I either write super long reviews of movies – like my last one on La La Land – or I don’t write anything at all but I’m trying to do something in between today.

At the beginning of this year, I started this thing where I write tiny reviews of books, music or films in a tiny red notebook I got for Christmas and I wrote those for Hidden Figures and Moonlight too, both are movies I’ve seen last week. Beyond those few words, I have a lot of other thoughts too so here we go…

Hidden Figures

This movie is so amazing, I loved it so much! There are so many incredible actresses in it, from Octavia Spencer to Janelle Monae who I didn’t even know was an actress as well! The story is so important and good and fits so well and it’s also just a really beautiful movie.

Our three main characters – Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary – are so strong, intelligent, sassy and they take no shit. They try their best to get ahead in life even though they are black women.

I was appalled to see the racism (and sexism) they had to face. I think it is quite different to just read about it or to actually see it, in all its facets and small or big gestures. Or at least for me it was like that, maybe because I don’t actually watch so many movies. There were so many moments where the women made themselves look small or were quiet or looked/felt out of place, there were so many small moments that showed the racism of it all and it was incredibly sad to watch that but I’m so glad all these small moments were included.

Also, the movie looked incredible, from the beautiful dresses to the great space CGI to the music. And the acting talent of the cast made everything better too, of course.

The only thing I didn’t really like was how Al Harrison – Katherine’s boss – was made into this kind of hero who destroyed the bathroom sign (which is, as I heard, not historically correct) as if one had to show that oh, not all white people are racist! Was that really necessary? Can’t we just once have black people who do heroic things by themselves, without some white people who are oh so helpful?

Apart from this, though, Hidden Figures was an amazing film and I’m so happy it got some awards, nomination, and the attention it deserves.


I’m so happy this won the Oscar for Best Picture as the first LGBT* and all-black-cast film! I didn’t have the chance to watch it before the awards but afterwards I tried to get a hold of it as soon as possible. I knew it’s a movie about important topics so I was pretty excited to watch it.

And I’m not quite sure what I think about Moonlight. I liked it, that’s for sure, but I don’t know how much. It’s different from what I expected. Artsy, long shots on people, focus on only a few characters, and so on. I don’t watch movies like that often and I think that is why I was a bit confused at first and not so into it.

It is of course still a great movie, not just topic-wise. And those topics, especially the main character Chiron being gay and living in an abusive household, are told so brutally honest. This made it a very sad but also a very real looking movie. And the “relationship” between Chiron and Kevin is certainly weird and we don’t see what might still happen but it is important and there and in a way so innocent. Oh, it just made me really emotional tbh.

Oh, I also love the aesthetic of Moonlight, the colors especially and those beautiful shots on the beach.

Look at those black movies and black actors and actresses go and be successful! It’s sad that we still celebrate this fact so much but it’s getting better and I’m very happy about these two films.

See you soon ❤


2 thoughts on “Hidden Figures & Moonlight – short reviews

  1. i second ur stance on the unnecessary white saviour role the boss played he did it in literally every way i saw a gifset on tumblr, he did it with the coffee, the pearls, the bathroom and i think there was a fourth thing. since he still called her by her first name and everything it was just.. condecending, in a way.

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