The second semi-final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest just ended, everyone has their opinion to share and I’m of course not different. I can already tell you that I’m way happier with this semi than with the first one.

Let’s get started.

The songs


  1. Austria
  2. Romania
  3. Netherlands
  4. Hungary
  5. Denmark
  6. Croatia
  7. Norway
  8. Belarus
  9. Bulgaria
  10. Israel


  1. Serbia
  2. F.Y.R. Macedonia
  3. Malta
  4. Ireland
  5. San Marino
  6. Switzerland
  7. Lithuania
  8. Estonia

So, technically just six out of my ten personal qualifiers (in italics) qualified but since the rehearsals, I knew Serbia and Macedonia wouldn’t qualify, I just still really like the songs and Switzerland, Estonia, Norway and Denmark were pretty interchangeable for me. That’s why I’m still really happy. The only shock qualifier for me is Croatia, I really didn’t expect this song to go through. It’s also one of my last places in the whole contest so I’m not super happy with that. I would have loved Switzerland in the final in its place.

Let’s talk about the vocals and performances themselves.

All in all, I enjoyed watching the performances more than on Tuesday. I’m not quite sure if there were just more really good vocalists in this semi-final or if the sound quality was better, but the artists sounded better and stronger and I had so many songs I wanted to qualify.

Serbia and Macedonia were always quite weak vocally and they didn’t sound any better tonight, sadly. Estonia sounded way better in Eesti Laul too. Also, Koit and Laura didn’t really have a lot of chemistry on stage and some camera angles were quite shit.

Apart from those few, I think everyone (I cared about) sang either decent or good or really good.

Stagings and production

I enjoyed the performances of Romania, Hungary, Belarus, Bulgaria (of my faves) so much. They all had really good stagings, Romania’s and Belarus’ were so colourful and fun and lovely and Hungary’s and Bulgaria’s were very tasteful and fitting. Bulgaria’s was so aesthetically pleasing and modern and used cool effects, that was great.

Honourable mentions are Austria with the adorable colours and the moon, Denmark and the Netherlands. Both had awesome vocals and just worked for me. They are both songs I don’t love but do enjoy and I like them more and more.

The audio only cracked for a few seconds once – during Macedonia’s performance – so that’s an improvement to Tuesday.

Other things

I loved the opening act with the Ukrainian versions of some of my favourite Eurovision winners ever! That was such a cool idea and it sounded and looked great. I also loved those suits with the flowers and wish they had worn them throughout the evening. Really, well done, Ukraine!

The interval act wasn’t super exciting but there’s always a dance interval and I’m totally fine with that.

The hosts seemed less cringy to me than on Tuesday? Or maybe I just listened less, I’m not sure. Timur still sounded like a school boy nervously giving a presentation though.

Also, can we talk about this first time Eurovision proposal? First they show Jana is pregnant in her postcard and then that??? It must have been staged/some people knew about it/etc but still, what a lovely moment and she seemed so happy! Adorable!

I feel like I wrote a lot more on Tuesday but I don’t really know what else to say. I’m getting tired now and my thoughts are still floating around in my head so I guess I’ll leave it at this.

Feel free to comment or talk to me on my social media about anything. I hope you enjoyed this second semi-final as much as I did!

In general, I found this semi-final stronger than the first one, I had more songs I liked, I also had more fun watching it and with almost all of the songs I really like qualifying I now really can’t wait for Saturday!

See you soon ❤


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