As I live really close to the border to Austria I’ve been to this country countless times. To get gas, cheese, for day trips, short and long holidays, to visit my cousin who lives there and what not. I’ve also been to Salzburg a handful of times but that was years ago and with my best friend visiting I had the idea we could go there by train and look at the city.

The weather was pretty horrible most of the time as it rained LOADS but we first went to a café to dry off where we had coffee and amazing Sachertorte and then went into the Haus der Natur which is basically a museum of all things nature and science. There’s a new and amazing space exhibition in there and I loved it so much! We didn’t see all of the museum (which is huge) because we also wanted to see a bit of the city and not everything was interesting to us so afterwards – and the rain had stopped, wow – we walked through Salzburg again, bought food for our parents and took selfies.

Salzburg is a really beautiful city, even when everything is grey and windy and it’s raining loads. But thanks to the rain we got some education in the museum so that’s of course good.

I took lots of photos and as I can’t stop adding my absolutely necessary comments (and explanations and descriptions!) you should totally hover over them (again, I know).

This is my last post about my day trips with my best friend, you should totally check her out here, I love her loads and will miss her constantly until we meet again.

Whoever reads this, I hope you have a lovely summer and could see some pretty places as well or just relax at home, I think that’s great too.

See you soon ❤


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