Last weekend I went to Bonn where the first ever MagicCon took place and I had an incredibly amazing weekend!

No only because the convention itself was loads of fun but also because I could meet so many of my friends again that I hadn’t seen in ages! There are a bunch of girls I talked to last year for a bit but this year we spent way more time together and that was pretty amazing. That’s probably what I love most about conventions – the lovely communities and how easily you can find more people to talk to about the things you like. I also met my best friend again yay!

We went to the choir workshop again and even though I’m quite insecure about singing (because I know I’m not a good singer) I enjoyed it and I was quite sad that I couldn’t be on stage during the closing ceremony (or at least listen to it) because I had to leave the convention earlier to get home.

I didn’t really find anything to buy which is probably good for my wallet but it does make me a bit sad because I like to have something that reminds me of the convention.

The panels were mostly amazing and hilarious. Andrew Scott was such a lovely person and quite adorable as well, his answers were quite interesting and I’m so glad most fans didn’t ask awkward questions because he really doesn’t deserve that. After two years of cancellations, Dean O’Gorman was finally in Bonn again and he was funny and cool and I loved to see him with the other Hobbit actors in the Comedy Panel (which was so hilarious, wow). Tom Wlaschiha is an actor I didn’t really know anything about prior to MagicCon but now I really like him – his panels were fun and interesting and I feel like he totally fits into the group, I totally don’t mind him getting the nickname Deutsch-Mark (I hope it – and he! – sticks around). I didn’t like what I heard of Ian Somerhalder (both what I heard in person and what my friends told me who sat through most of his panels) but whatever, I can’t like everyone.

(I miss Craig Parker a bit and I hope he will be back. But at least Lori and Mark were as hilarious and lovely as every year.)

The parties were incredible as always and I had so much fun! Sadly we missed many of the good songs on the first night but we still had a great time so that’s what counts. And I kind of expected them to go a bit longer? But my body definitely thanked me for sleeping almost 4 hours every night.

Oh and there were so many incredible cosplayers, I wish (just like every year) I had taken more photos. I’m always so stunned and can’t believe how much work and money people put into their costumes. Amazing.

I have so many other small things I’d like to mention but I think this has to do, for now, I don’t want to get sad and miss everyone so much again.

There are a couple of photos below, not all of them are directly related to the Con but whatever, I like them.

If you went to MagicCon as well I hope you also had a lovely weekend there and are looking forward to next year as much as I do!

See you soon ❤


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