Okay guys, it is done. Eurovision is over for another year.


(My favourite gif of the year, courtesy of @rymdprins)

Gosh, I’m so sad – again. Last year on the day after the final I was kind of shocked that we now had a winner and all the excitement was over. This year is a bit different but I’m still a bit sad. And I’ve been fighting a huge headache for most of the day which didn’t really help (I think I got it due to both sleeping shit and playing a drinking game last night…).

I’m going to talk about how disappointed I am with some of the results and how happy I am with some of the others, I posted my ranking for the final here if you want to see what I wanted to happen and what I thought would happen.

Spoiler: I was wrong and I don’t like it.

Let’s look at my top 10 and the actual top 10 of the show…

top 10actual top 10

Not many countries are in both. And definitely not the winner.

I though Ukraine had chances to win but I actually didn’t want it to win. I know many people love it but as I said before, I really don’t. It’s really not my cup of tea. For me her voice isn’t that good and the style is really not my thing. I like that it has a serious message and that Jamala tells the story of her ancestors, and the staging is pretty amazing (I love that tree) but that’s about it.

I was hoping it wouldn’t win and as I suspected, most of my top 10 countries wouldn’t have a chance to win so I focused my energy (and votes) on Russia. I really like the song and the staging is absolutely impressive. Sergey also seems really nice and seems to try to make the best out of being Russia’s entry for the year which is not an easy task if you think about all the tension and prejudices etc. In my opinion he would have deserved it to win. And according to the televote he would have. But not so much for the juries.

Which brings me to my least favourite thing about Eurovision: the jury

Last year there was this huge drama about Sweden and Italy as Italy won the televote but Sweden won with the juries. Back then I was happy with the winner, I loved Sweden, I loved Mans, so I didn’t care as much about it as I do this year. I really liked Italy last year too though so I would have been happy with them winning too and some of my closest friends really wanted Il Volo to win and were devestated when they didn’t – just because the jury exists. And this year basically the same thing happened again – for my friends and for me too. We wanted Russia to win and they won the televoting but because the jury still exists not the fans’ favourite won but another country. And this time not even the jury’s favourite, Australia, but the second place of both votings.

I actually think I’m going to spare you all my anger and frustration about this topic for a bit but I’m definitely planning on writing a long blog post about this. I just don’t think it’s fair.

The new voting system at least really showed us how different the jury is from the televote (think: Poland – I never expected that).

As you can see I’m not really happy with Ukraine winning. Jamala is definitely not a bad person, I just don’t like her as a musician. And I’m also a bit concerned about the Ukraine having to host a Eurovision… As I said in the blogpost I linked above, I heard people saying that the Ukraine is not really save and yesterday I read its LGBT* rights are as bad as Russia’s, it’s just that fewer people are talking about that. So, yeah, I would have liked Russia to win but I can’t change that anymore.

At least Sergey is the winner of our hearts.


(Adorable, isn’t he? He has a café for dogs!)

I did also not expect Australia to be the favourite of the jury! Wow! I really like the song (especially live! Woah, Dami has an amazing voice!) and I know others do too but THAT much? Lots of people are still kind of salty that they are in Eurovision again and now they got so close to winning. I still wonder if Germany would have hosted the contest next year if they won. There would have been a bit of controversy though if they had won (as if there’s no controversy now, ha).

Germany was again the loser… Sometimes I do wonder why our country has to fuck up so many things. I knew Jamie Lee wouldn’t get many points but last place with 11 points… that’s bitter. Especially considering that she’s really young (just turned 18) and people in Germany were pretty enthousiastic about her (for whatever reason, I guess they don’t go online much).
Conclusion: We should have sent Gregorian!

I wish the Netherlands had done a bit better. In the beginning I wasn’t a huge fan of Douwe Bob and “Slow Down” but at some point I was and he’s also really good looking tbh. His result isn’t bad but he deserved a bit more I think.

fuckingloveit pardonmyfrench

Top 10 results I am happy with:
– Australia
– Bulgaria – I love Poli so much and she deserved this and it’s the best or second best – not sure – result for Bulgaria ever!
– France
– Armenia

Top 10 results I find confusing:
– Belgium – I never thought people liked that song? I didn’t
– Poland – I quite like it but third place televoting? Wow, never expected that! And the jury result differs so much…
– Sweden – I hate the song so much, why do so many people like Frans? All I can say to that is:

(Who had the idea with those words in the background, including “mistake” and “stop” and “devil” and “lies”?! They should have known the internet would use it!)

Enough about voting, let’s talk about THAT SHOW!

The beginning was a combination of catwalk and Capitol people from The Hunger Games. Those white paper dresses were mostly really weird but also really interesting and I love how they projected each countries’ flag onto those dresses.

I again noticed how freaking much I adore Petra Mede and Mans Zelmerlöw. Petra was absolutely amazing 2013 and she was even better this year and Mans was just perfect. All of their openings and interval acts etc this year were absolutely hilarious and amazing but Love Love Peace Peace outdid everything.

enhanced-29475-1463261915-1(So sexy?)

Please watch it again and again until next year, it definitely helps fighting the post Eurovision blues. And it’s so full of memes and hilarious entries, I could watch it all day.

And they included my all time favourite ESC artist Alexander Rybak!!! I might have screamed when I saw him live!


There are so many things about Eurovision I love to talk about but at some point I really need to wrap up.

I had a great time this year, watching all the national finals, getting excited, doing my ranking over and over again, and witnessing all the drama. It was more drama then ever before (for me) which I didn’t expect and which was interesting but not always good (*cough* Romania *cough*). I was less active on the “fandom side” of the contest and I’m relatively glad I did because otherwise I would probably have been more devestated when certain people didn’t make it to the final.

I hope you all had a great time as well and even if you and I are not so satisfied, it wasn’t all bad, was it?

What do you think about this year’s winner, this year’s final? Are you happy? Sad it’s over? Both?

See you soon ❤


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