I guess now it is time for me to share my Top 42 (or 43 if the EBU hadn’t happened…) for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm with you since I’m finally kind of satisfied with it!

In the last week or so I changed the order of two or three songs every single day but at some point I want to be finished and two minutes ago I decided this would be today so here you go:

1 Iceland Greta Salome Hear Them Calling
2 Estonia Jüri Pootsmann Play
5 Bulgaria Poli Genova If Love Was A Crime
3 Hungary Freddie Pioneer
4 Cyprus MinusOne Alter Ego
6 Australia Dami Im Sound of Silence
7 Czech Republic Gabriela Gunčíková I Stand
8 Russia Sergey Lazarev You Are The Only One
9 Croatia Nina Kraljić Lighthouse
10 Bosnia & Herzegovina Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala Ljubav Je
11 France Amir J’ai cherché
13 Italy Francesca Michielin No Degree Of Separation
14 Azerbaijan Samra Miracle
15 Israel Hovi Star Made Of Stars
16 Poland Michał Szpak Color of Your Life
17 Serbia ZAA Sanja Vučić Goodbye (Shelter)
18 Malta Ira Losco Walk On Water
19 Norway Agnete Icebreaker
20 Spain Barei Say Yay!
21 Germany Jamie-Lee Krievitz Ghost
22 Armenia Iveta Mukuchyan LoveWave
23 Denmark Lighthouse X Soldiers Of Love
24 Netherlands Douwe Bob Slow Down
25 Greece Argo Utopian Land
26 Austria Zoe Loin d’ici
27 Lithuania Donny Montell I’ve Been Waiting For This Night
28 Latvia Justs Heartbeat
29 Finland Sandhja Sing It Away
30 Slovenia ManueElla Blue and Red
31 UK Jack and Joe You’re Not Alone
32 Belgium Laura Tesoro What’s The Pressure
33 Moldova Lidia Isac Falling Stars
34 Albania Eneda Tarifa Fairytale
35 Macedonia Kaliopi Dona
36 Ireland Nick Bryne Sunlight
37 Sweden Frans If I Were Sorry
38 Belarus IVAN Help You Fly
39 Montenegro Highway The Real Thing
40 Georgia Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz Midnight Gold
41 Switzerland Rykka The Last Of Our Kind
42 Ukraine Jamala 1944
43 San Marino Serhat I Didn’t Know

Romania would have been my place 12 if it hadn’t been disqualified… I’m still kind of bitter about that.

I will (probably) recap the Semi Finals and the Grand Final on the 10th, 12th and 14th May so please tell me what you think about all those songs and what you expect/fear/hope will happen.

See you soon ❤


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