On Sunday I went to Star Wars Identities in Munich with some friends. It’s an exhibition of Star Wars props they used for all of the films but also an experience that allows you to create your own identity that could belong in the Star Wars universe.

The exhibition has been in Munich for half a year but we never managed to go there so we went on the last weekend… of course. We had to wait for such a long time to get in (during which we basically just sat around in the sun, so it could have been worse) but it was worth it in the end.

There was some sports event/festival thing we didn’t know about and some guy chilled on this cable over the Olympic Stadium several times. Totally not scary at all.

You have 10 stations in the exhibition that you have to / can go to. On each station you learn something about our beloved Star Wars characters, about their creation, about the lives George Lucas and co. thought up for them and more. There were also lots of costumes and amazing concept art and models of the space ships or droids. And at each station you had to choose something for your own character, your identity.

The first station for example was race and there was one about professions, about your upbringing, a few about characteristics, one about friendship and so on. And in the end you had your Star Wars identity with all its facets. I named my character Alyssa (see below, hover).

The whole exhibition looked really cool. Very modern, very interesting, very pretty. It was really crowded but not all the time and you did get a good look on everything. The idea with the identity is really cool and me and my friends had a lot of fun chosing all those aspects of our characters.

I’m so glad we went.

See you soon ❤


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