day trip to Munich

day trip to Munich

The day after our trip to Salzburg, my boyfriend and I went to Munich. Munich isn’t far away from where I live but I’m rarely there to actually see parts of it and there are many places I have yet to see!

We went to Schloss Nymphenburg, which is a really pretty palace built before Bavaria became a kingdom. And because the Bavarian lords and ladies went a bit overboard with it, there are a few tiny palaces in a huge park as well. What even. It was quite interesting and certainly very nice to look at.

Afterwards, we went to the city centre, the town hall, the residence and more fancy and old buildings. I can also always recommend the English Garden, but more so if you actually want to sit down and read or nap or something like that (which we didn’t).

The weather was also really perfect so I can’t complain.

Again I realised that I like Munich quite a lot and I do wish I lived a tiny bit closer so that it wouldn’t be such a pain to get there.



See you soon ❤

day trip to Salzburg

day trip to Salzburg

Last week my boyfriend visited me and I showed him around a bit. We went on a day trip to Salzburg, Austria because it only is 1.5 hours away. (We had train problems so it took us definitely more than 1.5 hours to get there but whatever)

Just like last year, when my best friend visited me, we walked a lot through the city, had coffee and cake in a tiny café and saw all the pretty and cute buildings and streets.

We also went up the hill and saw the castle (or fortress) and it was really interesting and the view was just great! As you can see from the pictures below it started raining at some point and we could actually see the rain “coming for us”.

Salzburg isn’t huge but I still think it’s worth checking out as it’s really pretty and adorable and there are quite a few things to do there!

See you soon ❤

books of the month: may 2017

Help, where did this month go? I swear it just flew by, especially after the first week or so was over. Eurovision week happened and I got sucked into the drama and fun even more than usual and right afterwards I went travelling and to a convention and I basically just got back and the month is coming to an end. What? How?

I read five books so one more than in April and again I would have liked to read more but it took me the second half of the month to read The Name of the Wind (Again, because I went travelling. Also, it’s HUGE). I have now read 28 of 50 books in my Goodreads Reading Challenge aka over half of them! I’m really happy about that.

All of the books I read this month were great and I don’t want to put them into categories but I still do.

The Best

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle, #1)The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow, this book is long. But I’ve made it! And it’s so good! There are so many cool things about it! I want book 2 immediately! And book 3 but we don’t even have a date for it even though book 2 came out in 2011 WHAT IS THIS? IS THIS GAME OF THRONES OR WHAT ARGH!

The Name of the Wind is narrated in quite a unique way. The plot is basically split into two parts. We have the mysterious innkeeper Kote who after a fun encounter with a creepy spider tells a guy who collects stories and Kote’s friend/student the story of Kvothe aka himself but younger and sometimes the story jumps back to the inn but mostly the book is about Kvothe’s life, his childhood and especially his teenage years.

Kvothe is quite brilliant which is both fun and a liiiittle bit annoying because he’s just *so* good at learning all the things. On the other hand, he does act incredibly stupid sometimes, especially when he’s a moody little teenager. He also always gets himself into trouble and sometimes I really feel like slapping him because OH MY GOSH BOY WHY???
Kvothe loses a lot, has to learn how to survive, attends the University aka a place where you learn amazing things like MAGIC! Everything about the University is sooo interesting to me and I loved reading about it so much. The subjects are interesting, the way how magic works in this universe is also really interesting (but very confusing for me), the Archives are all I ever wanted (please take me there) and all the buildings with their mysterious rooms and underground stuff sound so cool and a bit like Hogwarts.
Of course, Kvothe gets into a lot of trouble at the University but he also finds friends and learns a lot. He is also a really good lute player and music is very precious to him and I really like that about him! He might be a genius but he’s not boring, he likes and hates loads of things and is quite multi-faceted.

I can’t really say that about every character though. I feel like we only meet most characters in passing so we don’t exactly learn a lot about them. Even his best friends at the University appear a lot and he spends more time thinking about that one girl than about any of them which I find a bit sad. Denna is, of course, the mysterious, absolutely beautiful girl. Kvothe’s friends say that she is only like that for him but… there are always men swooning over her and Kvothe constantly talks about her beauty so even though she seems to be quite a strong character and has some awesome qualities about her and has her own business and isn’t just there for him it feels quite boring and cliché-ish sometimes.
I’m happy there are some strong female characters that Kvothe meets along the way and relies on but… there should be more. And it doesn’t really help that everyone makes sexist jokes.

I don’t want to talk about the plot, really, because it’s so interesting and huge and complex, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Just let me say that despite the book’s size I was never bored, always sucked into the story, and always super interested in what happens next. I really can’t wait to get my hands on book 2.

The world-building is incredible! There are all these myths and stories and the history of several countries and languages and culture woven into each other and that was sooo interesting! It really feels like Patrick Rothfuss knows A LOT about this Universe and I so can’t wait to read more!

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter, #5)Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh, this took me forever to finish but it was worth it. It’s been a while since I read this book and it’s so big… I didn’t know I had forgotten so many details!

I think I now love it even more than I did before (I mean, I gave it 4 stars but it’s definitely worth 5 to me now) and that definitely has to do with how much I love all the characters. Especially Sirius. Which made this book a very, very sad read for me, but I knew this would happen…
As I said, it took me forever to read this book but mostly the first 300 pages. I had several weeks of break (to read other things) after those and then read the rest in a couple of days. After this break, I finally got properly into the book again and fell in love with everyone and everything. I love everyone’s hatred for Umbridge and the DA and all those things and it made me so happy to read about these things. I love how sarcastic everyone is getting (especially Harry)!

Oh, and I cried so much at the end… sigh…

Harry Potter 5 was great to read and I love it a lot, the writing is great and interesting and I love how much we learn about dozens of characters in this one book.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter, #6)Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve run out of things to say about Harry Potter. I love this series so much and I feel like I love it more and more with every time I re-read the books or watch the movies or something like that. This whole world is so beautiful and makes me feel at home.
Ahem. So.

Half-Blood Prince is never a go-to Harry Potter film for me and I never really think about the book or something like that but IT’S ACTUALLY REALLY DAMN GOOD! (I’m also really glad it’s not as long as Order of the Phoenix because who has time to read these long-ass books all the time?)

There is a lot of grief and people dying in Half-Blood Prince with big characters having died just before and in this book and mentions of strange and horrible things happening in the wizarding community. In that way, it’s a rather sad prologue for the even sadder and more tragic Deathly Hallows but it also shows that you can move on from the loss you’ve witnessed and that the people that passed wouldn’t want you to get blinded by grief and rage.

I’m so happy that Ginny appears more in this book. It’s so annoying how Ron gets all cliché big brotherly on her and dating but whatever, I’m glad she’s happy and I’m glad she tries things/guys out. She’s a great character and so strong and I love her. She and Hermoine deserve more scenes together tbh.

I’m glad Dumbledore isn’t so much of an asshole in Half-Blood Prince and I find the lessons he gives Harry really interesting, actually, and I like how we find out so many things through them.

I love how the DA and the Order still play a role in this book even though they aren’t present as much. I just wish they had continued with lessons… that would have been so cool and interesting and I’m sure everyone could have learnt so much more.

Harry does some really stupid things in Half-Blood Prince but that’s normal and human – and he’s a teenager, who can blame him? – so I still love him loads and want him to be protected forever, please. His obsession with Draco is quite hilarious, though. It’s incredible how often he mentions and blames him just in this one book. (No wonder people ship them)

All in all, I enjoyed this re-read a lot. The hilarious jokes and scenes that were thrown in here and there are definitely some lights in the darkness and I’m glad to have that.

The Rest

ReleaseRelease by Patrick Ness
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is basically a book about the single worst day Adam Thorn could have. Seriously, everything only happens in like 12 hours but they are so full of events and I still got sucked into it and could relate to all the characters! Patrick Ness really is an amazing writer.

I kind of feel like I didn’t completely GET the story but I can definitely appreciate all of it. I feel so sorry for Adam and his shitty day but I’m also so happy for him and glad for him and can relate and want to hug him because he deserves one and also a week without worries or anything like that after this one day.

Adam really deserves a better family. They are very religious and homophobic and don’t understand that being gay isn’t a choice or a sin and they don’t really do anything to help Adam and he’s so lost and ughhhh. Even though I can’t personally relate his struggles felt so real and heart-wrenching I wanted to hit someone several times.

It fascinates me how Patrick Ness always manages to weave mystical elements into his stories without making it a fantasy book or adventure or anything like that. This is really unique to him and I love it!

I loved the alternation between Adam and the mystical story and how they only slightly cross paths but it’s still a complex and whole story with a proper ending and ahhh, that’s so well done! The whole ghost-queen-person thing is super interesting and I love how the writing of that part was so flowery and different but still really good and fitting.

Oh, also, the messages of the book are all about love! (No, not the romantic one, only a bit maybe) It’s all about hope and things getting better or being okay and that you deserve to be loved and that you aren’t wrong just because other don’t love you for who you are and THAT’S SO GOOD TO HEAR YAY!

To Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path AdventureTo Be or Not To Be: A Chooseable-Path Adventure by Ryan North
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is so much fun! I found this via some funny tumblr post and so far I’ve gone around a dozen different parts. You can be Hamlet, Ophelia or a ghost, you can fight pirates or people or ghosts and you are judged by the author on the questionable choices you make. That’s pretty cool.
You can go the path that is the actual Hamlet story (and find out how stupid those choices actually are) so very different paths and it’s so much fun, really.
(The pirate story dragged a bit, though.)
Ophelia is really cool and Hamlet so relatable.
Read this.

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See you soon ❤



After Vienna and Bratislava, this was the last step of my recent trip. I had never been to Hungary before and so many people told me how pretty Budapest is so I was really excited for these couple of days!

This blog post includes even more photos than the previous ones so scroll down for those, please 😉

(Spoiler: my expectations were certainly met!)

Day 1

I arrived after a 2.5 hours train ride from Vienna. The train was super full, hot and not the best one but I made it. When I arrived I first saw the not so pretty parts of Budapest before getting into Budapest Keleti but on the other side of that train station, it got super pretty. The metro system is as easy as in Vienna (if not easier) so I got to my hostel pretty quickly, left my luggage, got my map and chose what sights to see next.

First of all, I walked to a closed bookshop. Hmpf. I was told by a friend who had been in Budapest last year that it’s a really pretty one so I wanted to check it out but no luck… So I turned around, walked past the Opera and to the huge and very impressive cathedral, looked around pretty Deak Square and walked down a fancy Fashion Street to the Danube. Wherever you get close to the river in Budapest, you always have a lovely view to the other side and can see some beautiful buildings! I walked alongside the river to the Chain Bridge (oldest bridge in this city), crossed it and went up the hill to Buda Castle.

From there you have such an amazing view, it was so nice, and I took tons of photos! I also went inside the castle into the National Gallery. It’s a very big gallery with many different kinds of art styles and lots of Hungarian art (but not exclusively). Through the gallery, I also learned a bit about Hungarian history and it was all in all really interesting. Because of its size, I was pretty exhausted afterwards so I found a (different) route down the hill, got myself some not-really-Hungarian dinner and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Day 2

The next day I started off with going to Buda again to walk up that hill again. I kind of forgot about the huge, beautiful church up there so I thought let’s use this morning to explore that side of the city more and go up there again. It was certainly worth it, the Church and the Fisherman’s Bastion are so pretty and certainly worth seeing. I also walked a bit around on the hill and in front of it and saw some more pretty churches. (I’m not a huge fan of anything inside churches but the outside can be really stunning and fascinating to me!)

Next, I went back to my hostel. I was meeting up with a friend from Twitter (yes, it’s a recurring theme) and when she got there we went to the Heroes Square and the city park. It was really nice and relatively calm there (relatively because there was some sort of women’s run going on but apart from that it wasn’t very busy) and we talked a lot and I also definitely enjoyed not running around in the sun the whole time. I really did that a lot in that one week. Afterwards, my friend took me to Margaret Island which is basically just a huge park but in the middle of the Danube. I really saw a lot of green that day because we walked around the island as well! After some time at Deak Square, where we talked and watched random people dance salsa in the middle of the Square (they seemed to have so much fun!) we sadly had to part ways.

I didn’t do anything else that day but I really noticed how many people spend time in bars and pubs in Budapest. All of my roommates on Day 1 and 2 came home ages after I went to bed and you get bar recommendations everywhere. Apparently, that’s a thing in Budapest. It isn’t really a thing for me, especially when I’m alone, but sure, why not?

Day 3

I started the day by going to the Parliament and getting a ticket for a tour at lunch time. I suppose I was relatively lucky because there were only three places left in this one English tour and the next one was I don’t even know when. I then walked a bit around the Parliament, which is honestly one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. It’s so huge and beautiful and the details are just incredible. Inside it’s full of gold and fancy ceilings and columns and statues and I liked that a lot! The tour itself was rather quick but it was still interesting and you learn a bit more about Hungary’s history through it.

On this day I also saw the Liberty Square, some more pretty buildings and the great Market Hall. This hall is quite impressive, there are so many stands in there and you can buy so many different things. I couldn’t really buy much food because how would I carry it around or bring it home, but I did find a souvenir and a snack. My mum would have spent ages in that hall.

In the afternoon I went on a walking tour. I got a flyer from my hostel which showed these free walking tours where you pay tip based and they were either themed around the biggest or most interesting sights or something like that or a certain topic. I was torn between the communism tour and the Jewish district one but I accidentally signed up for the Jewish one so that was decided. And I certainly didn’t regret that. The tour was incredibly interesting and I didn’t just learn about Jews in Budapest but also a lot about the history of the city and of Hungary and I learned more about some places I had walked by a couple of times now. We went to three synagogues and walked by a bunch of Jewish shops and the “hipster” part of Budapest where bars and pubs are spreading like wildfire.

The tour ended in a beautiful bar which is the original ruin bar aka the whole place is a patchwork of all kinds of materials and it’s interesting and weird and just stunning. I wanted to come back later that evening but I had blisters on my feet and once I got to my hostel I couldn’t move anymore. So I just had Gulasch at a street-food market and chilled.

Some side notes:

  • On Day 4 I took a nine-hour train home which was… fun… and contrary to my expectations I didn’t have wifi which wasn’t great but whatever, I survived.
  • For some reason, my phone didn’t connect to the Hungarian phone network (or whatever you’d call that) so I had neither the ability to call or text someone nor my internet flat. This means I had to find my way around mostly without Google Maps which was slightly annoying. As soon as I crossed the border to Austria it worked again. Grrr.
  • The Wombats Hostel is super close to loads of bars, the pretty Jewish quarter and Deak Square aka perfect location. It’s also pretty, clean, affordable and quieter than I expected so I’d recommend it!
  • Everyone told me walking up to the Castle or the Citadel at night is amazing because you get a stunning view over the city by night. I sadly didn’t have time to do that but that sounds so great!

See you soon ❤



As I mentioned in my Vienna blog, I went on a day trip to Slovakia during my last travels. Bratislava is only an hour away from Vienna which makes them the two closest capital cities in Europe!

(I got there by train and I can definitely recommend the Bratislava ticket you can get on every ÖBB ticket machine at Vienna’s central station. It only costs 16€ whoop!)

I had never been to Slovakia before and I thought it might be pretty cool to see a bit of this country when I can. And I must say it was certainly worth it! I only spent six or seven hours there but in that time I could see a lot of Bratislava and of how adorable it is.

Really, it’s not exactly a huge city (about 400,000 inhabitants, but then again Slovakia isn’t so huge either) and it doesn’t feel as much as a central, capital city as for example Copenhagen does (which doesn’t have loads more inhabitants!). Instead, it felt like a city perfect for a day trip or two days maybe, perfect for just walking around, enjoying the cute little streets, amazing views and… pubs? Seriously, I felt like there were quite a lot of them. Maybe Bratislava is a bit like Budapest, people mostly come there to get drunk. I’m a bit bummed I didn’t have time to eat dinner there because there seemed to be quite a few really lovely small restaurants but I didn’t want to get home late as I had to plan my next few days on that evening.

I definitely recommend walking up to the Slavin memorial/monument. It’s really impressive and you get a great view over the city. I’m quite glad I walked up the hill right after I arrived because it got really hot on that day. Also, it was quite good to know how the city looks before I walked to other places.

It’s a bit of a walk from the central station to the centre but along the way, you can see a few nice buildings and a park and the presidential palace (at least I think that one was before the centre really began). When you get to the old town suddenly tourists appear! Before that, I felt rather alone but there were actually loads of people exploring the city, mostly older tourists groups though. It never got crowded though and that was really nice. As I mentioned, the old town is full of nice little streets, cute houses, a few squares and fancy buildings and parks. I really enjoyed just walking around there.

At some point, I walked down to the river, enjoyed the nice breeze that made me feel less like a boiling potato and then walked up yet another hill to Bratislava Castle. The castle really is super pretty! It was renovated not long ago and you can certainly notice that. It’s lovely to look at, inside and out, and there is a museum with a couple of different parts in there. I, of course, had to go inside and I learned quite a few things about the Castle, Bratislava, Slovakia as part of the Austro-Hungarian empire and Slovakian art. The view from this hill is also really nice!

Afterwards, I basically just chilled in the park next to the castle, ate the rest of my food, and walked back to the train station. I actually wanted to go to the other side of the river as well but I was so hot and exhausted at that point, I just wanted to shower and sleep, really.

All in all, Bratislava might not be super exciting or a bustling city, but it’s certainly great for a trip and worth checking out when in the area.

See you soon ❤



Hello, I’m back from another trip, this time I went to Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary with a quick day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. Surprise, surprise, I did loads of things and took hundreds of pictures so let’s blog about this lovely week, shall we?

Day 1

I arrived in Vienna after just four hours of train journey which is pretty short for me (by now). Then I got lost for about an hour (don’t ask), checked in at my hostel, and went to explore the city.

In this one afternoon, I already saw so many fancy buildings along the Ringstraße (basically the street of fancy buildings built by the Royals in the 19th century, photos of the things there below!) and saw a bunch of the big sights! I went into the State Hall of the National Library (Prunksaal) which is this huge, beautiful reading hall with statues and paintings and it was super impressive!

Afterwards, I walked over the Naschmarkt (it’s right next to my hostel) where you can buy all kinds of food and I wish I could’ve bought more or eaten there but it basically never worked out because of stupid timing.

Day 2

Right in the morning, I went to Schloss Schönbrunn, aka the palace where many Habsburg Royals lived (Sissi!). I had a super interesting tour through the palace and saw all the pretty rooms and got to know quite a few things about the Kings and Queens of Austria(-Hungary). It’s not the cheapest place to have a tour but for me, it was definitely worth it. The park is also really nice to walk through and it’s quite huge!

Next, I went to the art or art history museum. I kind of made it my goal to see an art museum in every country I visit as I’m getting more and more interested in it and that museum is BIG. The building itself is incredibly beautiful, especially inside, and it was a great place to visit and I saw a lot! The collection itself is so big that at some point I was too tired to really pay attention and basically just walked through the last few rooms quickly.

Afterwards, I went to see a bunch of buildings from the outside, namely the Belvedere palaces and the Hundertwasserhaus.

Day 3

You might know I’m quite a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest (ha, ha, what an understatement) so of course I had to quickly visit the hall where the 2015 edition took place and take a picture. I did that right in the morning and after that, I went to the zoo! Vienna’s zoo is the oldest one in Europe and according to a bunch of flyers also the most beautiful one so I thought I give it a go (also, I had time because most of the things I wanted to visit didn’t take that long). Yes, the zoo was certainly pretty and I saw a lot of adorable animals. I also fell over way too many children because I went there during the week in the morning and apparently that’s a time for dozens of classes to go to a zoo. Sigh.

It got really hot on that day (well, it was hot every single day of my trip but still) so I feel like I mostly just crept slowly through the zoo and the places I went to afterwards.

I hadn’t really seen the Danube yet (Vienna is more next to the river than around it) so I went into that direction with a stop at the Prater. Even though amusement parks aren’t really a thing for me I kind of had to see this place and it was quite nice to just walk through (and I had a good ice cream there!). Afterwards, I went to the other side of the river where I read a bit in some sort of small park at the bank and saw some weird skyscrapers in the “UN city” (Idk, my map called it that).

Some side notes:

  • On day four I went to Bratislava from Vienna so you’ll get that blog post soon.
  • I was too exhausted to do anything in the evening but I felt like a lot of people went for a drink (or partying) in Vienna so that seemed fun.
  • A 72-hour metro ticket was very, very useful for me because after day one I thought my feet would fall off soon.
  • If you want to get into Schloss Schönbrunn get there early, before the hordes of tourist buses (there were so many when I got out of the palace, I was slightly shocked)
  • SUNSCREEN! Why did I not bring any?? I got a rather bad sunburn. Not nice.
  • People in the hostel were really nice and I had some great conversations with Americans and Canadians! The hostel was the Wombats hostel (I’m still wondering why on earth that name) and it was really clean and you had quite a lot of space so that was great.
  • Go to Austria when you’re 18. You have all the advantages of not being a minor anymore and you get the child price (Schloss Schönbrunn, zoo) or can get into things for free (National Library Hall, Art history museum) for everything.

See you soon ❤

Eurovision 2017 – Semi 2 Recap

Eurovision 2017 – Semi 2 Recap

The second semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest just ended, everyone has their opinion to share and I’m of course not different. I can already tell you that I’m way happier with this semi than with the first one.

Let’s get started.

The songs


  1. Austria
  2. Romania
  3. Netherlands
  4. Hungary
  5. Denmark
  6. Croatia
  7. Norway
  8. Belarus
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Israel


  1. Serbia
  2. F.Y.R. Macedonia
  3. Malta
  4. Ireland
  5. San Marino
  6. Switzerland
  7. Lithuania
  8. Estonia

So, technically just six out of my ten personal qualifiers (in italics) qualified but since the rehearsals, I knew Serbia and Macedonia wouldn’t qualify, I just still really like the songs and Switzerland, Estonia, Norway and Denmark were pretty interchangeable for me. That’s why I’m still really happy. The only shock qualifier for me is Croatia, I really didn’t expect this song to go through. It’s also one of my last places in the whole contest so I’m not super happy with that. I would have loved Switzerland in the final in its place.

Let’s talk about the vocals and performances themselves.

All in all, I enjoyed watching the performances more than on Tuesday. I’m not quite sure if there were just more really good vocalists in this semi-final or if the sound quality was better, but the artists sounded better and stronger and I had so many songs I wanted to qualify.

Serbia and Macedonia were always quite weak vocally and they didn’t sound any better tonight, sadly. Estonia sounded way better in Eesti Laul too. Also, Koit and Laura didn’t really have a lot of chemistry on stage and some camera angles were quite shit.

Apart from those few, I think everyone (I cared about) sang either decent or good or really good.

Stagings and production

I enjoyed the performances of Romania, Hungary, Belarus, Bulgaria (of my faves) so much. They all had really good stagings, Romania’s and Belarus’ were so colourful and fun and lovely and Hungary’s and Bulgaria’s were very tasteful and fitting. Bulgaria’s was so aesthetically pleasing and modern and used cool effects, that was great.

Honourable mentions are Austria with the adorable colours and the moon, Denmark and the Netherlands. Both had awesome vocals and just worked for me. They are both songs I don’t love but do enjoy and I like them more and more.

The audio only cracked for a few seconds once – during Macedonia’s performance – so that’s an improvement to Tuesday.

Other things

I loved the opening act with the Ukrainian versions of some of my favourite Eurovision winners ever! That was such a cool idea and it sounded and looked great. I also loved those suits with the flowers and wish they had worn them throughout the evening. Really, well done, Ukraine!

The interval act wasn’t super exciting but there’s always a dance interval and I’m totally fine with that.

The hosts seemed less cringy to me than on Tuesday? Or maybe I just listened less, I’m not sure. Timur still sounded like a school boy nervously giving a presentation though.

Also, can we talk about this first time Eurovision proposal? First they show Jana is pregnant in her postcard and then that??? It must have been staged/some people knew about it/etc but still, what a lovely moment and she seemed so happy! Adorable!

I feel like I wrote a lot more on Tuesday but I don’t really know what else to say. I’m getting tired now and my thoughts are still floating around in my head so I guess I’ll leave it at this.

Feel free to comment or talk to me on my social media about anything. I hope you enjoyed this second semi-final as much as I did!

In general, I found this semi-final stronger than the first one, I had more songs I liked, I also had more fun watching it and with almost all of the songs I really like qualifying I now really can’t wait for Saturday!

See you soon ❤