So, the first semi-final of this year’s Eurovision ended. There’s currently (as always) a shitstorm on social media and many people are crying over their favorites not qualifying, but what else can we say about tonight’s show? I have a lot of thoughts and I will try to order them somehow.

First of all, the songs!

The qualifiers:

  1. Sweden
  2. Australia
  3. Belgium
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Portugal
  6. Greece
  7. Poland
  8. Moldova
  9. Cyprus
  10. Armenia

The non-qualifiers:

  1. Georgia
  2. Albania
  3. Montenegro
  4. Finland
  5. Iceland
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Slovenia
  8. Latvia

(In italics my personal qualifiers) I think 7 out of 10 isn’t the worst result, last year I lost my two favorites in a semi-final so it could totally be worse. I am sad about Finland though. I definitely expected the song to qualify and I like it a lot. I’m a bit sad about Montenegro too, the song is so much fun and definitely what Eurovision needs, but I didn’t expect it to qualify.

I must say that some of my favorites sang pretty shit tonight or not just as good as they could. BUT on the other hand, there’s not a single performance where I thought that the audio and vocals were actually really good. So I’m definitely wondering if it’s the production’s fault or something. It seems weird to me that barely anyone sounded as good tonight as they did in previous performances or during rehearsals. And that can’t always be the fault of the artists themselves. (I probably should have written down during which performances I had these thoughts but I didn’t so I have to wait until the videos are online)

Azerbaijan wasn’t that great live (and it’s my favorite of this semi so I’m not happy with that) and Isaiah and Blanche definitely didn’t sing as good as they could have. Isaiah definitely surprised me, he is a great singer and sounded great in rehearsals. He was probably really nervous and I hope he’s better on Saturday. Blanche is the same case, basically. She sang so beautifully yesterday but today it wasn’t as great. I think the last minute or so of the song was better than the parts before but I really, really hope she feels better on Saturday because I want her to get a great place!

A few thoughts about the staging and other technical stuff

I really like the stage itself, it looks beautiful and some things work so well there. The beads of the logo look very pretty on that shark-like thing around it and everything looked very pretty during the opening act, when the hosts came on stage, during the interval act, and I guess during most of the performances.

To me, the stage looked quite empty during some performances (Australia) and that wasn’t so cool. I also felt like the chandelier should be used a bit more maybe. And there were some really, really weird camera angles, I definitely noticed that during Montenegro. It looked very rushed and not nice and way too close to Slavko’s face sometimes.

Finland, Portugal, Poland and Slovenia had very beautiful stagings. Whenever there are stars and glitter I love it, basically.

Did you notice that during two performances the audio died for just a second but several times? It was during Armenia and something before that, maybe Greece? That was pretty annoying.

Hosts and postcards

All three hosts definitely looked good but I can’t say they were amazing. A lot of the jokes didn’t really land or were kind of cringy. It also seemed like the green room host (I’m too tired, I can’t remember his name) had studied his script by heart and talked like he was in a school presentation that made him nervous. Maybe it will be better on Thursday but he talked too fast and a bit mumbly, it wasn’t easy to understand him.

The postcards were kind of pretty but definitely not as good as last years. They kind of felt like a cheap copy of them or something like that. I really like the idea of this thing with the lights in the background that they all have in common. It looks pretty and aesthetic.

All in all, I liked the show and I had fun but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wish and the sound quality etc. disappointed me quite a lot. Of course, I’m still very excited for the other two shows and I hope some things go better then.

Share some thoughts with me if you want, goodnight!


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