Hello, I’m back from another trip, this time I went to Vienna, Austria and Budapest, Hungary with a quick day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia. Surprise, surprise, I did loads of things and took hundreds of pictures so let’s blog about this lovely week, shall we?

Day 1

I arrived in Vienna after just four hours of train journey which is pretty short for me (by now). Then I got lost for about an hour (don’t ask), checked in at my hostel, and went to explore the city.

In this one afternoon, I already saw so many fancy buildings along the Ringstraße (basically the street of fancy buildings built by the Royals in the 19th century, photos of the things there below!) and saw a bunch of the big sights! I went into the State Hall of the National Library (Prunksaal) which is this huge, beautiful reading hall with statues and paintings and it was super impressive!

Afterwards, I walked over the Naschmarkt (it’s right next to my hostel) where you can buy all kinds of food and I wish I could’ve bought more or eaten there but it basically never worked out because of stupid timing.

Day 2

Right in the morning, I went to Schloss Schönbrunn, aka the palace where many Habsburg Royals lived (Sissi!). I had a super interesting tour through the palace and saw all the pretty rooms and got to know quite a few things about the Kings and Queens of Austria(-Hungary). It’s not the cheapest place to have a tour but for me, it was definitely worth it. The park is also really nice to walk through and it’s quite huge!

Next, I went to the art or art history museum. I kind of made it my goal to see an art museum in every country I visit as I’m getting more and more interested in it and that museum is BIG. The building itself is incredibly beautiful, especially inside, and it was a great place to visit and I saw a lot! The collection itself is so big that at some point I was too tired to really pay attention and basically just walked through the last few rooms quickly.

Afterwards, I went to see a bunch of buildings from the outside, namely the Belvedere palaces and the Hundertwasserhaus.

Day 3

You might know I’m quite a big fan of the Eurovision Song Contest (ha, ha, what an understatement) so of course I had to quickly visit the hall where the 2015 edition took place and take a picture. I did that right in the morning and after that, I went to the zoo! Vienna’s zoo is the oldest one in Europe and according to a bunch of flyers also the most beautiful one so I thought I give it a go (also, I had time because most of the things I wanted to visit didn’t take that long). Yes, the zoo was certainly pretty and I saw a lot of adorable animals. I also fell over way too many children because I went there during the week in the morning and apparently that’s a time for dozens of classes to go to a zoo. Sigh.

It got really hot on that day (well, it was hot every single day of my trip but still) so I feel like I mostly just crept slowly through the zoo and the places I went to afterwards.

I hadn’t really seen the Danube yet (Vienna is more next to the river than around it) so I went into that direction with a stop at the Prater. Even though amusement parks aren’t really a thing for me I kind of had to see this place and it was quite nice to just walk through (and I had a good ice cream there!). Afterwards, I went to the other side of the river where I read a bit in some sort of small park at the bank and saw some weird skyscrapers in the “UN city” (Idk, my map called it that).

Some side notes:

  • On day four I went to Bratislava from Vienna so you’ll get that blog post soon.
  • I was too exhausted to do anything in the evening but I felt like a lot of people went for a drink (or partying) in Vienna so that seemed fun.
  • A 72-hour metro ticket was very, very useful for me because after day one I thought my feet would fall off soon.
  • If you want to get into Schloss Schönbrunn get there early, before the hordes of tourist buses (there were so many when I got out of the palace, I was slightly shocked)
  • SUNSCREEN! Why did I not bring any?? I got a rather bad sunburn. Not nice.
  • People in the hostel were really nice and I had some great conversations with Americans and Canadians! The hostel was the Wombats hostel (I’m still wondering why on earth that name) and it was really clean and you had quite a lot of space so that was great.
  • Go to Austria when you’re 18. You have all the advantages of not being a minor anymore and you get the child price (Schloss Schönbrunn, zoo) or can get into things for free (National Library Hall, Art history museum) for everything.

See you soon ❤


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