Hello, I’m back from yet another trip! This time I finally went to Scandinavia. I spent a couple of days in Copenhagen and then went over to Sweden where I stayed in Malmö and Göteborg.

I will, of course, write a blog post with loads of pictures about every city I visited so, first, the beautiful city Copenhagen.

I enjoyed my time in this city a lot and I wish I could go back and explore even more places. Seriously, Copenhagen is beautiful, if very expensive.


Day 1

I arrived in the afternoon when the weather was not so great. I was drizzling a bit and it was very grey and I had trouble getting to my hostel without internet (which I got a bit later). I managed to get there in the end, right in time for check in so I did that and then lay on my bed for a bit because I was already exhausted, wow (and I made some plans for the next days). But of course I had to check out a few sights close to the hostel so I went out and took a bunch of pictures.

When I got back I had such a headache and didn’t want to do anything but I had to eat dinner so I went downstairs to check out the “shared dinner” the hostel offered. And before I even knew it I was eating and sitting on a table with a bunch of other people that were travelling alone. We talked and drank for hours and I met so many nice and interesting people there! It was great and I’m so glad I took this chance!

I can say about my hostel that it was pretty clean, amazing for meeting people, it offers a bunch of really nice things like the dinner and some walking tours, the wifi was great, it’s very very close to many sights but everything is very narrow and crowded and it’s really loud at night. I suppose the walls are just very thin and there are many people partying etc.

Day 2

The weather was again not that amazing and it actually got worse over the day as it rained several times. So I packed my museums into this day and went to the National Museum first. It’s quite big and has different exhibitions dedicated to the history of Denmark and a bit of art and people from all over the world.

Afterwards, I walked through the city and to SMK aka the National Gallery. The gallery is quite large too and has exhibitions with paintings from all over Europe and some modern stuff and a temporary exhibition on European artists that were inspired by Japan. I’m getting into art more and more and I loved seeing so much there! In the end, I was pretty exhausted, I did a lot of walking but I saw a lot of interesting and pretty things so whatever.

In the evening my hostel had live music so naturally I stayed there for a couple of hours and found some more people to talk too. It was pretty damn amazing actually.

Day 3

I had so much planned for this day and I managed to do all of it! In the morning I walked to and up the Round Tower from which you can get a really nice view of the city. I then went to the Ny Carlsberg Glyptothek which is not only a very beautiful and interesting building but has lots of sculptures and paintings in it. The Glyptothek is actually way bigger than I expected and I walked around in there for quite a while but it’s worth it because everything in there is very beautiful.

After that, I went on a walk through the whole city. I walked past the beautiful and iconic Nyhavn and Amalienborg Palace up to the Little Mermaid. We already had pretty nice weather that day but while I was walking it got really warm and all the clouds moved away. The area around the Mermaid and Kastellet (some sort of military base you can walk through and around) is really nice and so green so I walked around there for some time before I went back “down” to Nyhavn via some more churches and nice building and places.

I was walking by the water when I noticed that the Street Food Market some people in the hostel mentioned is right across from me on the other side of the canal/harbour/whatever. So I went to that side, bought some fries, relaxed in the lovely sun and then walked back to the hostel through Christianshavn where I was quite astounded by the amazing architecture there.

In the evening I again stayed in the restaurant/bar/lobby for a while… 😉

Day 4

On this day I was meeting up with a friend who came to visit me and together we went to and in Christiansborg Palace (yes, Copenhagen has a bunch of palaces). You can visit the residential rooms, the kitchen, the ruins and the stables of the palace and there is quite a lot to see! The palace is really pretty and it was really interesting to learn about its history, the Danish royal family and Copenhagen. You can also go up the tower of the palace – which we did – and get a great view over the city. This tower is actually the tallest in Copenhagen, even though it is only 40cm taller than the City Hall’s tower.

Afterwards, we went to the Street Food Market, ate and walked a different route through Christianshavn. The weather was again pretty perfect (gosh, I was really lucky) so it was great to just sit outside for a couple of hours.

On the fifth day, I only checked out of my hostel and went to the train station to go to Sweden, so nothing really exciting happened then. You can read about my time in Malmö later or tomorrow but for now, enjoy the pictures I selected (you don’t want to know how many I took and how hard it was to narrow them down) and hover for explanations.

See you soon ❤


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