Eurovision’s Jury Controversy

I guess everyone noticed how much drama there was after this year’s Eurovision Song Contest and a lot of people talked/complained about the voting system and many of them about the juries which are responsible for 50% of all votes.

Before you hate on other people’s opinions you might want to take a look at these incidents concerning the Eurovision jury which all happened during the last four years (yes, some of them are bigger or more important than others, but they happened nevertheless and I think they are worth mentioning):


  • Sweden’s jury accused of nepotism after awarding points to Azerbaijan and Malta as the entries of both countries had Swedish songwriters and backing vocalists
  • Danish jury member ranked songs in reverse order which changed the result of the Danish jury
  • Armenian jury members ranked many countries very similarly which can seem a bit dubious
  • SVT replaced Wiktoria in Swedish jury after she talked about her favourites on live tv (and the chanel didn’t want to risk disqualification)
  • The huge difference between televoting and jury concerning Poland: only seven points from all the juries (last place) but 222 points in televoting (third place)
  • One of the Russian jurors uploaded a video from the jury final in which you could hear the jurors talk about some contestants. The juror who uploaded was disqualified, not the rest of the jury.
  • The conflicts between Armenia and Azerbaijan and Russia and Ukraine are very visible when you look at each countries’ jury votes:
    • Armenia’s and Azerbaijan’s jury each ranked the other country dead last but shouldn’t the jury be able to professionally judge the artist and not the country they’re coming from?
    • Exactly the same with the Russian and Ukrainan jury (notably the Russian public gave Jamala 10 points and the Ukrainan public Sergey 12 points!)
  • Other countries’ juries also clearly had a problem with Russia: the Lithuanian and Czech jury ranked Russia dead last in the final while the Lithuanian public ranked Russia 3rd whilst the Czech Republic’s televoters ranked him second
  • In summary a total of 21 juries didn’t give Russia any points at all, but every countries’ televote got Russia at least three points
  • Apparently a few hours before the final a high profile member of the Italian delegation said to journalists that “The Italian jury gave zero points to the Russian entry since we are against Russia organizing the event next year”. The EBU was immediately contacted but they didn’t react. Details here (English version below the Greek). And some jury members DID place Russia last or near the bottom of their ranking.
  • Maltese and Armenian jury members ranked Cyprus very low in the first semi final but in the final some jurors from both countries ranked Cyprus WAY higher.
  • Russian prankster called Moldovan Culture Minister and asked if they would award Ukraine with 12 points (the jury says they weren’t contacted by the minister but the minister DID say she would see what she can arrange)
  • Here and here (English version below the Greek) are two articles with compilations like mine in case you want other opinions as well



  • Georgian jury voting invalid after each juror their top 8 acts identically
  • Some votings seem questionable after Wiwibloggs took a closer look at “suspicious” jury votings from Armenia, Montenegro, Belarus and Azerbaijan


Why am I telling you all this?

I guess it’s now fairly obvious that I don’t like the jury and I would like it gone. Through all these articles I (and maybe you too, I can only hope) noticed now many times the jury did some questionable things and/or voted so differently from the televoters.

The jury seems to be way more political than the televoters. Not the televoters are the people blaming certain countries but the juries and that’s something I don’t like at all because shouldn’t they handle the contest professionally?

The jury was introduced so to judge “the vocal capacity, the performance on stage, the composition and originality of the song and the overall impression of the act” as the EBU officially puts it, but to me it doesn’t seem like this is how it really played out. Not in the last few (especially the last two) years (I would for example say Italy was far more original than Sweden last year – and I love Måns Zelmerlöw to death, okay?).

I don’t want to see so many (well, not many, but very important) votes be so easily bought, corrupted or cast because of friendships, not actual professionalism and I especially don’t think it’s okay when the difference between millions of televoters and the 200 people of the jury is as huge as in 2015 and 2016.

If you have any comments concerning this subject, please share them or ask me anything. Rebloggable version here.

See you soon ❤



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