The Danish Girl Review

Today I finally finally got to watch The Danish Girl. I saw it with my girlfriend and two friends of mine and it was really great. The film wasn’t on for so long in the city close to where I live, I had already given up on it and thought about watching it online at some point but I’m now really glad I went to the cinema to see it.


While watching I noticed that The Danish Girl is one of the few non-action films I saw in the cinema. It’s quite a big difference to watch a film that is determined by acting and small gestures, not explosions and shouting.

The film looked incredibly pretty. Very aesthetic. The landscape shots were sometimes a tiny bit too long but so pretty! I really want to go to Denmark and Paris! I wanted to go before but now I want to go even more.

The costumes were incredibly. I especially envy Alicia Vikander for those amazing dresses and coats and gowns. And her hair always looked so on point, I was stunned.

The ACTING! Absolutely amazing, on all sides, especially Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander of course. Those two are incredible. I have quite a few films with Alicia on my to-watch-list (which is getting longer and longer every day – again) and I can’t wait to see more of her, I really like her (she’s also Swedish which I find really great).

I got very emotional during the film. Emotions-wise it’s a lot to take in. The film isn’t fast paced which some people might find boring but I thought it helped me getting to know Gerda and Einar and Lili and it made me think a lot about their feelings and their confusion and angst.

I’m so sad they had to go through so much without the help of many people and I’m so sad they had no happy end.

The film was very interesting, very emotional, very pretty and really amazing. I enjoyed watching it a lot (as much as you can enjoy a tragic story) and I think they did a great job. I don’t know how accurate it was to Lili Elbe’s real life but I really like what they did.


Have you seen The Danish Girl? Did you like it?

See you soon(ish) ❤


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