I spent a bit over a week in Warsaw and I loved it a lot so I feel like I should talk about it! Also, Warsaw is actually really beautiful, especially when the sun finally decides to come out, which means I took tons of photos (beneath the quick summaries).

Day 1:

Arriving, eating, being proud of myself that I managed to take a flight on my own without dying (of panic)

Day 2:

Exploring the center of Warsaw a bit, seeing lots of interesting and old buildings, having a tour of the Royal Castle which was really pretty, trying some really good Polish food

Day 3:

It was a Sunday and I chilled at home with my friend, took a walk to buy some cake, ate cake and watched some Eurovision

Day 4:

We went to the Warsaw Rising Museum which was definitely very interesting but also pretty gruesome, sad and at times confusing because we never knew where to go next. they have a very well-made 3D film on how Warsaw looked in 1945 after World War 2 and that was incredible. we also walked a bit around the city center and I took some pictures of the fancy, very communist Palace of Kulture and Science

Day 5:

The National Museum aka lots of pretty paintings! I like art quite a lot but I don’t go to art galleries or art museums a lot so this was a nice change! Afterward, we went for hot chocolate. So exciting (no, I love hot chocolate!)

Day 6:

With my friend and her little sister I went to the Kopernikus Science Center which is basically a huge building with tons of experiments to do on any kind of scientifical topic! It was fun, exhausting, and so full of children. We also went to the planetarium there which was cool but the headphones with an English translation I had were pretty shit tbh.

Day 7:

We went to the Lazienki Park, looked at a very pretty palace and walked around a lot. I was quite stunned by the tons of ducks that were in this park, honestly, what is up with them?

Day 8 & 9:

These two days involved watching lots of fun YouTube videos, hugs, Eurovision, national finals, birthday gifts for my friend, more hugs, and so much food.

Day 10:

I had to say goodbye to my friend and her lovely family! I was both so sad and so excited because I took the train to see my best friend in Berlin. I will certainly come back, though, I already promised that. I had such a lovely time and I miss my friend a lot. Also, I want to learn more than just five words of Polish (next goal: 10 words, hah).

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See you soon ❤




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