some lists about so many things

I really feel like writing a lot. I just don’t know where to begin, though. A lot of things happen in my life and I feel like my interests and thoughts develope so much every single day I don’t know where to fit it all in.

I like lists though, so let’s make some lists.

Things I’ve gotten obsessed with recently:

  • Fantastic Beasts / Newt Scamander / Harry Potter
  • music by Dodie and Jon Cozart (like this duet, Human)
  • vlogs by Nathan Zed (and also Thomas Sanders)
  • the TV shows The Crown and Victoria (watch both! they are amazing! amazing queens, amazing costumes, amazing actresses)
  • drawing / painting. I’ve painted a bunch of small things for Christmas and I’m very proud of them (can’t share them because I’m worried one of my friends would see it) and I’ve started scribbling tiny drawings everywhere.

Things I’ve done recently:

  • taken my final written exams which was scary but also great because ahhhh I’m going to finish my apprenticeship soon
  • done a lot at work. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot there recently (about accounting stuff cause I’m working in accounting) and I’ve also enjoyed it a lot. The people there are (mostly) so lovely and I think they genuinly like me which is a great feeling.
  • talked to more people on Twitter! I never really dare to write to someone in DMs or tweet them or whatever but in the last week or so this happened at least a little bit more so YAY

Things that are stressing me out:

  • my final exams. not anymore but they DID because I had to study a lot. and I don’t like studying.
  • those really stupid things I need to take care of at work by the time my oral exam happens. there are these two or three really annoying things I’ve been putting off forever and I just don’t want to do them. Sigh.
  • my oral exams. I HATE doing things in front of people. I absolutely loathe it. Presentations or practical exams are the worst for me. I already know I’m gonna panic three days in advance and run against a wall like a headless chicken because of it. Sigh. Especially considering that I need to present my stuff in my company as well. Panic x3.
  • the “what is happening after I finish in January?” part. I want to travel, I want to do some internship thingy, I will finish my English training. But that’s about as clear as these six or seven months are planned right now. So far I just didn’t have the time to really think about it because exams and right now I’m getting anxiety just because of thinking about planning all this or applying for a job or something like that. More on this in a seperate post though (I think).
  • There are actually a couple of other stressful things (Christmas party, driving to places, sleep deprivation, etc.) but I think this is enough for now.

At some point while writing the capital letters mostly disappeared. I can’t be bothered to get them back to be honest.

I hope you are not to stressed. Take care of yourself!
See you soon ❀


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