I saw La La Land on Monday (and finally managed to stop procrastinating) and as always I have lots to say about this movie (including spoilers).

I had heard so much about the movie beforehand, so many people absolutely loved it, so many were saying it must win all the awards, including a bunch of Oscars and I kind doubted that I would like it as much as those people. I don’t know, when things get reeeally hyped that often puts me off a bit. But I can say that I certainly loved La La Land a lot, wooo!

(i love it when they dance)

So, let’s talk about how incredibly aesthetic this movie is. If you know me from tumblr you might know that I love nice colouring and beautiful scenes and cinematography and La La Land was SO GOOD at this stuff. So good. I can’t even pick a certain scene because all were really nice but I think that especially those in depicted in the photos below are very nice. I think this is one of the prettiest movies I’ve ever seen! Just to see that again I’d love to go to the cinema again.

The soundtrack is so good too. I knew this beforehand as I – of course, it’s a musical, I love musicals! – listened to all the songs at least once and I’m pretty sure I had City of Stars running a dozen times before Monday. It’s a very good song and I love it a lot but one shouldn’t forget the others as Another Day Of Sun (so happy! brightens my day whenever I listen to it) and Audition (The Fools Who Dream) (my favourite quote as well as a very beautiful scene with amazing acting).

Sidenote: Here is a beautiful cover of City of Stars by Dodie Clark and Jon Cozart. I am in love with it.

Let’s talk about the plot, shall we?

I think the plot – at least apart from the last twenty or so minutes – was what I liked least about the movie. Not that it’s bad, it isn’t bad at all, it’s just not that original or exciting or special. It’s a plot in a very lovely packaging, with amazing actors and beautiful stuff and music but it’s still a plot we’ve seen before.

I’ve seen quite a few people say that La La Land is so different and so new and because of that it’s one of the best movies ever and I just can’t agree with that. It’s a good plot and I quite like it but it doesn’t make the movie better than many others and makes it deserve tons of Oscars. At least in my opinion.

I really want to see more endings like that. I hate it when movies end so predictably with the happy ending you could have guessed in the first five minutes. This film didn’t have that and that makes it more realistic! I do feel though that some other parts about being in Hollywood and getting no job and all that have been quite romanticised. I mean, how can you get such beautiful dresses and afford a nice room and a car without having a proper job? But whatever.

The clothes were so beautiful too and I wish I could run around like that all the time. But, being closer to the polar caps than LA, that just doesn’t work.

I also want to mention how lovely Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were in this movie. I’ve loved both for a while now – especially Emma, I totally fell in love with her when I first watched Easy A ages ago – and their acting and singing and dancing skills and just seing them in general made me love them even more.

so aesthetic and beautiful

Have you seen La La Land? How did you find it?

See you soon ❤


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