I’ve been watching so much YouTube lately and I’ve discovered many, many new channels that I absolutely love and that I find very interesting and I want to share them with you (or at least some of them).

This blog post comes in two parts. YouTube channels that solely upload educational videos and those that do it occasionally or just explain some things in some of their videos.

Educational channels


I love CrashCourse so much! Founded by John and Hank Green (more on them later) five or six years ago, this channel is covering loads of different subjects ranging from world history (one of my favourites) and literature over psychology to physics and computer science. I’ve learned a lot through CrashCourse and I also got interested in topics I never really thought about through them!

I think all episodes are very well-made and the animations are amazing too. I’m currently watching the sociology, mythology and film history courses and they are all super interesting. Definitely worth checking out! (I linked one video from each course that I found particularly great)

Kurzgesagt – In A Nutshell

Kurzgesagt is for sure one of my favourite channels ever. I found them through vlogbrothers in 2014, quickly watched all the videos they had at that point, and then realised that they are actually from Munich aka where I live! How cool is that??

Their videos are animated explanations of loads of different topics. They are slightly nihilistic which is… a bit depressing, but also fun and they always include references to TV shows or films. I think all of their videos are beautiful and interesting and just so well done!

Geography Now

I’m a huge fan of geography, different countries and languages. About a year ago someone on Twitter talked about this YouTube channel and I was like “Geography?? Omg, need to check out!”

Barby (the host) goes through every single country (alphabetically) and makes a video about it explaining its physical geography and the people living there. His videos are funny and interesting and I love that he tackles every country the same way. Just because it’s some island state you’ve never heard of he doesn’t leave things out, every country gets treated equally and so you actually learn something about many tiny or lesser known places! Yay!

Every video on this channel is worth watching, including the flag videos which I also find really interesting. I don’t really know which video I should share with you so I’m just taking my own country, Germany:

CPG Grey

I would imagine a lot of people know CGP Grey, some of their videos have a lot of views, but I definitely want to mention them too. Their videos are also well animated, very interesting and cover a range of topics. They are also pretty funny which is always something I appreciate!

Feature History

I only found Feature History a few days ago and I haven’t even watched all their (relatively few) videos yet but the ones I watched have been super interesting and funny! They are tackling topics that often only get mentioned in other educational videos so this channel has definitely offered some new insight!

This video is quite hilarious:

Ten-Minute History

Just like with the last channel, I only found Ten-Minute History a few days ago. But just as with Feature History, this is a fun, adorably animated channel with relatively few subscribers that creates great overviews over historical events or developments!

SciShow / Space / Psych

There are now three SciShow channels: the original, SciShow Space and SciShow Psych. The second channel is for me, a huge astronomy nerd, especially interesting but I do love all channels quite a lot. They are really interesting and cover both recent developments or findings as well as stuff you’ve always wondered about AND MORE!

Channels with partially educational content


I’ve been following this channel since early 2013 and I love John and Hank Green and the whole nerdfighter community so much. They mean a lot to me because they’ve been a part of my life for such a long time and also because I learned and discovered a lot through them. Through John and Hank, I found both CrashCourse and Kurzgesagt and so many other channels! (I first found the channel through John’s The Fault in Our Stars which is still one of my favourite books but now it has an additional meaning to me.)

Both are funny and inspirational and interesting and I love that their videos range from super silly over inspirational to facts on a certain topic. Awesome!

Because they have so many videos I love dearly here’s a wide range of some of my favourites:

Channels that were founded by John and/or Hank or that they are involved in are for example How to Adult, Mental Floss or sexplanations. These are all interesting and fun and I’m sure everyone can learn something from these channels!

Hannah Witton

Hannah is great. She makes vlogs but she also talks a lot about periods, contraceptions, masturbation, body confidence and sex. She’s a sex-positive vlogger and gives tips and insight in topics not so many people talk about. I really like her videos and I’m glad she does them. I also recently read her book Doing It! Let’s talk about sex which basically covers all the topics mentioned above!

Ash Hardell

Five months ago I borrowed Ash’s book, The ABC’s of LGBT+, from a friend and then I found out she has a YouTube channel and immediately subscribed.  Ash makes videos on all things LGBTQ and invites other people to talk about things she doesn’t know about first hand. They are really interesting and I also definitely learned a lot through her book, even though I thought I know quite a bit about the LGBTQ community! There’s always more to learn!

Huh, this is a lot but I still know and love more channels! Let me know what you think about all those people. Do you have some suggestions that might interest me?

See you soon ❤


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