Thieves and murderers – BookRec #6

It’s been over two months since #5 and I actually have too many books to talk about but I’m only going to mention two. Why? Because they are some of the best books I have read this year and I’m maybe going to talk about the rest seperately. Or completely forget about it. We will see.

(I was actually planning on writing a Doctor Strange review today because I saw and loved the movie yesterday but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Idk.)

The “thieves” part: Six of Crows – I’m absolutely obsessed and you should go and read it right now. Please do that. And then talk to me about it so that we can cry together. I’m just so in love with everyone in this book.

The “murderers” part: The Wrath & The Dawn – such a beautiful book, I just finished it today and I’m too shook to say more. Everything about it is pretty and magnificent.

Six of Crows (Six of Crows, #1)Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Instead of reading this book faster than I thought I could during a work week I really should have studied but OHMYGOD IT’S SO GOOD!

I read the first (or maybe even the first two) of Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha trilogy many years ago. Like, so many years ago that I a) read it in German and b) don’t remember ANYTHING about the plot. I don’t even know the main characters names, only a bit about Ravka and the Grisha.
So, I saw people talking about it on tumblr and Goodreads and thought “come on, you really liked the universe the other books play in, you should buy it” and then I did and almost immediately started reading it.
From the first page on I knew I’d love it. (Because there are TWO maps and I love books with maps).

First of all, the universe:
I really love books that play in a different universe and even better when it has several countries and languages and cultures. And if you also get some sentences in those several languages?? Omg, I’m in love. I guess all of the countries that are mentioned in Leigh’s books are inspired by a real-life country. Ravka = Russia, Kerch = Netherlands with its capital Ketterdam = Amsterdam and so on (Fjierda must be something Scandinavic, the language kinda reminds me of Finnish).

The characters are really diverse. They are from several countries, they have been brought up differently and all have been through some kind of trauma or generally just horrible things. When they come together they sometimes remind me of the “We are a time bomb” moment in Avengers because they do tend to argue a lot. But they also fit together perfectly in some other ways. And the jokes, the bants, ohhhhh. I live for moments like that.
I love the relationships between the characters. They all go through some character developements, some less and some more (Matthias!) and that’s so interesting and so well written.
I love Kaz soooooo much (which doesn’t surprise me at all, I love the slightly evil, broken people) but honestly, I fell in love with all six of them. And there is a lot you can ship and there are NO love triangles, HALLELUJAH!

WOW THE PLOT TWISTS! I love how no one knows everything about Kaz’ plans and I love to discover the things he found out with them when they happen. Those twists and turns made this book really really exciting to read.
On their journey you learn a lot about the characters and their backstories and those stories are woven into the plot so well, I really like that.

I can’t wait to read Crooked Kingdom and I hope it’s just as good as this one. I feel like Six of Crows consumed me, I can’t think about anything else right now. I’m so in love with the book and all the characters, please read it!

The Wrath & the Dawn (The Wrath & the Dawn, #1)The Wrath & the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Before I begin: look at this cover. Doesn’t it already scream at you “READ MEEE!!”? It did that for me. And I was not disappointed from what’s beneath the cover.

On someone’s blog (probably Cait’s, I’m pretty sure it was Cait’s) I read a review of it and got very interested because
b) ohhhh Shahrzad and 1001 nights or whatever that’s called in English, THAT’S SO COOL I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH IT’S MY CHILDHOOD.
Also, I love diverse books, generally everything that has to do with Persian culture and all that stuff and ohhhh.

This is kind of a re-telling of the old Shahrzad story – a king marries a new bride every day and kills her in the morning but Shahrzad tells him a story that lasts longer than one night so he has to let her live for longer – but it’s also so much more and so damn interesting.
I got kind of sucked into it the moment I started reading.

Which is probably due to the amazing writing. The sentences aren’t overly long but they are written so well, with such an amazing vocabulary – every word fits, every word delivers a message and even though some descriptions are rather long you don’t feel like it’s unnecessary, it’s just perfect. I felt like no time has passed when I read this book because the writing is so captivating, I was totally sucked into this beautiful world.

I honestly envy Shahrzad for every piece of clothing that is described in this book. IT ALL SOUNDS SO BEAUTIFUL I WANT IT TO!!! (even though I could never pull it off, probably) Same goes for incredibly delicious food.
I love reading about places that I don’t read about often (like, many books take place in New York or London but not many in some oriental palace) and the whole flair of the book was just perfect. Everything I described so far plus the little hints of magic.
Magic wasn’t present the whole time but there were tiny hints here and there (well, apart from the big final at the end, there was a tiny bit more of it) and I hope this is explored more in the next book. I also really really hope they have a flying carpet. Pleeeease.

The characters, man.
I’m in love with Shahrzad. I want to be like her, I want to kiss her, I want to laugh with her. She’s so strong and sassy and doesn’t shut up and I love her for that.
Just like all the characters she is flawed and has her own motives, a bit of character developement. Her conversations with Despina – who is also so great – but also Jalal and Khalid are just great.
Khalid is amazing too. Of course he isn’t the person everyone thinks he is, of course he has a tragic backstory and I kind of really want to hug him and make him feel safe. Even though he still is an asshole sometimes.
I always have a thing for characters like Jalal. He’s just great.
Tariq… nah, I don’t really want to talk about him. Probably the most annoying character of the book. I just really don’t like love triangles.
I should note here, though, that Shahrzad doesn’t really care much about the love triangle aspect because she has other problems. The boys – especially Tariq – are much worse. Thankfully they get called out on it but they are still really annoying.

The banter, the relationships, are amazing. Khalid’s and Shahrzad’s especially. To me they felt so much more real than many relationships in other books I read and I just want them to be happy together, ahhhh.

Should I talk about the plot as well? Hmmm. Nah, just read this book, you won’t regret it because it’s REALLY REALLY BEAUTIFUL!

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Do you have any recommendations or have you read these books as well? You’re very welcome to talk to me about it!

See you soon ❤


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