Hello hello, yes, I do have something else to talk about apart from Eurovision: concerts! (again, I know)

Last week on Thursday I saw Andreas Bourani live in Munich as the last show of his “Hey Tour” and it was so much better than I expected.

I say that because I’m usually not a huge fan of German music. I don’t know why but 95% of it is really not my taste and I get bored of it very quickly. I also only knew four or so songs of Andreas that I not only know but alsoreally like but I just don’t listen to them loads.

“Auf uns” is actually really important to me because my class played this song during our graduation ceremony now exactly two years ago and I have some lovely memories attached to it. The song is about celebrating and being proud of yourself and it makes me so happy.

“Hey” is a very personal song. It’s okay to fail,  it’s okay to feel bad, and it’s going to get better. Don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t give up.
It’s such a nice song and I’m so happy it’s a song that’s played on the radio and that people enjoy.

“Astronaut” (actually a song by Sido but it’s with Andreas and he performed it so whatever) is a song I was really curious about when I first heard it. Sido is a German rapper and I really hate German rap usually but not this song. It’s an interesting combination and it’s quite catchy and live it was even better (Andreas “rapped” instead of Sido so that might have helped).

In short I had such a great time, Andreas was so lovely and really happy and made me appreciate him so much more than before!

See you soon ❤


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