Yesterday was my one year birthday here on WordPress. Can you imagine? It’s been so long.

During this one year I wrote 161 posts (not including this one), I made a few followers, talked to people, read other people’s blogs (not many, to be fair, I’m not a HUGE blog reader) and my life actually changed quite a bit. Or at least it feels like that.

I made a few friends in those past 12 months, I might have kind of lost some others, I read a (for me) huge amount of books, I went to amazing places, to my first convention, to London TWICE, I thought about my sexuality and noticed I’m bisexual, I went to a CSD pride thing, I’m in my first relationship ever now and many more things.

It feels quite unreal to be honest.

In the past few months I wasn’t a very active blogger for many reasons. I spend my time with other things right now but I still enjoy writing so you’ll still read from me once in a while.

I enjoy putting my thoughts, well, not to paper, but on my blog, and I like to share some of my opinions and the things I like.

So, happy blog birthday to me and happy blogging to all of you out there who enjoy it!

See you soon ❤ (maybe)


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