Eurovision 2016 – First Semi Final Recap / Thoughts / Crying

Okay. Eurovision has begun. And in WHAT. A .WAY.

To get you to understand why I’m feeling how I’m feeling let me first show you the ranking I had for Semi Final 1:

semi 1

You notice something? My first and second and eith place are not white aka they didn’t make it to the final. Awesome, wow!

Okay, let’s cut the sarcasm now and start from the beginning.

I was very excited for this year’s shows to finally start but I also knew that I would lose someone on Semi Final 1. I knew that I liked a few songs a lot that many others don’t like as much or that generally don’t have the highest chances. I didn’t think though that BOTH of my favourites wouldn’t make it.

I was almost certain Bosnia & Herzegovina wouldn’t go to the final. I love the song a lot, it’s different and has many influences, it’s in Bosnian which seems to be a really cool language, it has rap, etc BUT lots of people don’t like this kind of stuff. It’s really sad for the Bosnians though, as far as I know the Bosnian chanel didn’t have enough funds so they had to get support from other people to even be able to send this song to Eurovision and now they can’t even participate in the final… Okay, maybe I’m as bitter about this song as about Estonia and Iceland after all.

Let’s move on to those two.

You can see that Iceland is my favourite. It’s actually my favourite of the whole contest with Estonia just a tiny bit behind. I’m a huge fan of Iceland and their songs, I loved all of their entries in the last few years but only some of them made it to the final. I loved Greta 2012 when she was on stage with Jonsi! It was such an amazing and so heavily underrated song and they only made it to place 20 I believe BUT they at least were in the final. So I hoped Greta would be able to get a higher place… but no.

I don’t really understand why. Her performance was great, the song is definitely not bad, it looked good on stage, it has a nice message (don’t listen to the bad voices, follow the good ones, be true to yourself) which I definitely support and it sounded even better in Icelandic! I know that lots of people didn’t like the song as much as I did but STILL. Greta would have deserved it, she’s a great artist! I hope she isn’t too sad. I know I am and certain people I follow on Twitter are too.

Estonia. My god. I’m so sad for Jüri. I knew it might be hard for him to reach the final but I hoped from the beginning he would make it. A very good friend of mine basically loves him to death and is seriously obsessed with him (not in a [very] creepy way, it’s kind of cute) and through her I got to know him too, since like a week before he won Eesti Laul. Jüri is super adorable, such a dork, definitely a bit awkward, but that’s okay with me. His song is giving of a dramatic James Bond-vibe and I quite like that. And he’s good live! He should dance a bit less (or try) and the looks he’s giving the camera are definitely weird sometimes but otherwise he REALLY is good on stage.

Last year Estonia made it to the final and I loved the song as well but not as much as this year’s. This year one of the artist from Estonia 2015 writes the song and I love it so much and it doesn’t make it. Goddammit. I’m mostly sad for Jüri because he would have deserved it as much as Greta and for all the fans he has in the Eurovision fandom. I know there are so many.

As you can guess, I’m not happy with all of the countries who made it to the final (Malta, Austria, Azerbaijan are all countries I would have swapped immediately if I could).

Okay, this was way longer than anticipated and I also want to talk about the show itself.

All the logos and dandelion seeds and all this computer animated stuff looked SO GOOD. I was very impressed by all the visuals! And the stage in action was as beautiful as I thought it would be! Some countries, like Russia obviously, used it really well.

The opening was incredibly cute. I loved this during Melodifestivalen and I was glad to see it again.

I was actually surprised they did such a political topic for the interval act The Grey People but it was SO good! I need to watch it again today but I was very impressed by the dancing and the message and all thay. And the ending was even better. I’m surprised because everyone (*cough* EBU *cough*) always stresses how NOT political the Eurovision Song Contest is (supposed to be) and now this… but well done SVT!

Most of the jokes made by Petra and Måns were slightly awkward and too staged but it was okay. They are still better at this then Austria’s hosts last year.

I think that’s it for now.

What did you think about the first semi final? Did your favourites make it through or are you as gutted as I am?

See you soon ❤


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