Look, I know I’m late. It’s less than one and a half hours before the first semi-final and I still haven’t talked about this year’s Eurovision Song Contest on this blog.

(You should follow me on Twitter and Tumblr though if you want to see me talk about it constantly. Mostly Twitter. Links above! #shamelessselfpromotion)

I don’t know why I haven’t spent a lot of time on this blog talking about all the Eurovision and National Final related things I care about. And there were so many of those this year! With not having to work or go to school throughout most of this ESC season I had a lot of time to follow everything that I was interested in (and more, to be honest) but with such lovely social medias at hand, it didn’t really come to my mind to write more about it here. Anyway, we don’t really have time for this, don’t we? Eurovision starts very, very soon and we need to get our snacks and flags and phones (for the livetweeting, of course) ready!

Are you excited? I am excited!


Without further ado, my tops for both Semi-finals and my top 42 (I still always want to type 43 but as we’ve noticed, this number really is cursed):


You are welcome to tell me your opinions and favorites (nicely, please) and I wish you loads of fun tonight and may your favs qualify!

See you soon ❤


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