I have listened to a lot of amazing music this year and I have stumbled across a few bands and artists I have never heard of before or I never really listened to before.

Not all of those bands released new music or a new album in 2015 but I have found them in the last 12 months. Maybe you have already read about some of them on my blog. There are also countless other superb bands I love but I could never fit all of them in this post.

So here we go.


Arctic Monkeys

In spring I got their album AM from my best friend and after that I listened to four of their songs on repeat. That was it for a while but then I listened to a bit more and a bit more. I love AM and all the songs on their and recently I bought the album Suck It And See which is definitely amazing but not quite as good as AM.

Favourite songs: R U Mine, I Wanna Be Yours, Do I Wanna Know, Knee Socks, 505

I wrote a bit about them here and here.

Mumford & Sons

As I wrote here I’ve known them for quite some time but I never really listened to all their albums or too more than just a few songs but then I listened to a few more and then again a few more and so on.

I’m really excited because I’m going to see them live in May and before that I definitely want to listen to all the other songs I haven’t listened to yet.

Favourite songs: Little Lion Man, Hopeless Wanderer, Dust Bowl Dance, The Cave, I Gave You All


I didn’t know anything about her before her album Badlands dropped and after that it still took me a while to actually listen to her music but then I did it and slowly fell in love. Know I love her so much, as a person and as a musician.

Her lyrics are amazing, captivating, her style is great. I wish I could see her live.

Favourite songs: Gasoline, Control, Drive, Ghost, New Americana

I wrote a bit about Halsey’s album Badlands here.

Twenty One Pilots

For some reason I had never heard of Twenty One Pilots before, what was it, June? or July? this year. But somehow I followed the right blogs on tumblr and twitter and suddenly a lot of people talked about them and I read some lyrics and knew I HAD to listen to a lot of their stuff.

And I did. I listened to all their albums and I’m going on a concert in less than two months and I love them a lot.

Their lyrics are amazing. Often so sad but so important, so inspiring, so hearbreaking. I love their style, it’s so different and many of their songs are different than others.

Also, Josh and Tyler are real cuties.

Favourite album: Blurry Face or Twenty One Pilots

Favourite songs: Stressed Out, Kitchen Sink, Fake You Out, Friend please, Migraine, Isle of Flightless Birds

Panic! At The Disco

I knew of P!ATD before but I never listened to much of their music. I knew I Write Sins Not Tragedies and one or two others songs but that was it. Somehow I got the idea to watch hours on end of their YouTube videos at some point last autumn and now I know a lot more.

I love their old and new stuff and I’m really excited for them to release their new album, Death of a Bachelor, in January.

Favourite songs: Nicotine, Nine in the Afternoon, Emperor’s New Clothes, Girls/Girls/Boys, This Is Gospel


I hope you’ve listened to some great songs this year too. I’m sure there will be more of it in 2016.

See you soon ❤


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