Hello guys! I saw Rogue One on Thursday and of course I have quite a lot of thoughts about it. And they are so confusing and that’s why it takes me forever to write this ahhh.

First of all, SPOILERS! I cannot talk about this incredible movie without talking about what’s going on so don’t read this if you haven’t seen Rogue One. Or you just want to torture yourself, if that makes you feel… better? And if you haven’t seen it GO WATCH IT BECAUSE IT’S SO WORTH IT OKAY?!

Let’s go!

i just want to mention that this is my favourite movie poster of the year

I absolutely loved Rogue One. All in all I think it’s an amazing movie and I’m so glad it is. Anyone that I talked to about Star Wars in the last year knows that I’m a huge fan of The Force Awakens (or anyone that follows me on tumblr or twitter, ahem). Naturally I was really excited for Rogue One, especially after we had some trailers or clips and knew about the cast and characters.

Speaking of the cast and characters: I love them all. I really love Jyn Erso. I’m so glad we now have two stong female lead-characters in Star Wars. Jyn is so strong and NOT questionned all the time which is a huge relief. Everyone assumes she is as badass as she is and in the second half of the film she assumes the role of the leader so naturally!

Can we talk about the diversity of this cast PLEASE! In the rebel group we have a female character (just one but AT LEAST THAT), a character played by a Mexican actor, two (one of them blind!) played by Chinese actors and one by a British-Pakistani actor. This makes me so incredibly happy. I felt though that there were very few women among the rebels, fewer than one could see in The Force Awakens. Hmm.

All characters have such incredibly sad backstories and I want to shed a few tears for each of them! They all deserved happiness but of course they didn’t get that… At first I wasn’t so fond of Cassian but by the end of the movie I loved him so much. And he and Jyn as well as Chirrut and Baze are certainly ship-able, I’m already waiting for fanart.

Because this is already a fucking mess let’s talk about the ending. Oh, how much I wished they could have survived. At first I had hoped they would even though I knew at least some wouldn’t. When they landed on Scarif I got scared and when the first of the group got badly hurt even more. But when the Death Star appeared (just like in that amazingly beautiful poster up there) I knew no one would survive. Oh my, I was still so shocked though. In the end everything went so fast and they dropped like flies! That moment when Chirrut basically sacrificed himself and used the Force was so incredible and then Baze joined him and I wanted to cry. And that moment with Jyn and Cassian on the beach was so incredibly sad but also beautiful! Because they knew they had made it and they had done some good and at least they could die together (and also witness the incredible sunset/explosion). Ahhh, I have a lot of feels.

(I am also a huge fan of K2SO and can’t believe that Star Wars always manages to make me fall in love with their droids. He’s so sassy and bitchy and I wish we could have more of him.)

Let’s talk about THE PLANETS! I think in Rogue One we saw more new planets than in any other single Star Wars film. They put so many in there and they were all so different and interesting, had their own cultures and people living there and incredible soundtrack. I wish I could have wallpapers of all those planets and put them on all my walls I was so stunned. I’m a huge space nerd so GIVE ME NEW PLANETS AND GALAXIES AND UNIVERSES PLEASE!

Generally the soundtrack was just A M A Z I N G! It reminded me a lot of Fantastic Beasts because they used the “original score”, the well-known themes, and changed them so show that yes, we are still in the same universe and lots of things are very similar BUT we also have new characters and places and things going on. I noticed that with both the Darth Vader and Rebels themes but there is surely more stuff if you listen more closely.

I don’t really want to talk a lot about the plot because I tend to forget lots of it when I only see a movie once – I know way more about the characters and effects and soundtrack etc. – and I think I also need to form more thoughts about it. (Right now I’m still too much in the AHHHHHH- constant screaming mode) As I already mentioned, I love how we could explore so many new places and characters. The whole story also made me feel like we got a whole lot of new pieces we can put into the Star-Wars-puzzle and at some point we will have a complete one. Rogue One tied in so well with the original trilogy and I didn’t expect it to happen EXACTLY before Episode IV to be honest. I was a bit shocked when I saw Leia even though I thought we might see her when Bail Organa showed up.

Anyway, I think I’m gonna stop here, otherwise my brain is going to explode.

Please talk to me about Rogue One, especially if you like it because otherwise I think we’re not going to agree on a lot of things, sorry!

See you soon ❤


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