Yes, I’m a huge fan of alliterations, don’t judge me.

For the last eight days my best friend who lives kinda on the other side of Germany visited me and during that week we went on a few day trips. And because I took loads of pictures I’d like to share them.

I love spending time with her and I’m so glad we can meet at least sometimes. And I’m glad we get along when we meet in person and she enjoyed her time here so yay. Obviously I wish I could see her more but I guess I should be happy with what I get.

(There will be other blogposts about the time we went to the zoo and to Austria but I took too many photos to put them all into one blogpost. Also, cute animals deserve lots of love.)

Bavaria has a few beautiful lakes, among those the Chiemsee which is super close to Austria and the Alps and has on an island a castle which was inspired by Versailles (so beautiful and extravagant). Sadly we couldn’t take pictures inside the castle but let’s just say that I want to live in there and have all this gold stuff and chandeliers and huge rooms.

We also went swimming in the lake and it was cold but SO LOVELY. I wish I had friends that want to go swimming with me constantly, it’s just so great and relaxing.

We also met with a friend from Munich (in Munich) and walked around the Olympic Park (built for the Olympic summer games in 1972 if I remember correctly) and through the city and the English garden. It was really nice and I again remembered why I really want to move to a large city and, well, AWAY.

Thankfully the weather was amazing on both of those days, I’m usually not very lucky when it comes to that. Of course I got a sunburn though. Again. I’m not made for summer but I love summer and sun and swimming.

See you soon ❤


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