So, I saw Fantastic Beasts and I loved and I’m trying very hard not just to write “AHHHHHH” but a proper review of the movie. This is gonna be bard.

Warning: There will be spoilers to everything because I want to talk about so many things but if you haven’t seen it yet, please do it, it’s worth it!

Warning #2: I am writing this on Thursday (the day I saw it) and Friday (the day I try to calm down about it) so I might be a bit confusing. Sorry.

I remember again how much I care about Harry Potter. I didn’t really forget about it of course (I mean, come on, I went to the cinema in a Hogwarts shirt, Hufflepuff scarf and socks and Deathly Hallow necklace!) but being a fan of a thing that’s mostly “over” (Harry Potter never ends though!) and something that is ongoing and with many new things to be excited about is very different.

And Fantastic Beasts is different from Harry Potter, definitely, but there are so many details we know and missed or that fit so well to what we’ve seen before. It felt like coming back to a well-read book but discovering a new chapter. Or something like that, I’m not so great with metaphors.

The characters:


Newt is definitely the most relatable character for me. He’s a socially awkward, nerdy, cute baby and I want to wrap him up in a blanket or something. During this dinner scene with Queenie, Tina and Jacob I was like “YES, this is me!!!” the whole time. Of course his obsession with beasts reminds one of Hagrid and I love Hagrid too.

Jacob is how we all would be if we suddenly got to know about the Wizarding World. Astounded, shocked and amazed. I’m so glad he could fulfil his wish of opening up a bakery and honestly, the stuff he’s making looks so cute and delicious, I’d buy so much of it! I do wonder if he actually recognizes Queenie. They would be adorable together (they already are).

Tina is a determined woman who wants to do a great job. I suppose she must be good at it but she made some mistakes and she’s not happy with that. In the end, thankfully, everything is okay for her again and she can do what she loves. She is a bit like Newt, rather quiet and a tiny bit awkward but she is also a woman of action and is caring. Oh, and I also quite like her style! It looks comfortable and still stylish. Generally the clothes you can see in this movie are so great, I’d love to wear them too.

Queenie is quirky, adorable, beautiful. She’s so different from Tina but they care a lot about each other and I hope we can see more of their relationship, their past, in the future. I really like her and definitely want her to be happy. I can’t imagine it’s so easy always knowing about other people’s thoughts.

Grindelwald is a character I did not expect. I am usually up to date with my information on my favourite shows or books or movies and I knew he appears for a second in the very beginning of the movie. And then Graves changed into him. Wow. I was honestly shocked. I read online he would not appear and I believed that (I’m glad I didn’t know it though because I love plot twists). Johnny Depp is definitely the only thing about the movie I do not like at all. I just don’t like him anymore and I don’t think he is the right actor to play this role. In my opinion he was only cast because he has a huge following, not because he is the right actor to play Gellert Grindelwald. I just can’t imagine him together with a young Dumbledore. But we will see how this plays out in the next movies. And despite my disliking of Depp I do look forward to Grindelwald and Dumbledore (for whom we don’t have an actor yet!) immensely.

The beasts


I basically am in love with all of them. Especially the Niffler. He’s the cutest thing ever and I want 10. Seriously, as soon as there’s a plushie of it available I’m going to buy it. The beasts were so well done and such interesting creatures. We got to know so many we’ve never heard of before and where they come from and a tiny bit of their backstories – for some, at least. I had hoped we would get some more stories about how Newt found and captured/saved them but maybe we’ll get that in the future.

Frank’s story was very sad but I’m so happy he got his happy end. Such a majestic creature. I also want to add that the dance Newt did to distract the magical-rhino lady was hilarious and I need to see outtakes of how ridiculous Eddie Redmayne felt while doing this.

Not sure if I should mention the Obscuris (no idea how you write it tbh and I saw the movie in German) here or in the plot section but I think it fits better here. Even though I knew most of the news about Fantastic Beasts I did not know anything about the Obscuri or Credence. I was super interested when we first got to see it in Newt’s suitcase (the effects in that scene, wow!). It is such a creepy and scary thing and the story Newt told about this girl in Sudan…. wow… I feel so sorry for Credence. I was definitely convinced the girl would be the Obscuri and not he but oh well, I’m glad to be surprised.

It’s so interesting to see all these new creatures and I hope to see as much of them in the next movie – if not more. But I’m good wizh Obscuris (?) for now, to be honest.

The plot & all the other things

I felt like to movie was over so soon. Everything was fitting together so well and I was back in this amazing universe I love so much.

I loved the story, every part of it. Newt’s journeys and the American wizard community, the Obscuri, Gellert Grindelwald’s rise and so on. I can’t wait to see more of all those parts and other places we haven’t visited yet.

I really hoped Credence would survive the movie but I was quite sure he wouldn’t… and I was right. Such a sad story, honestly. Generally the film was a bit darker than I had expected. That definitely reminds me more of the later Harry Potter films. I don’t mind that but I do wonder how dark it will get in the next few films, especially if it all is to end with the duel between Grindelwald and Dumbledore (I so hope they do this!).

Of course I need to give a shout-out to everyone who worked on the soundtrack and the special effects. Both were outstanding, seriously. I love the Harry Potter soundtrack a lot and I love how they incorporated it into Fantastic Beasts as well but with many new parts too. It sounds amazing!
The effects were so incredibly stunning. Every time I see a movie that’s a few years old and then a  newer one I’m stunned because this has developed so much. Especially the beasts and the Obscuri stood out for me. Remembering the first Harry Potter movies you can definitely see how much has changed.

All in all I had such a great time watching Fantastic Beasts and I don’t want to wait two years for the next one!

Have you seen Fantastic Beasts as well? Please, please talk to me about it!

See you soon ❤


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