HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you out there who are reading this!

You made it. You made it through a year that had 366 days and was a leap second longer than any other year as well. You made it through a year that for sure had a ton of ups and downs. Maybe more downs than ups.

Maybe it was an impossible year for you… (I love this cover a lot, please watch it)

… but no matter how it was, 2017 is now here and we don’t need to be so scared of it. Everyone is currently saying “this year must be better than 2016″ and that worries me a bit. I’m an old pessimist (sometimes) and my mind can’t go anywhere but “WHAT IF IT’S A SHIT YEAR AND WE JUST DON’T KNOW YET??!!” and that sucks a bit. Sure, maybe it will be a shit year BUT we don’t know yet! Who knows how this year is gonna go? No one, right? So let’s at least try to take it step by step.

You might notice, this is more a blogpost to myself than to anyone else. I’m always scared of new things and that includes new years because I know what kind of things I will face soon and they scare me a lot. I will finish my apprenticeship in a few weeks and I have a ton of stuff to deal with at work and I’m scared of my exam and I have to figure a lot of stuff out because I basically don’t know what I will do between February and September and I worry that my plans won’t work out.

But I’m trying here, okay? I’m going to try to enjoy my last week of vacation as best as I can and I’m going to try to figure stuff out. And if I just figure out WHAT scares me most that’s already a good thing.

May your year be good and may you never forget your own awesomeness!

See you soon ❤


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