I spend one and a half weeks in Berlin yay! And just like in Warsaw I did a lot and took tons of photos (beneath the text) so here we go!

Day 1:

As I mentioned in my post about Warsaw I had to say goodbye to my friend there which was so sad but I could see my best friend again whoop! So Day 1 mostly involved hugging, crying and eating.

Day 2:

In true tourist-y fashion we went to IKEA for breakfast! no, honestly, it was great food and looking at all the furniture and stuff so made me want to redecorate my room (which is 700 km away) immediately. We then went to get me some Euros (because my wallet was only filled with Zloty and I don’t really need those here) and stuff from Lush for my skin. The weather was quite shit so we postponed sightseeing to a later day.

Day 3:

We went to the Museum of Natural History were we looked at Tristan Otto the T-rex and other dinosaurs (and plants and animals and stones). We also ate, took a few pictures, chilled and in the evening went to see the documentary Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years 1984 – 1992 in a tiny, tiny cinema. It was so interesting and one of the people that worked with Audre was there to answer questions and discuss and that was cool too!

Day 4:

We visited the Gay Museum* in Berlin which was interesting and sad, had burgers in a tiny restaurant called Schiller Burgers, some of my best friend’s friends came over and we played games and talked which was really nice

Day 5:

We watched nine episodes of the Netflix show One Day At A Time because why not, it was fun and cute and also really interesting, and apart from that we didn’t do a lot apart from talking and watching more things

Day 6:

We went to Berlin’s East Side Gallery, my friend got a piercing and then the weather was so nice that we decided to see all the nice tourist-y stuff like the museums and Brandenburger Tor and stuff like that!

Day 7 & 8:

These two days were mostly spent reading, watching videos and meeting friends and going out. It was pretty nice like that actually! I also took a lot of selfies on those days as I now notice…

Day 9:

I went to the Treptow Park (I think that’s what it’s called) alone and wandered around a bit, had crêpes and was stunned by this huge Soviet Memorial that’s in the middle of the park. Then I met up with my friend again and we went into the Bundestag aka the fancy government building with a dome on the roof. We had audio guides and the voice told us what we were seeing and lots of other stuff I already forgot. It was quite pretty and also interesting up there!

Day 10 & 11:

On Day 10 we went to Potsdam which is a city outside of Berlin that is quite famous for its castles/palaces and had a bunch of kings living there a while ago. Meaning, we looked at a few castles and took nice photos in front of them, yay!

Then my friend got a cold and we spent the rest of my time in Berlin in the flat, reading and chilling and also dying my hair.

Day 12:

And then, last Thursday, it was my time to go home. I must say, it was really nice coming back to my bed and cat. Also, I’m not home for so long until the next part of my travels, so I’m quite okay with that.

I certainly want to go back to Berlin, though. I really liked it there even though it was a bit to take in.

(as always hover for explanations and fun commentary)

I hope you had a lovely time too, wherever and whoever you are!

See you soon ❤


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