This is my last blog about my latest trip. I only spent two days (or more like 26 hours) in Göteborg (or Gothenburg but I refuse to acknowledge this awful translation, sorry) and I didn’t go into a lot of places but I still had a lovely time there!

In honesty, though, when I got there the wind was horribly icy and it was so uncomfortable and I really didn’t have a great time whenever I was outside. On the other hand, it was very sunny and most of the pictures I took are really pretty so… maybe the suffering was worth it.

After I checked into my hostel (I sat in a park for an hour reading until it was time, yay) I went to the Konstmuseum, or Museum of Art. It was actually bigger than expected and some parts were really interesting, some parts not so much. There was a temporary exhibition on Tove Jansson, who illustrated the Moomin characters, and that exhibition was so adorable. I’m quite sad I wasn’t able to take pictures there.

When I got out of the museum I only got dinner and used the lovely lightning to take more pictures and then chilled all evening. I was really quite exhausted at that point.

The next day I had to check out again so I had to drag my suitcase along with everywhere I went which was a tiny bit annoying (ahem) but it just didn’t work otherwise. I wanted to see a bunch of nice places and streets so I walked some sort of zigzag path through Göteborg, slowly making my way to the central station. The weather was definitely better than the day before, the wind was basically gone, so I could sit in a park and read in peace without my book almost flying into my face.

In the afternoon I had to leave again. I took a train from Göteborg to Copenhagen airport where I entertained myself for way too long until my flight finally left for home. And now I’m back here, sorting through my photos thinking of the lovely time I had in Scandinavia! I certainly need to come back soon!

See you soon ❤


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