Yesterday morning my dad (or was it my mum? I was so tired I don’t even remember) woke me up at 5:30am and we went on a day trip to beautiful Lindau am Bodensee (which literally translates to Lindau at Floor Lake, I’m still laughing about this).

My dad is a huge fan of trains, especially old ones, so every one in a while we book a day trip on some sort of old steam engine with a bunch of other huge fans of trains and travel through the state/country/whatever but always to a really pretty place.

Surprisingly, the weather was fine until one hour into our (six hour long) journey back and I took a few really nice photos and wanted to share them.

I also caught a lot of new Pokémon in Lindau which was pretty awesome. And they have amazing ice cream. So, all in all, a pretty cool day.

It was fun and I talked a lot to my parents which is relatively unusual for me. We do get along pretty well but we don’t often spend time with each other and are horrible at keeping the others up to date with what’s going on or what we want to do. We just don’t talk about important things. In August I’m going on holiday with them again and I’m glad we got along with each other yesterday because I hope none of us wants to kill someone if we spend a whole week together.

Hope you all have a nice weekend as well!

See you soon ❤


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