On Sunday I saw Wonder Woman and I have so many good things to say about it! It’s a really good and beautiful movie and I’m so glad I could finally see it! It hit German cinemas so much later than e.g. the US ones, that’s pretty unfair and it’s so good that it took me forever to get my thoughts in order.

(This review is not spoiler-free!)


This movie is so beautiful? I already loved the colouring of the posters and ads and trailers and the movie was even better! I love how bright and fantastic Themyscira was! All scenes there were incredibly pretty. The outfits of the Amazons, as well as their houses or palaces or weapons, looked so cool and fancy.

And I loved how different the colour scheme of everything beyond the island was. You definitely noticed the war and dirt and darkness everywhere, even when it was a relatively bright setting. I really like stuff like that.

Also, can we take a minute (or hour, or year) to appreciate how beautiful, stunning and powerful Diana looked in her outfit? Or actually in any outfit but mostly in her proper Wonder Woman gear. (Sidenote: I’m still wondering how she hid the sword in her dress at the gala?? How on earth is that supposed to work?)

I love how much slow-motion they used during the fighting sequences. Often it’s only used for one specific scene and that’s it but in this movie, it was used so often and not just for Diana but for every character. It really showed how incredible the Amazons fight and I really felt like you could appreciate them more through this. I’m glad they didn’t just show two Amazons fight but a bunch of them and also Diana’s training! That’s so much better than just entering a superhero who can do all the cool stuff right away. (Sidenote: I want a movie just about the Amazons, please and thanks.)


I really love the soundtrack! I generally like film music quite a lot but while watching Wonder Woman I really thought “omg, this is perfect” several times. Especially during the fight scenes. Every time they added the Wonder Woman theme I felt empowered and like I could fight dozens of men on the spot as well. Gosh, it’s so good.

Afterwards, I definitely thought I should listen to the soundtrack as often as I can and for once I actually live up to this so… that means I really liked it.


I’m in love with Diana so much and I don’t even know how to explain why. She is so powerful, she trained hard to be able to fight so well and she is so, so good! That needs to be appreciated! She is also so nice and friendly (and yes, a little naive) and she actually stands for something and believes in people. She wants to do good and change the world and yes, her mother was right, we do not deserve someone as good as her. But I’m glad she exists anyway.

Her curiosity and how much she does “wrong” or things that are not acceptable to society/prude and boring people is so hilarious. Her “I want to fight, where is the war?” attitude is so precious. I loved how problematic shopping was for her. Of course, she needs something proper in which she can fight!

I love that just this once the guy was the damsel in distress and not the woman. SHE knew how to handle everyone quickly and Steve Trevor just stood there being confused. Very nice. I relate to Steve because I also would fall in love with Diana the minute I see her and I’d say “I love you” to her after only knowing her a short time.


I liked the overall plot quite a lot. There was nothing that annoyed me and nothing that I found too much of a cliché so that’s great. I like that one of the big villains was a very smart female scientist, even though her inventions were just terrible. I also like that Ares wasn’t who we thought we were, it wasn’t sooo straight forward. It was weird to see Remus Lupin turn evil though.

The group that helps Diana and Steve go to the front and to fight was so great! They included PTSD and Native Americans and true horrors of the war and all those scenes at the front were horrible but also so well done.

And now let’s please talk about the No Man’s Land scene aka the scene that gave me goosebumps and made me cry because it was so beautiful and well done and I loved it so, so much. Exactly the same with the scene afterwards in the village with the church. Those ten minutes made my life like 20% better. Shoutout to everyone who worked on that, well done.

I really enjoyed the ending! It was clear what would happen to Ares but it wasn’t boring or anything because I was so fascinated by Diana and by how she demonstrates her powers and discovers new ones and what she can really do. It was huge and beautiful!

Other stuff:

  • I was pretty sure the mother would die because the parents always die but then it was the aunt? Hm. Still sad.
  • Baby Diana was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Diana taking Steve’s watch reminded me a lot of Peggy and Steve and that makes it even sadder.
  • Diana not being bothered by what anyone thinks about her or what she does? I 100% approve.
  • Proper German speaking Germans and not English people who butcher everything I’m so happy.
  • Steve’s secretary Etta was adorable!

This is getting so long, you can clearly see how much I like this movie. Please tell me what you thought!

See you soon ❤


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