Last weekend, from the first to third of April, I went to HobbitCon in Bonn again.

HobbitCon 3 last year was my first convention ever and I loved it so much, I didn’t even have to think about going or not going again this year.

Before that I spend a few days with my best friend who I haven’t seen for a whole year. Sometimes that’s really awful you know?

At first I was a bit scared this HobbitCon and my whole vacation wouldn’t be as amazing as last year but let me tell you, it was even better!


Down below you can see some of the photos I took. Most of them are a pretty shit quality but I actually don’t really care. I just want some nice mementos 🙂

(You can hover over them for a brief description)

For the first time ever I had a proper cosplay. I was a Mirkwood elf and I really love my dress. It’s a bit too long and if I wear it again (I hope I will) I’ll have to fix a few things but I’m actually really proud of it. I have always wanted to do something like this but I wasn’t brave or skilled enough but with the help of my Mum and a great friend I managed it and it turned out pretty well.

Like last year me and my friends went to the choir workshop and sang in the RingChoir on stage. This year we performed I See Fire and The Last Goodbye and I loved it. I’m pretty sure my voice isn’t good but I love singing a lot and it’s always great fun. My throat is really sore right now as I’m not used to singing for hours each day (especially if you count all the singing during the parties in as well). I hope we’ll get the audio very soon because I want to know what we actually sounded like.

We went to both parties on Friday and Saturday and I enjoyed myself so much. I have been looking forward to those for months. I love dancing and singing and being happy and those two nights were amazing. The music could have been a bit better though (mostly on Friday) but it was fun anyway.

I met a few people again I saw last year and I got to know them better and met their friends and friends’ friends. They were all so lovely and I hope I’ll stay in contact with them for a long time. It was so nice talking to them and dancing and drinking with them and I wish HobbitCon would last longer than three days.

But everything has to end eventually and this con did too. I have to admit I cried quite a bit on Sunday and yesterday after I got home and I think I had tears in my eyes for most of the closing ceremony. It was so sad but also lovely to see how much fun all those people had and how much everyone enjoyed the whole experience.

HobbitCon seems like such a special thing and I’m so incredibly happy to have been part of it twice now.

I’ll definitely go to MagicCon next year (even if it’s not the same as HobbitCon) but I’m scared not all of my friends will want to go too… but I guess I’ll have to wait and see. The organizer of the RingChoir wrote me today that there will be a workshop again on MagicCon so there’s definitely something to look forward to! And I hope some of those amazing actors will come to that con as well.

So next year…




I think I could write on for about three hours but I think I’m going to stop right now. Maybe I’ll continue at some other point when I’m less sad it’s over. The con blues are hitting hard.

If there’s anyone out there reading this who wants to talk to me about HobbitCon or MagicCon or whatever you want to talk about, please do message me. I love making new friends and especially through amazing experiences like this convention.

See you soon ❤


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