Hello! Another Semi Final, another great evening, another disappointment? Actually not so much! Obviously (for this year’s Eurovision at least) not one show can go past without SOMETHING happening that I don’t like at all but last night was so much easier on me compared to Tuesday.

I did NOT lose one of my favourites, thankfully.

First of all, this was my ranking before the show. The songs that made it have white/light yellow numbers:


Please don’t hate me because I don’t like Ukraine at all. I actually think it will move up two or three places in my ranking because I liked yesterday’s performance a bit, but that’s it. The message might be really important but the song itself and her voice and all that is so not my cup of tea. I wasn’t surprised Jamala made it to the final, I know so many people love her.

As you can see my favourites all made it and I’m so happy about that! I  really didn’t want to lose anyone else after Tuesday but I was pretty sure they would all make it. Generally I was way more relaxed about yesterday than about Tuesday which was pretty, well, relaxing.

The evening did offer some surprises though!

  • I liked Ukraine a bit more than I thought I would which is saying something
  • Georgia sounded better live than I thought tbh
  • GEORGIA and BELGIUM made it to the final???? I don’t know about which of those I’m more surprised but I didn’t expect either of them. Belgium is just really boring and I don’t like the “Another One Bites The Dust” sound at all and I thought Georgia would be way too weird for a lot of people to vote for them.
  • I would gladly swap Belgium for Norway, especially after I heard that Agnete wrote the song for her depressed best friend and that she suffers from a mental illness as well! I’m proud of her that she made it that far and I think it would have been amazing if she went through to the final.
  • We now have ONLY ONE Nordic country in the final. And that’s the host, Sweden. A song I absolutely despise. Awesome…

Okay, now what about the show?

Again I was stunned by the stage and all the visual stuff. I love how it looks so much!

The jokes were less awkward than Tuesday, I liked the video sequences (Petra & Mans in a taxi, Eurovision history, etc.) a lot and the interval act was actually really adorable. The robots and dancers even danced to Beyoncé’s Single Ladies, what more do need?

The German commentator – Peter Urban – is slowly really going on my nerves though. At some point I found him very funny but now he’s just so mean to all the people I love and I don’t really need to hear that. He should maybe concentrate more on jokes than on trashing everyone and everything. Also it doesn’t seem like he knows what the people apart from “professionals” or “experts” like…

What did you think about yesterday? Did your favourites make it? Where you as surprised as I was?

Now I need to get back to my ranking and think about how the hell I’m going to be satisfied with it.

See you soon ❤


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