Last week/this week, depending on how you see it, I was away for five days with my parents. We stayed in this very small town at the river Mosel, not very far from Luxembourg and the Eifel and Belgium and other places.

Even though I actually wanted to go further away on holiday and this was “just” my backup plan (the other stuff didn’t work out, sadly) because my parents were going on holiday anyway, with or without me, I had a few really lovely days.

Okay, to be fair I was super tired on the first day and probably grumpy af because I had about 3 hours of sleep but…

I just wanted to add a few of the hundreds of photos I took (as always), hover for descriptions.

The drive there and our tiny town:

Belgium and stuff we found on the way:

Cochem and Koblenz:

Vulkaneifel aka vulcano museums, yay!:

I hope you had a lovely week as well! I sadly have to work again tomorrow but maybe you’re more lucky than me  😉

See you soon ❤


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