During my trip to Italy me and the friend I was visiting went to Rome for a day.

It’s a two-hour train journey from Bologna (affordable but not super cheap) and I’m sure we went through more tunnels on that journey than when I crossed the Alps by train. That surprised me a lot. The trains were very comfortable (but loud) though so whatever.

We had found a map with all the important things to see in Rome in a day beforehand and used that to navigate. Turns out that Rome is quite huge and one has to walk a lot to get anywhere. In the end, we ditched some of the sights on that route and instead sat down to relax and save our feet from falling off.

Rome is beautiful, definitely, but also not all parts of it and the train station (Roma Termini) is rather ugly and SO crowded. That was a bit shocking. Google Maps may have led us through some not very full streets but there were still huge crowds of tourists/people in general at the most well-known sights (Colosseum, Spanish Steps, the Vatican,…). And with the tourists come the selfie-stick-sellers. No joke, there were dozens of them everywhere. After a while it felt quite ridiculous but it didn’t end.

I don’t think it makes sense to talk about what we saw and then post the photos so here you go, hover for names etc:

See you soon ❤


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