I mentioned in one of my latest blog posts that I’m going traveling now. Now as in tomorrow and I am both incredibly excited and very paranoid because soooo much could go wrong and I’m scared of everything, basically. As always.

I thought I could share where I’m going, what plans I have and what ideas I have for when I’m back again because unless I run out of money I do have time and want to do as much as possible!

All pictures are taken from a quick Google Search as I obviously haven’t been to those places yet.

First stop: Warsaw, Poland

I’m going to Poland tomorrow and I’ll stay there for a bit over a week with a good friend of mine! This will be my first time to Poland and I’m very excited to be there and go to lots of museums and historical places and such. I’m also hoping for new things, new food, cheap things to buy and lots of fun with my friend.

Second stop: Berlin, Germany

Only a four (or was it five) hour train journey separates Warsaw and Berlin so why not take that train and spend one and a half weeks with my best friend who I’ve missed dearly over the last half-year. The nerding hasn’t ended with Warsaw so we already have planned a few trips to museums and other interesting places, like IKEA and the zoo.

When I come back home I will have to study for my foreign language correspondent exam (what a word, just imagine that this all would be a single word in German without a space) in mid-March. And I also need to register for the school I’m going to in September yay. But just after my exam it’s time for…

Third stop: Bologna, Italy

And again I’ll visit a friend! I have a friend who is from Germany but currently studying in Bologna for a year so I can stay with her for a week and I can explore the city while she is in university and on the weekend we can do stuff together and maybe, if it works out, we will take the train to Rome for a day! I’d so love to do that. Let’s see how it goes. I am also very excited for finally being in a place that is a bit warmer.

Fourth stop: Kopenhagen, Denmark

There isn’t really much to say about this bit yet as I’ve only booked the flight there and back so far. I’m going to Kopenhagen at the end of March and I plan on spending ~ half of that week in Denmark and the other half in Sweden, which is just over the Öresund Bridge. At some point I will have to think about all these things but there’s still time! 🙂

Two weeks after I come back from Denmark MagicCon in Bonn will happen! I have been to HobbitCon (also in Bonn) for two years now and MagicCon is basically the successor, with a new guests but hopefully the same amazing atmosphere! So it will stay exciting in my life!

Could be stops:
Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria

Both are places I’d love to visit and they are actually not that far away, at least by train. And train tickets aren’t so expensive… I’m not sure if I will go there or when and maybe I could go to Vienna with my parents but the idea is there and I’ll certainly keep it in mind!

Do you have any plans? Tell me about them!

See you soon ❤


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