Freaks, fans and f… ravens

I have a few books to recommend! The last three books I read were absolutely amazing and I gave all of them five of five stars.

Topic-wise they are all very different, the first one is about a teenager with mental health problems, the second one is about a teenager with quite a few problems and the last one is, well, about a couple of teenagers having a maybe deadly problem.

Okay, maybe they aren’t that different after all.

Here you go, and check them out if you want:


It's Kind of a Funny StoryIt’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wanted to read this book for quite a while. My best friend wrote a review of it ages ago and back then I made a little note in my mind to buy it at some point. I forgot to do so for a long time but last November I saw it in a bookshelf in London and remembered it and bought it. Now I had time to read it and I’m glad I did.

Craig goes to this very high level and hard to get into high school in New York. He’s fifteen and has problems with all the stress he gets from school. He has a therapist but he gets worse and worse and at some point he feels like killing himself but he calls a suicide hotline instead and admits himself to a hospital.

I can’t tell you much about this book because I don’t know how. I really really loved it. It deal with depression and suicide and other mental illnesses, it deals with stress and what people – not just teenagers like Craig, but people in general – could be facing.

I like Ned Vizzini’s style a lot, because the book is often funny but often serious, you could found some profound quote and parts in it and I really like this combination.
Sometimes it was very sad to read but it was also good to read and I think it shows a lot about how little we care about our mental health until it really hits us.

The book is realistic, the end is not a “All is well” end, Craig and the people he meet still have far to go, but that’s the truth.

I think it’s a very honest book and a very important one. Everyone should think about topics like this and be kinder to the people affected.

FangirlFangirl by Rainbow Rowell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really love this book. I have wanted to read it for a long time and I was close to ordering it from Amazon or buying it in a bookstore quite a few times but I never did because something held me off. Mostly people who told me I could borrow it from them but I never did. And last Sunday I finally borrowed it from my girlfriend and only a few days later I started reading it – which is something that does NOT happen often – and now I’m finished.
I usually don’t have time to read this fast but I did. And I’m really happy with that.

Fangirl is a great book, really.

It follows Cath, who has a twin called Wren, and both of them are going to college now and everything is changing for them. Cath is obsessed with this book series and she writes a huge amount of fanfiction. She’s also very introverted and socially anxious and doesn’t want her life to change but it does.

I think Cath learns a lot in her freshman year. She experiences a lot of different things for the first time and it’s hard for her but we see how she deals with those. I think it’s very interesting to see someone who I can relate to quite a bit going through all those things that many other fans and fangirls also relate to.

I’m not okay with all of the decisions Cath makes and I would get really angry with her sometimes if I’d meet her but that makes her even more interesting to me. I like characters I don’t love 100%. She has flaws, she is not perfect and she’s different than everyone because she’s her OWN characters. (That makes Rainbow Rowell a good auther in my opinion)

I love all the excerpts and extras from the Simon Snow books, various fanfictions Cath (and Wren) wrote and of course Carry On. I love how even with the book Carry On (which I’ll definitely buy/borrow/read soon) we never get the whole “original” story. No, we have to put the pieces together ourselves and find out who Simon and Baz and Penelope are and what their stories are.

Cath’s relationship is absolutely adorable, by the way (after she opens a bit up, that is). I love how cute she and her boyfriend (The One Who Must Not Be Named In A Kinda Non-Spoilery Review) are and it kind of reminds me of me right now and I’m a helpless romantic, so…

The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, my best friend urged me to read this book when she first did and I bought it shortly (I think) afterwards. It took me a while to get to read it because my TBR pile is rather huge.
I had quite high expectations for the book because people on my tumblr dashboard and my best friend and people I follow on Goodreads talked about it loads and they all seemed to be obsessed with it.

At first I wasn’t. But it changed.

The first few chapters or maybe even the first hundred pages of the book were rather slow in my opinion. Or not even slow, but I found it difficult to actually get into the story and to like the characters and connect with them.

Blue Sargent lives with her mother and a few other women who are all psychic. There has always been this prophecy about her true love dying when she kisses him. Gansey, Adam Parrish, Ronald Lynch and Noah are all Raven Boys which means they go to Aglionby, this school for super rich boys. Gansey is on a search for a long dead king, Adam and Ronan and Noah are with him and Blue is somehow stumbling upon them and suddenly things get a lot more exciting.

In the beginning I didn’t know what to think about all those psychics and their powers, their readings, their predictions. I didn’t feel touched by it or got sucked into the plot or something like that (and I love when books manage to do that).
I also wasn’t convinced by the Raven Boys. Gansey seemed kind of boring, Ronan like an asshole and Adam like a bit of an idiot and their search seemed pointless and unnecessary.

It wasn’t until their paths crossed and I as a reader knew more about their stories, their feelings and their complex-ness that I finally fell in love with all of them.

And oh, there’s so much about all of them to love. Gansey, Ronan, Adam and Noah all had a shit load of stuff happen to them and they definitely don’t deserve that.

For me all of a sudden everything got exciting and horrible and interesting and complex. Readings, bad feelings, murders, killings, ravens, family dramas, so many things!

I can’t wait to read what is happening after that “showdown” at the end of the book and how their search continues. And, as the year progresses, someone is getting closer to his death and I have no idea how he could be saved… but I’ll have to see.

It’s “just” the first book of a series of four so I guess I have to be satisfied with not knowing many answers and not knowing everything about all those characters I really really like now. I HATE not knowing though.

I don’t think this review is rather helpful as I’m not really able to focus my thoughts on what I love and what I don’t love about this book.

But in short:

Raven Boys is an amazing book despite the (in my opinion) not so great start. The characters get incredibly interesting after a while and I liked it to get to know a lot about their thoughts and fears. The plot is thickening soon and with the help of a few really creepy readings it’s getting very exciting. I loved the rather suble switching between POVs and how differently everyone seems to talk (Gansey compared to Blue for example). Also, almost everyone has an extraordinary name which I LOVE. That’s so cool. I love unusual names.

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See you soon ❤


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