On Thursday I went to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert in Munich and it was absolutely amazing!

The two supporting acts – XPerience and Raury – were pretty cool too. Raury was definitely very energetic.

We had to wait a long time for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis which was slightly annoying but when they finally came on stage it was worth every second we waited.

The show was amazing. I have never been to a concert with such a huge and diverse usage of the screens, the stage, different kinds of musicians and so on. The videos on the huge screen were sometimes really beautiful, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, and always perfect for the songs. There were always some musicians and dancers on stage and it differed between the songs how many or which kind of instruments they played. They even had violins and cellos and this one guy was wearing a kilt!

Macklemore talked a lot to the audience and let us get involved. He handed out cookies to the first row and threw one into the second level (hashtag Cookie Throw World Record) and told us some stories before some of the songs. He also thanked ALL of the musicians and dancers and other people by name at the end which I found really cool. I really had the feeling he appreciates all the people that work with him and also all those going to his concerts.

I was VERY happy with the choice of songs they performed. I was looking forward to Wings and Same Love and Can’t Hold Us and Kevin and we got all of them and many more. You can find a complete setlist here.

Here are some of the photos I took:

So in conclusion I guess I can say this was one of the most amazing concerts I saw and I loved it so much. I’m pretty sure I’d go to another one in the future!

See you soon ❤


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