I turned eighteen yesterday and I have a lot of thoughts and emotions concerning this event.

I generally have a lot of thoughts and emotions concerning birthdays, friends, chance, responsibility, adulthood and so on and right now it’s all coming over me I guess.

My best friend (who lives far, far away) visited me for three days over the weekend which was bloody amazing.  I’m so glad she could be here, meet my other friends and for once celebrate my birthday with me. Now she’s gone though and I’m all alone and after a weekend of more people than I usually meet on several weekends that’s just weird and I feel a bit lonely to be honest.

I loved seeing many of my friends again, even though some couldn’t come. And even the family party was really okay! It was my mum’s birthday as well (but on Saturday) so that’s why we for once had a proper party. My mum (with help, of course) made a fuckton of food and there are so many left overs but the food was/is totally amazing so I guess that’s really okay.

She also made this amazing cake for me, it’s just… wow! I asked her for months if she could make me a BB-8 cake because I saw one online and I love BB-8 a lot ❤ I do love my mum (and her cooking/baking)!


My relatives were all pretty nice and didn’t ask too many shitty questions, my friends were lovely as well and I got some of the cutest/most creative presents ever. And all the people that congratulated me on Twitter or WhatsApp were so nice, if you were one of those people and are reading this, I really love you okay? For a few hours I felt just SO GOOD about everything.

Yesterday evening though I was so tired and exhausted from a short sleep the night before, from being around so many people and from all those weird anxiety-inducing things that suddenly came to my mind. I had a good cry against my best friend’s shoulders though and felt a lot better afterwards. I’m still in a rather “meh” mood but I’m trying to think positively, so, yeah…

All in all the weekend was great, a bit weird, a bit too full of people, really lovely and sadly now over for me as well.

Before I go you need to look at this huge sign a friend made for me, it’s so cool but I have no clue where in my room to put it:


I hope you had a lovely weekend as well! See you soon ❤


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