Yesterday it was finally time for Christopher Street Day or CSD in Munich, which is the closest large city to my small hometown.

I went to Pride last year as well – for the first time ever – and I talked about it here (mostly photos) and here (the whole story). Last year was such an amazing experience and because of that I was so looking forward to go there again this year.

This year was even better than last year, I went with my girlfriend and two close friends and we even joined the parade which was a bit scary (’cause there are a lot of people!) but also amazing and so empowering.

As I took a ton of photos and have I lot I want to talk about as well I’ll just include a gallery from the parade in this post and talk about everything else separately. I have to get my thoughts together before I write anyway and I got a ton of flyers I still need to read!

I included information on the participants of the parade and/or translations of the signs so if you’re interested just hover over the photos ūüôā

If you went to Pride as well – in Munich or somewhere else – I’d love tot alk about it! And I hope you had a great experience as well!

See you soon ‚̧


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