some unsorted thoughts on religion

I actually wanted to write about either music or TV shows I found out about in 2016 but somehow my brain had other ideas. Whatever.

I talked to my best friend recently about going to church for Christmas or not. Both of us weren’t really sure and in the end they went with their family and I didn’t go with my mum for the first time ever, because so far it just… was tradition to go on Christmas Eve. We talked a bit about how church and Christianity is so prominent in our lives and how weird that must be for people of other religions or generally people who don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter or anything like that.

Especially Christmas though… it was everywhere, right? Everywhere were and still are Christmas lights and special Christmas advertisments and special offes and tips on what to give your mother/wife/boyfriend etc. So man companies are sending out Christmas wishes to their customers and suppliers even though you don’t really know who reads those and if they celebrate or not.
It’s weird, isn’t it, how this Christian festival is so cemented into our lives even though many of us are not religious and it actually is just… a belief. Part of a religion.

I’ve been having some problems with beliefs and religion and especially Christianity for years now. I was born a catholic christian and my mum and actually all my family was born catholic. I also live in a very catholic AND conservative area (yay!) which I’m not really a fan of. I was christened and I had my first holy communion and even had my confirmation in 7th grade (or 8th?) even though I had doubts if I really should do that. I probably believed in god at some point. But I definitely stopped years ago. I believe that something is out there that we don’t know about but if that’s just aliens or an afterlife or whatever… I don’t know! No one knows! We will see! Or not!

Where were my thoughts going again?? I actually wanted to talk about how much religion still affects us, no matter if we believe in god or the sacraments or the bible or Jesus or whatever.

Take school for an example. We had actual services for our school?? At the beginning of the year and at the end and I think also for Christmas and Easter but I’m not really sure about those anymore. What has school to do with church? With Christianity especially? Religion class, okay, if it really has to be, but those services and crosses in most class rooms and I think we actually prayed in the mornings leading up to… hm, 9th grade? That’s just too much in my opinion. No one needs that. If you need to pray, do that alone but not in school were you are supposed to be educated not made a Christian. Or something. As soon as you are done with school no one cares about that, not at professional school or university or work. So why in school?

That’s one of my biggest problems with religion. That you have to deal with it no matter if you want to or not because somehow it’s actually everywhere. I find that incredibly annoying. I would actually love to confront my old religion teachter about that, he’d probably have some interesting answers.

Let’s talk about politics for a second… my country (Germany) and my state (Bavaria) are both led by parties that have “Christian” in their names. CSU and CDU, Christian social union and christian democrativ union. Shouldn’t state and church be separated? Shouldn’t politics have nothing to do with religion? I know it’s allowed blah blah and they represent christian values blah blah but it seems really weird to me. Germany is not a 100% Christian country so why are we governed by people who seem to be that. (Not to mention that those parties’ values and policies are actually not so christian and more racist and discrimminating but I think that’s a topic for another blogpost)

There’s been a lot of hate against Islam in the last few months/year/probably forever but to me it’s more prominent now in, well, in my country but probably all over the world. People say that only Muslims are terrorists and kill so many people (which is wrong) and that Islam doesn’t belong into (for example) Germany, which – to me – also sounds so wrong because how can you say that a persons belief doesn’t belong here when you also have a belief that many people find stupid or not relatable but as they are white and German and used to our culture that doesn’t matter at all? Or something?

Ah, I don’t know, I’m pretty fed up with people talking about religion as if it was the most important thing in the world. It’s not. To me it’s incredibly unimportant and I wish people could just learn to separate religion from so many other things. Relgion doesn’t equal hate, it doesn’t equal set rules that need to be followed, religion doesn’t equal “I am right with everything I say cause I think it says so in the Bible but actually idk”. It means something different for everyone. For many people it is important, sure. But I feel like whenever religion is mentioned recently it is because people, no matter which religion they belong to, did something hateful. And that really sucks.

It also really sucks that people think because of religion homophobia or transphobia or xenophobia or anything like that is okay. But honestly, I’m too tired to go on.

Have a lovely last day of 2016.


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