who i am

Tamara, a nineteen-year-old German who likes to talk about various topics (but mostly books).

what i like

Human rights for everyone, queer people, travelling, languages, music, aesthetic and pretty things, a million tv shows and books and films, the Eurovision Song Contest, writing, my cat, my friends, all the social networks (not always, though) and lower case aesthetic.

what i do

I’m back in school after working for three years to get my high school diploma.

This blog is here so that I can write about what is in my mind. I want to create something, but I don’t know what (yet). I want to help and maybe educate people and this here is me beginning to do so as well as just talking about everything I have thoughts about because why not.

where to find me

On twitter, tumblr, goodreads and instagram.

I’m always open to talk to new people and if you want to ask me something or find help you can message me on these social networks.

with yellow flowers 3



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