Ever since the test footage was leaked I was really excited for this film. I must admit I had never heard of Deadpool before and I haven’t watched any X-Men films so I’m kinda missing out on some things but I’m going to make that up in the (near?) future.

The marketing campain was absolutely hilarious. Whenever a new photo or clip or trailer was released it was something new that I did not know from any other film before. Especially SkullPoopL and stuff like that.

So, about the film itself.


I did go into the cinema expecting to be entertained and to have a great time and I definitely enjoyed myself.

There is a huge amount of jokes and puns and hilarious moments in it. It’s starting with the intro sequence and the film making fun of itself in a really great way. There were also a lot of easter eggs in those scenes as I learned from Emergency Awesome on YouTube. I really liked all the fourth wall breaking and making fun of Fox, Hollywood, actors and the entertainment industry in general. I’m glad no one at Fox had anything against that and we could all enjoy those moments. Seriously, those are probably the jokes I loved most.

Deadpool’s origin story is really… woah. I knew it would be gruesome and not pretty to look at (he isn’t exactly pretty to look at either after what happened) but it was slightly more disgusting than what I’d like to see. But I’m also used to Game of Thrones or NBC’s Hannibal, so I was okay with it ^^

I really want to watch it again soon (or I would, if I had the time) because I feel like I couldn’t take all the jokes and easter eggs in.

I loved the “atmosphere” of the film. It was dark and so so R-rated and both sad and funny. Because of the rating it’s definitely different from other superhero movies. It would be really interesting to see what those other movies, like X-Men or Avengers, would sound and look like R-rated.

During those Wade Wilson-to-Deadpool scenes I got really sad. He had to live through such horrors and in the end he didn’t feel better than before. I also remembered that Deadpool is still suffering from chronic pain after his “transformation” and THAT’S JUST SO HORRIBLE. And he really loves his Vanesse but it took him so long to finally be with her again.

And of course Vanessa accepted him, no matter how he looks. Of course we needed some kind of happy end so it was predictable but I’m still really happy about it. Vanessa is actually really cool. As far as I know she’s actually also a superhero from the comics called Copy Cat. I wonder if we might see something of that in the sequel.

Because YES, there will be a secret. I’m already very excited, especially since they announced (in the very meta and funny end credits scene) that Cable will be in it and everyone who has read the comic apparently really wants to see Cable in that sequel.

We also had some amazing strong female characters. Vanessa, of course, even though I wish she wasn’t just the plot device they needed for Deadpool to have a story. She could be so much more. There is also Negasonic Teenage Warhead – and I agree with Deadpool, the name is absolutely amazing – who is definitely awesome and that woman she’s fighting against whose name I can’t remember right now and blind Elle is both cute and hilarious but mostly cute.

I don’t really know what else to say. I really enjoyed the film and all its gags but I can also understand people who say it’s not exactly a new or revolutionary plot. It’s something new in a way though and I definitely wouldn’t mind watching more movies like this in the future.


Have you seen Deadpool yet? What do you think about it?

See you soon ❤


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