travelling alone

I am quite proud of myself right now.

I travelled to two different countries – Sweden and Denmark – for over a week and I was all alone there. Sure, I met a friend there a few times but most of the time I spent alone and I booked everything alone and was alone in my hostels and so on.

And I didn’t feel lonely. Not once. And I managed to do everything, I didn’t get lost (okay, once, for five minutes but let’s forget about that), I met people and I had fun.

I have never been on a trip alone, not like that. Before I might have travelled for 5 or 6 or 10 hours to a foreign, new place but there I would have a friend waiting for me and they would be my guide and I would live with them for the time of my stay. And it wasn’t like that on this trip at all.

But I still had so much fun and was happy and excited basically all of the time. Especially in Copenhagen, I had such an amazing time because I had the opportunity to meet and talk to dozens of new people in my hostel and I actually took this chance, every day of my stay, and spent some time with those people and learned things about them and where they’re coming from.

For someone who often feels like they are not able to communicate properly with people and who is very anxious about groups of people that’s a great thing!

I talked to my roommates who were from the UK, Finland, Portugal and Greece and to so many people in the restaurant/bar/breakfast/lobby area who were from the US, Canada, Italy, Spain, Greece, the UK, Finland and Germany (and other places, probably) and they were all great people and we talked so much about travelling and where everyone had been before and which places are great and shared some tips and it was just really, really nice, to feel so happy and like I belong in this group of strangers from all over the world.

I wish I could have this experience more often. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I want to travel more. As soon as possible. And while I’m now definitely not afraid of going alone.

Sure, not in every hostel you really talk to people or have the chance to. In fact, in Malmö and Göteborg I barely exchanged a word with others there, but I also kinda just wanted that after having talked to so many. I’m still an introvert after all. (None of the hostels I stayed at in Sweden was a place for meeting loads of people, though.)

I’m now so excited to go to Vienna and Budapest in May (I booked everything today, ajjj!) and I hope the atmosphere there will be closer to what I experienced in Copenhagen because it was amazing and made me come out of my shell!

I’m really tired right now and I don’t know if anything I’ve written so far makes actual sense but I’m happy with how my trip went and I want to remember that. It’s easy for me to focus on the awkward and bad but oh, there’s so much good too!



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