Just two weeks after coming home from Berlin I went away again, this time I spent a week in Bologna! I was visiting a friend there who is currently studying in Bologna for a year and together we looked at loads of things.

(Yes, my trips are basically visiting one friend after the other. I totally recommend that, though. That way you can save accommodation costs and see people again that you can’t meet often because of shitty distances.)

As with my previous blog entries, first a quick overview and below a selection of the way too many photos I took.

Day 1:

Most of that day (or at least it felt like that) was spent sitting in a train, taking pictures of the mountains I passed. Yeah sure, I live next to the mountains but it was still great and really pretty. When I arrived I basically immediately went with my law-studying friend to her lecture on the Mafia (that’s so Italian… incredible) which was also my first lecture ever, wooo! (Even though I didn’t understand a word of course). Afterwards we basically just ate and I admired the view from her room (see below).

Day 2:

My friend gave me a tour through the city and I saw all the important sights like the two leaning towers and a bunch of piazzas and lovely small streets and a park and so on. I also ate some incredible ice cream! (I need to mention that, of course). By chance we walked by the Museum of Modern Art which has the amazing abbreviation MAMBO (not No. 5 sadly) and we went in there (for free!) and were slightly disturbed and/or delighted by the art in there…

Day 3:

We went to Rome!

Day 4:

I was brave and went out alone to go to the Museum of Archeology which has a big collection of all things concerning Italy, bones from all over Europe and lots of Egyptian things too! Unfortunately, there were very few English descriptions in the part about Italy but it was still interesting (they have so many small pieces displayed, wow). I probably liked the Egyptian collection more, though. Maybe because I’m such a fan of ancient Egypt.

Afterwards, I went into the National Gallery which was not as interesting as I had hoped. Very few paintings weren’t religious and they had more from centuries I’m not as interested in as from the ones I care about more.

Day 5:

We went to Modena!

Day 6:

We slept in, ate some pasta (or at least I did, again) and went to a pretty large park in Bologna. Sadly the weather wasn’t as great but it was okay enough for sitting down, talking and observing the pigeons (as you do). After another of my friend’s lectures, I ate my for the moment last truly Italian pizza!

Day 7:

I packed and travelled home. Not very exciting, sadly. But I had a great time in Bologna and it was lovely seeing my friend again! I also think the days went by sooo quickly because we saw so much! Maybe I should go to Italy more often, I’m a huge fan of the food and I like the colours and cities and landscape too… we’ll see 🙂

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See you soon ❤


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