Last Thursday I went to the zoo in Munich with my best friend who was visiting me and two other friends and I really loved it. I’m generally a huge fan of lots of animals and the zoo in Munich is really beautiful.

I of course know that not everything about zoos is great and that many don’t treat the animals properly and they don’t have enough space etc. But there’s also good stuff about them and I think the one in Munich is better than all the other zoos I’ve visited so…

The weather was lovely, I saw most of my favourite animals (I’m slightly obsessed with meerkats and giraffes, by the way) and you should totally hover over the photos below to read hilarious comments (ha ha).

If it didn’t involve so much running around I would probably go to Hellabrunn (that’s the name of the zoo) more often. So much green, such nice places to sit down, playgrounds that I loved as a child, and so much more.

See you soon ❤


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