Bastille – Munich 28/11/16

Hello, I saw Bastille live yesterday! It was honestly incredible. Definitely one of my favourite concerts ever even though I feel like I say this about every concert I’m going to. I can’t believe I saw two of my favourite bands this month, now only Fall Out Boy is missing… sigh.

I had such a great time with some of my best friends! Thankfully we got a spot in the fifth or so row and everyone managed to get home safely, yay!

Bastille is not only an amazing band but also such a lovely one. I don’t really know how to describe it but I feel like they are so incredibly grateful that we came and Dan said “thank you so much for coming” about 20 times. He also spoke a bit of German several times (I love it when artists do that!).

“Thank you so much for this fucking amazing tour!”

The pre-act was Rationale. I never really heard about them before but OH THEY WERE AMAZING, I need to check them out as soon as I’ve finished writing this. Here is their most played song on Spotify, Fast Lane.

I love the one-colour aesthetic and the lead singer looked amazing tbh.

Bastille played a large amount of songs so the concert was quite long. A full setlist ist here. I love long concerts! Even though I was a tiny bit worried I might have problems getting home (I was home at 1am so… it worked?). They played so many of my favourite songs from Bad Blood and Wild World, the only one I missed was Way Beyond, but I didn’t expect it anyway because it’s on the deluxe version of Wild World.

The concert was incredibly interactive in a way. Like, Dan was actually walking through the crowd during Flaws (he walked RIGHT past my friend!) and they played a few songs in the back and made us get our phones out / hands up / get down and jump, and so on. I really love it when bands do that.

Here are some photos of the night (get it? Of the Night? Okay I’ll leave):

See you soon ❤


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