range of topics. They are also pretty funny which is always something I appreciate!

Feature History

I only found Feature History a few days ago and I haven’t even watched all their (relatively few) videos yet but the ones I watched have been super interesting and funny! They are tackling topics that often only get mentioned in other educational videos so this channel has definitely offered some new insight!

This video is quite hilarious:

Ten-Minute History

Just like with the last channel, I only found Ten-Minute History a few days ago. But just as with Feature History, this is a fun, adorably animated channel with relatively few subscribers that creates great overviews over historical events or developments!

SciShow / Space / Psych

There are now three SciShow channels: the original, SciShow Space and SciShow Psych. The second channel is for me, a huge astronomy nerd, especially interesting but I do love all channels quite a lot. They are really interesting and cover both recent developments or findings as well as stuff you’ve always wondered about AND MORE!

Channels with partially educational content


I’ve been following this channel since early 2013 and I love John and Hank Green and the whole nerdfighter community so much. They mean a lot to me because they’ve been a part of my life for such a long time and also because I learned and discovered a lot through them. Through John and Hank, I found both CrashCourse and Kurzgesagt and so many other channels! (I first found the channel through John’s The Fault in Our Stars which is still one of my favourite books but now it has an additional meaning to me.)

Both are funny and inspirational and interesting and I love that their videos range from super silly over inspirational to facts on a certain topic. Awesome!

Because they have so many videos I love dearly here’s a wide range of some of my favourites:

Channels that were founded by John and/or Hank or that they are involved in are for example How to Adult, Mental Floss or sexplanations. These are all interesting and fun and I’m sure everyone can learn something from these channels!

Hannah Witton

Hannah is great. She makes vlogs but she also talks a lot about periods, contraceptions, masturbation, body confidence and sex. She’s a sex-positive vlogger and gives tips and insight in topics not so many people talk about. I really like her videos and I’m glad she does them. I also recently read her book Doing It! Let’s talk about sex which basically covers all the topics mentioned above!

Ash Hardell

Five months ago I borrowed Ash’s book, The ABC’s of LGBT+, from a friend and then I found out she has a YouTube channel and immediately subscribed.  Ash makes videos on all things LGBTQ and invites other people to talk about things she doesn’t know about first hand. They are really interesting and I also definitely learned a lot through her book, even though I thought I know quite a bit about the LGBTQ community! There’s always more to learn!

Huh, this is a lot but I still know and love more channels! Let me know what you think about all those people. Do you have some suggestions that might interest me?

See you soon ❤

things that are happening

things that are happening

this is some sort of update / what is going on / way for me to sort my life out blog post. feel free to ignore or not in case you’re interested in my life. I know that I am, haha.

also, yes, cat pic as the header because my kitty is cute af and everyone should see that. in case you haven’t followed me for long: he is called Merlin, is 11 months old and the light of my life. unfortunately, most of my cat pics are still on my phone but maybe I should do another cat pic post soon. I don’t know about you but it makes me very happy looking at dozens of pictures of this cutie.

what am I doing right now

Currently, I’m just sitting on my couch with my laptop on my legs. I’m waiting for the coffee to finish so that I can have lunch with my parents. Afterwards, I will go to this refugee tutoring thing. I hope today are actually people there. I really want to know how the older kids I talked to before are and how they are doing in school and where I can help them more.

what am I waiting for

I’m waiting for a response from the school I will go to in September but it’s not that big of a deal. Next Saturday is Pride in Munich and I’m definitely excited for that. I want to have loads of fun again and meet my friends and I hope it will be as great as the last two years! I’m also waiting for the local fair to start next Friday and I hope I can meet up with my friends there on the weekend. I’m also waiting for Spiderman Homecoming on Thursday (why is it out here later than everywhere else?? also, someone please force me to write the review asap or I’ll procrastinate it again). I’m also waiting for August because then I will travel again and see friends again and I’m so excited for it and I hope it will be great! And in a way, I’m also waiting for September and for school because I want to see how it goes and how easy or hard it is there for me.

what should I be doing asap

I should tell my parents about my travel plans but for some reason, I really hate doing that. But I’m going away in less than a month so I should update them at some point. I should also finally start learning or practising a couple of things that I should have started ages ago but I’ve been too scared or worried the whole time. I know it’s not getting better with time but… I just can’t bring myself to do these things. I also wish I would finally feel like learning a language again. I really want to practice either French or Swedish again but… meh.

what am I reading right now

I’m currently reading Eurovision! A History of Modern Europe Through the World’s Greatest Song Contest by Chris West and it’s so interesting. It combines the history of the Eurovision Song Contest with the history of Europe. So the author basically tells you what happened at the same time and also how Eurovision got influenced by various historical events. Two of my favourite topics are combined in this book and so far it’s just great.

what am I watching right now

Uhh… nothing? I finished The Get Down very recently and now I should start something else I wanted to watch for a while but I just don’t do it. I really want to get back into a few TV shows but the motivation just isn’t there. I started the fourth and last season of Skam recently and I should totally continue it. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. I also planned on watching a few Game of Thrones episodes before the new season starts but I don’t know if I will manage to do so.

what are my plans

As I mentioned above, I’m going travelling again. I will go to Cardiff for a couple days in just a month with a friend of mine. I hope it will be fun and I hope we can see loads of things. Two weeks after I come back I will leave again, for Warsaw and then Berlin (just like I did in February, but shorter). I’m going to meet to of my very best friends again and I’m really excited for that! AND I will see those two lovely places without freezing my ass off, yay!

what kind of bigger things happened recently

  • I was in a relationship for like a month and a half but it didn’t really work out. I still hope we will stay friends. So far it’s looking good.
  • There is this group of young LGBTQ people who go to schools to tell kids (but not exclusively kids) about LGBTQ people in an effort to fight stigma etc. and I went with them once and it was great and I will go again. I have no idea how this will work out when I have school again but we will see. I’m trying not to pressure myself too much because then I’ll just get even more anxious about everything.
  • I’ve now been to the refugee tutoring group four times and I hope I can continue going there in autumn when I have school again. It’s fun and I like helping people! And everyone there is super nice!
  • I’m reading so much. It’s amazing. I’m currently at 72% of my 2017 reading goal and I’ve read so many amazing books! Yay!
  • Last week I went to a friend’s prom and I saw some friends again I don’t see often and I was so happy because I saw several of them between one and three times within one week and I really like them and I realised I kind of missed hanging out with them? I really hope we can meet more often over the summer or something but I know I never ask people to meet for some reason (I don’t know, I just never do it? I think I should but then I just… don’t) and that makes that a bit harder. We’ll see.
  • I’m really just enjoying this time off and it’s pretty great so far!

This is super random but I feel like I needed to do that at some point. If you’re reading this I hope you’re having an amazing day!

See you soon ❤

books of the month: june 2017

This month I’ve read six books! This means that now, halfway through 2017, I’ve already read 34 books aka 10 ahead of my Goodreads goal or 68%. Wow. This is going so well??

The Best

SolitaireSolitaire by Alice Oseman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, I absolutely loved Alice Oseman’s Radio Silence and I really hoped I would like this too and I WAS RIGHT, WHOOOO!

A lot of thoughts I have about this book are very similar to what I thought about Radio Silence so let’s keep this rather short.

I love her writing! So much! Something about it really grips me and makes it feel *real* to me, it’s incredibly relatable, even though I don’t agree with the choices the characters make A LOT, and her characters seem like actual teenagers to me who say what actual teenagers would say. You would think I could say this about a lot of books but I actually think I cannot so this makes me really happy!

The diversity is maybe not quite as strong as in Radio Silence (but this is her first book!) but it’s still pretty amazing. So many hard but important topics are mentioned!
Eating disorders (or OCD? it’s never really mentioned what exactly it is), anxiety, depression, suicide, being kind of a cast out at your school, being smart but not in a way that school likes, etc.

In the beginning, I found Tori (the main character) super relatable. She started to annoy me more and more and so did basically everyone else but I still found them relatable and true and they did the stupid things people do sometimes. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to throw everyone against a wall at some point… why are you like this, people??

I’m not entirely happy with the ending or the last couple of chapters but I can’t really pinpoint why. And I also don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll be quiet. And that didn’t make me like the book less anyway!

Lord of Shadows (The Dark Artifices, #2)Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve been sitting here for what feels like forever, trying to figure out how to talk about this book. Ahhhh.

I LOVED IT, I really did! I already liked Lady Midnight SO much but this one might be even better?? I definitely love this series more than the TMI or TID series. Definitely.

“Okay, and why is this book so good?” you might ask. (You fool, just read it and find out for yourself, it’s worth it)

The plot is so amazing! There are so many subplots and they all align and interweave and collide and separate again and it’s all super interesting and it basically keeps all the characters busy, they are all ACTUALLY doing something and through that, you also get to know the characters way better and that even though there are SO MANY of them. It’s great.

I also really liked the plot?? It was super interesting and there were twists I didn’t expect and the whole Faerie stuff is so cool and I loved learning more about the culture and country and society of the faeries and can’t wait to see the drama of the next book! (Why do we have to wait two years for Queen of Air and Darkness, why oh why??)

I think the Annabel-and-Malcolm storyline, in general, is super interesting. Annabel is kind of badass, very scary AND a poor girl that kinda needs to be protected. Very conflicting feelings here.

I love that there are so many relationships and that not all of them are inherently romantic. I love Kit and Ty! It’s so cool that Kit immediately knew what was up with Ty and that he kind of knew how to handle it and is okay with it and helps him and is there for him all the time. I also like that those two and Livvy got a proper plot and investigated things. Ty would be a great Sherlock. I’ve also really come to love Kit. His sarcasm and annoyance are just great and he really is SUCH a Herondale. Perfect.

Mark + Kieran + Cristina was a plotline that I didn’t think I would love as much as I did. But all three are great and Kieran is so complex and kinda mean but not totally and Mark just needs protection and something nice and I love him and I want him to be happy. Cristina is even more badass and intelligent and sweet and lovely and I’m so happy she and Kieran get along so well?? I definitely know what I want with those three to happen but I don’t know if I will get it.

I’m sooooooo glad not the whole book focuses on Jules and Emma and their relationship. I hate it when that happens and I dislike it when there’s this huge forbidden love thing but it gets blown up way out of proportion. No, it didn’t get as annoying and overshadowing-everything-else as I had feared and I actually really liked it. Especially after a certain talk the two had. (“talk” *eyebrowwiggle*)

I’m so happy we got to know Diana’s backstory! She also deserves soo much happiness and I hope she will get it eventually. She’s a great person and she does a lot for the kids and she really needs to get more love and recognition. I hope her love life works out!

It was great that Alec and Magnus and the kids appeared. They are great characters and it’s lovely to see how much they grew up or changed since TMI and I’m happy Tavvy got some friends to play with!

Only Dru was kind of left out and I found that a bit sad. Her small plot line felt a bit awkward and like Cassie just needed another plot so that she isn’t left out. Hm.

There are a few plot lines that were only hinted on or at least not properly explored and they made me so excited for book 3 and I’m already thinking about theories (Clary + Jace, Magnus, the Faerie object, etc.)

I’m so glad there was so much sass and fun and sarcasm in this book! These are always my favourite moments and they were pretty brilliant!

So yes, all in all I can say that I can’t stop talking and thinking about this book and that I loved it SO MUCH, more than I expected!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter, #7)Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And again I’m so in love with the Harry Potter series and can’t really put my thoughts into words.

I have always loved the last book quite a lot but I’ve seen the movies so many times that I definitely forgot some of the things they had changed from the book. Interestingly, my favourite scenes from the movies don’t appear in the book and my favourite scenes from the book don’t appear in the movies (so I definitely love both (or all three??) a lot!).

I don’t like all the mistrust and sadness in this book but there are so many topics that are so great and important, about love and knowledge and death and society and boxes you put people in and on how complex people are and so on and I loved to revisit these scenes again. So many times I just wanted to shout “YES, this is great!” out loud but the people around me might have minded that.

I’m not sure what else to say. Just that through this reread of the whole series I’ve fallen in love with the Harry Potter series even more and I’m so happy to go back into this universe because it always makes me happy (unless I cry over the various deaths that I’m still not over).

The Rest

The Dark Prophecy (The Trials of Apollo, #2)The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan
My rating:
4 of 5 stars

Yay, another awesome book by Rick Riordan! It has all the things I love about his books:
– scary prophecies
– LGBTQ* people (bisexual Apollo!!!! a f/f parent couple!!!!!!!!!!!)
– mythical creatures
– more hilarious scenes than I can count
– death.

Well, not quite as much the last one but I do think all my favourite books include a bit of darkness and tragedy so… I’m okay with it. I was still very sad, though.

I really enjoyed reading The Dark Prophecy, besides wanting to shout at everyone to please be nicer to each other and to stop hitting each other and oh, why does no one in this universe ever get a break? My poor babies.

To be fair, the plot wasn’t the most exciting one (in parts) and not the most original one, but it was still a lot of fun and there are so many moments that made me smile and laugh and wonder if Rick Riordan has a pop culture reference bucket list he wants to cross off before he dies! And some of the characters certainly had a very interesting character development, mostly Apollo. He is still an arrogant prick but he also cares way more about the people around him and that makes him so much nicer. I wonder how this continues.
I would like to order a spin-off about the Waystation characters, please. There is so much to tell there! Or just about the Waystation itself, I’m not picky. (that’s the lie of the year)

Also, is Rick Riordan hinting on another series about a different kind of mythology?? Please tell me he is! And please tell me he’s going to include this character because he is AMAZING!

I don’t really know what else to say. Just that I’m so happy and also slightly amazed that after all these years these books still fascinate me like in the beginning, I still learn more about mythology, I still am thrilled and amused and I always want more.

Half of a Yellow SunHalf of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
My rating:
4 of 5 stars

I’ve read Ms Adichie’s Americanah a few months ago and loved it and I immediately knew I had to read more of her books. To me, Half of a Yellow Sun is almost as good as Americanah and at least just as interesting.

Half of a Yellow Sun takes place in Nigeria in the 1960s and it goes all the way from the tension in the first few years, through massacres, the secession of a new country called Biafra and through the following war between Biafra and Nigeria until it ends. I already wrote about Americanah that I barely know anything about Nigeria, and especially not about its history, and through Ms Adichie’s books, I definitely learnt a lot.
This book is told from the perspective of three people: a Nigerian woman (Olanna) who is a university lecturer, her partner’s houseboy (Ugwu) and her sister’s partner (Richard) who is a white English guy. Through this you see different perspectives on the whole situation and also on the society in Nigeria and how people are treated differently and what they feel and think about. I found that incredibly interesting.

There’s so much evil in this book too. The racism in this postcolonial country where most whites think they are better than the natives, the sexism of the 1960s and the misogynistic society in general, the crimes of the war (from betrayal, wounds and starvation to rape, humiliation and death) and so much more. It was hard to read sometimes but that doesn’t make it less important.

This book made me think about a lot of things I never thought about before and it offered such a huge insight into this country, this time and the people living there, in different classes of society.

What I didn’t like so much about the book is that I didn’t like any of the characters a lot. That’s not really a bad thing but it just didn’t make me enjoy the book as much as I would have otherwise (so no five stars). Also, I found it pretty annoying that Ugwu always just thought about how beautiful or ugly every girl or woman is, he never really thought about anything else. I’d be so much more interested in his education and what he thinks about the differences between the life he had in his village and in Nsukka. Or if his beliefs changed. Maybe this is supposed to symbolise what a teenage boy constantly thinks about but… it’s just sexist… and shallow.

All in all, Half of a Yellow Sun is still an amazing book and I recommend it to basically everyone because it’s so insightful.

You Are Here: An Owner's Manual for Dangerous MindsYou Are Here: An Owner’s Manual for Dangerous Minds by Jenny Lawson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is so much fun! This is a colouring book but not only, there are also jokes and nice thoughts to remember and small stories and altogether it’s pretty and lovely and positive!

The pictures are so pretty and I’m definitely having a lot of fun colouring them in or reading the words around them. If you find normal colouring books a bit boring, this might be something for you!

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See you soon ❤