Hello! This is my second blog post about my trip to Scandinavia. After a couple of days in Copenhagen I went to Malmö, so here we go!

Day 1

The first thing I did this day was taking a train to Sweden via Copenhagen’s airport. The journey wasn’t exactly very long or very exciting but I do think it’s really cool that you can cross the sea with a bridge, not just boats. In Malmö I checked in and met up with my friend again. (This was my first time in Sweden, by the way, and I’ve wanted to go there for ages so I was pretty excited!)

Together we went into Malmöhus Castle which is also kind of a museum with various small and larger exhibitions, including fashion, art, the history of the area and more. Some parts were more interesting than the others but at least I learned that Sweden and Denmark basically invaded each other every 15 years for some time.

After a very important coffee-break (hot chocolate, actually) we walked through the city and I got to see how pretty Malmö is! Not as beautiful as Copenhagen (because that city has just incredible architecture and so many colourful houses) but still very pretty and lovely to walk through. It’s also definitely smaller and quieter which was a nice change.

Day 2

It was my first time in Sweden so… I went to IKEA. It was a Monday so all museums and interesting things were closed anyway AND I wanted to have a more relaxed day to just walk and shop a bit so I did that. AND IKEA is just great, obviously. So I went there, to a nice mall and walked through the city a bit. I also found a lovely park with a lake where I could sit and read in the sun, while also listening to the people next to me gossipping (they were loud enough, I just couldn’t not listen).

Day 3

In the morning I went to the Museum of Modern Art in Malmö. Not many exhibitions were currently open because one would open only a few weeks later so it didn’t take me long to walk through. Some pieces were quite interesting, some confusing, and some just kind of terrifying (I won’t upload pictures, no worries).

Afterwards, I took a 10-minute train to Lund for the afternoon (blog tomorrow).

And on the fourth day, I left for Göteborg! Blog about it coming soon 🙂

See you soon ❤


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